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Covid Vaccine Victim Website Shares Heartbreaking Stories of Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

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Image: documents heartbreaking stories of vaccine injures, deaths

If the Covid-19 vaccines are really “safe and effective” as governments around the world claim, then why are there websites such as, which detail hundreds of stories about people who were injured or killed by them, appearing online? is a website that was founded in January 2021 on Telegram and is a new resource, which documents the stories of those whose lives were destroyed by the Covid-19 vaccines. It is shocking to see so many experiences appearing on the website, but provides an insight into a world that continues to go ignored by the mainstream media.

Governments, the health system, and the media continue to churn out the narrative that there is no reason not to get the Covid jab, yet the stories shared on the website act as a powerful rebuttal to that unsubstantiated claim.

In the United States, Covid vaccines have been mandated for federal workers and health care employees, including those who work in care homes and hospitals. This has meant that the majority of Americans have been forced to get vaccinated, even if they do not wish to take the jab, which has led to an increase in reported vaccine injuries and deaths post-vaccination.

Fernando Katukina, 56, pictured receiving a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

One of the victims shown on the site is Fernando Katukina, a 56-year-old indigenous tribe leader, who died of cardiac arrest following the Covid-19 vaccine. He was the first person in the Cruzeiro do Sul area to get the jab.

Another victim shown is Dr Hari Harini, 26, who passed away just hours after receiving the Covid vaccine after she began feeling unwell and her husband administered some pain medication for her.

A young woman, Shirrel Hilel, 22, developed heart inflammation and died of cardiac arrest only weeks after her Pfizer injection.

This website shows that the Covid vaccine does not discriminate: All ages, races and body types are depicted in the archive. The jab appears to cause equal harm to anyone and everyone, no matter who you are.

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2 years ago

The satanic pedovore filth and MK Ultraed morons pushing the covaids death squirt are beginning to lose it. They know once the Dark Winter phase kicks in, as the bulk of the herd goes belly up, there will be a hell of a lot of angry mutton intent on taking some filth down with it before they themselves and their spawn snuff it. The sense of betrayal is already palpable as the sheeple finally start to express their doubts and mistrust for the scamdemic which led them to gleefully and willfully poison themselves because their “leaders” conned them with lies, promises and threats. When the herd stampedes (and it will) we will see a real epidemic of revenge murders and attacks against the entire system that is involved in this global genocidal cull of the sheeple that were too lazy, gullible or dumb to inform themselves.
Evolution is a harsh master and a dirty and merciless business and as we know life does not give a rat’s ass who lives it and even less for those that blindly throw it away.
One mistake and you are out…permanently.

YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure.
If you think you know what their death squirt is you will be even more shocked to learn the grim reality that Dr Bhakdi explains in a very comprehensible way for the lay man.
They need to keep the ovens constantly burning now hence the children must be poisoned ASAP because after this Dark Winter the remnants of the covaids death squirted herd will finally grasp what has happened. When the betrayed and decimated sheeple finally stampede there will be global terror of a kind that humanity has never before witnessed.
Dr Mercola interviews Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Corona Unmasked By Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

Reply to  Malatok
2 years ago

Sorry I doubt. People have nothing to fight back, the other side have everything. In Australia they locked them to reach and vax children without their parents and without risking a group to form and fight back.
If they manage to lock us down again, they can use the same method. It looks now even Fuellmich thinks that the legal way will lead nowhere. Our biggest hope somekind of ‘awakening’? Is that a joke? Because it’s not funny.
Awakened or asleep they have the resources, we have nothing.

I hate that I am right so often, sorry if bold. Trump’ Q was a false flag which successfully stopped patriots to do something but everyone waited for the saviour. I knew for a while that the Fuellmich’ line is similar, not deliberate but they reached nothing and we lost time. The believers are out of their minds with almost joy to wait for another kind of saviour or at least to the end of the world. I envy them, can be easy to die with such faith in the afterlife.

We are totally stupid, resistance should have started much earlier, now we are screwed. I envy the sheep, too, they had such a comfortable life in the past 1.5 years what I spent with stressing, unable to sleep, thinking what more I could do to make the masses wake up while enduring their silly labels. Bet my comments put in a book would be longer than The Pillars of the Earth 1-2. I think I finish commenting and awakening if I can and try to enjoy the rest with watching films I missed or reading some books again I loved. I think we’ve – who saw and understood what was happening – simply lost, it’s over.

Reply to  GundelP
2 years ago

Sadly, I have to agree with this writer.

Many countries are going to 80, 90% vaxed and the vaxed, mostly, have a ‘vested interest’ if you like, in keeping quiet/not revolting….because they are now part of it and there’s no way back.

As an example, I have a friend of over 50 years and I believe his wife persuaded him to get the jab, “to travel’.

He resisted all my attempts, including forwarding this newsletter, to wake him up and he eventually gave in. We now have no contact (that’s me; I essentially told him if he was that weak he could p*** off)

What I don’t understand is why formerly reasonable & rational leaders, almost everywhere, have gone all in to get everyone vaxed, despite receiving a ton of info as to the negative effects. Many have turned into monsters. Think Australia.

There’s something else going on here that’s well beyond my pay grade. I can only speculate it’s at a spiritual level, maybe to do with World Karma.

But whatever it is I think we’re done & dusted for a few hundred/thousand years. The powers of darkness appear to have won this one. Unless there is Divine Intervention, and I pray for that….and don’t scoff at that, GundelP.

PS I started reading Malotok’s post and thought, ‘Sorcha, you’re back’. But no, I don’t think so. Not the same quality diatribe & frothing at the mouth.

2 years ago

The overall facts being so clear: virus not that dangerous really, alternative treatments available but being suppressed, population literally being harmed by ‘interventions’, wholescale destruction of democratic rights and yet a full-on vicious campaign to make everyone take these vaccinations – I can only think of one motivation behind it:

Get everyone vaccinated and then it will be impossible to find a ‘control group’ to show how much better people would have been without the vaccinations, without the interventions.

That’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense.

I mean it certainly can’t be honest concern for people’s welfare for the logic doesn’t lead there.

But even that ‘only remaining rationale’ doesn’t make sense – for in the wide world those control groups WILL exist and the truth WILL become manifest.

So that leads to the conclusion that we’re going to be told to ignore the west of the world and only our ‘reality’ is real.

Accept the madness. It is not mad. It is sanity. Why does it look mad when compared with the world? Because the world is mad. Bare your arm we have another jab you must take..

I am seriously looking for refuge somewhere in the world.
2 years ago

Read my interpretation of this Rotten Slave-makery PDF on @SpacecourtPlant twitter