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New scientific study concludes there is no logical reason to vaccinate children against Covid-19 due to the potential risks posed by the jab

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Scientists worldwide have published a study questioning why authorities worldwide are vaccinating children against Covid-19, because the risk of harm from the Covid-19 injections is much higher than the risk posed from the alleged Covid-19 disease.

The study was published September 14th on Science Direct, and is titled “Why are we vaccinating children against Covid-19?. Interestingly, the study also asks “Why are we vaccinating the elderly against Covid-19?”. Scientists from Italy, Greece, the USA, Romania, and Russia analysed data on Covid-19 infections in children and the elderly in order to answer the questions.

By comparing survival rates from alleged Covid-19 infection with deaths associated with the Covid-19 vaccine in relation to the total number of vaccinations administered, the scientists who conducted the study concluded that at best there are five times the number of death attributable to each vaccination versus deaths attributable to Covid-19 in the most vulnerable 65+ age group.

The scientists also concluded that approximately six percent of the reported Covid-19 deaths were exclusively caused by Covid-19, as verified on the death certificates. These determinations of death were concluded using a fraudulently calibrated PCR test with Ct cycles as high as 45, guaranteeing a false positive almost every time.

The bulk of the total 600,000 deaths reported (94 percent) were coded as Covid-19 deaths, even though an average of four comorbidities were listed on the death certificates. Any one of these comorbidities could have been the cause of the patient’s death, not Covid-19. Therefore, under conservative estimates, the scientists state that there were 35,000 or fewer Covid-19 deaths in the US during the so-called pandemic.

The scientists who conducted the study also state that the Covid-19 injections do not fit the definition of a vaccine. The reason for this being that they not been tested for the prevention of either viral infection or transmission, and the clinical trials only sought to prove that the vaccines suppress the severity of a person’s symptoms, compared to a theoretical severe case of Covid-19.

Not all cases of Covid-19 pose severe symptoms, especially in the young cohort, who survive with ease. The clinical trials actually proved that the vaccine causes symptoms in healthy people, while provoking serious health issues in people with underlying comorbidities.

These short-term trials did not use samples that represent the total population. The trials on adolescents were of small sample size and had poor predictive power. Eighty-six percent of children suffered an adverse reaction, and 1 in 9 children suffered a severe adverse reaction leaving them unable to perform daily activities.

None of the trials addressed changes in biomarkers that would indicate elevated predisposition to serious disease. The trials also ignored any long-term effects that could be imposed on adolescents.

The scientists state that there is no evidence to suggest that the Covid-19 injections would prevent a single death in children, because Covid-19 fatalities are virtually non-existent in children.

In the UK less than nine people under the age of 19 have allegedly died of Covid-19 who had no known pre-existing conditions, according to NHS data. Whilst a total of thirty-nine children have died who had other pre-existing conditions that were the most likely cause of death.

The study shows that as age decreases, the risk of death from Covid-19 drastically decreases. Whilst the acute and long-term health issues caused by the inoculations only increase health risks for younger age groups, while providing zero benefit.

The Covid-19 vaccines also do not stop transmission of the virus, as proven in three recent studies conducted separately by the CDC, UK Government, and Oxford University.

Therefore, the scientists worldwide who conducted the study “Why are we vaccinating children against Covid-19” conclude that there is no logical reason to put the health of children at risk by giving them an experimental injection.

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