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The Vaccinated account for 77% of Covid-19 deaths this summer. This is a FACT. It’s time the Mainstream Media stopped LYING to the Public

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A Public Health England report released Thursday September 23rd shows that 77% of Covid-19 deaths between August 23rd and September 19th 2021 were among the vaccinated population, with 73% of the deaths being among the fully vaccinated, and 4% of the deaths being among the partly vaccinated.

Yet the mainstream media continues to blatantly lie to the public and claim that the majority of Covid-19 deaths are among the unvaccinated. This has to end.

There has been uproar over the last two weeks thanks to the mainstream media publicising the fact that some of the dancers on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing have not had the Covid-19 vaccine. This led to one ex-Strictly Pro, who has always been extremely opinionated, to voice his grievances and call for the dancers who have refused to have the vaccine to be sacked by the BBC.

His name is James Jordan, and this led to him making an appearance on GB News engaging in a debate with Bev Turner, a British television and radio presenter who has been campaigning to stop the unnecessary roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines to children.

During the debate on GB News, James Jordan claimed the following (see 11 minutes, 10 seconds onwards in the video below) –

“I’ve heard that out of all the people dying of Covid now in hospitals only 1% of them are double vaccinated.”

When Bev Turner disagreed and said that’s just not true, James Jordan responded with the following –

“That’s what you’re doing, you’re looking at the stuff you want to hear, that’s what you’re doing and that’s what anti-vaxxers do”.

James Jordan could not have been more wrong with the claim that just 1% of Covid-19 deaths are among the fully vaccinated, as evidenced in PHE’s report which shows 77% of Covid-19 deaths are among the vaccinated.

But did the presenter of GB News fact check James Jordan and say something along the lines of “Sorry James, but we just need to be clear that we don’t have those numbers in front of us so we cannot verify that. We will get one of the team to take a look and come back with the factual numbers”?

Of course he didn’t. But you can bet your life that if Bev Turner had claimed “I’ve heard that out of all the people dying of Covid now in hospitals 73% are double vaccinated” she would have been shot down by the GB News presenter straight away to state to viewers something along the lines of “we cannot verify those numbers so let’s move on”.

It wasn’t hard to see why James Jordan made the claim that just 1% of Covid-19 deaths are among the double vaccinated though, when he later quoted Dr Hilary as a reputable source. (See 12 minutes, 45 seconds onwards of the video below)

“As Dr Hilary said this morning, once you’ve caught Covid, it’s too late. So the testing is irrelevant isn’t it.”

When Bev Turner called Dr Hilary out as a laughable source James Jordan responded by saying –

“He’s still a doctor, you’re just a journalist.”

To which Bev Turner responded –

“The difference is that I am impartial, and nobody is paying me, that’s the difference. Plus [real] doctors are quite busy saving people’s lives.”

Bev is of course correct about Dr Hilary, he is just a TV personality and has major ties to Big Pharma as we revealed in a previous investigation.

This same Dr Hilary also claimed on Good Morning Britain that “it’s dangerous in the airport, it’s dangerous on the plane and it’s dangerous in the country you’re going to.”

“As a doctor, I have to ask the question, is a holiday really important and essential in a global pandemic? It really isn’t. It’s a luxury. It’s something that you can do without in order to preserve life.”

Here’s what Dr Hilary had to say just a few days later once the media cottoned on to the fact he would be going on a cruise later this year –

“Later this year I am joining a domestic cruise in British waters which remains at sea throughout and does not call at any UK port let alone one abroad.  It leaves from Southampton and returns there without stopping.”

Dr Hilary is not a reputable source, but the problem lies in that millions of Brits most likely believe he is, because they are being lied to by the mainstream media.

James Jordan’s outrageous claims on GB News are not a one-off, there have been consistent lies from what the majority of the British public believe to be reputable news sources.

Early in September, BBC News released an article containing false claims made by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

The article, authored by Katie Wright for BBC News, contains a quote from Boris Johnson in which he claims “75% of the people who are succumbing to Covid still are not vaccinated”.

This isn’t true. The Public Health England report released September 23rd shows that between August 23rd and September 19th 2021, 61% of the people admitted to emergency care resulting in an overnight inpatient admission had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, the vast majority being fully vaccinated.

The Guardian newspaper, which is funded by Bill Gates, then released the following headline on September 13th –

The fully vaccinated did indeed account for just 1.2% of the 51,281 Covid-19 deaths between January and July 2021, but did they explain in their article that 31,538 of those deaths occurred in January 2021 when 0% of the population were fully vaccinated at the start of the month, and just 0,8% of the population were fully vaccinated by the end of the month?

Did they explain in their article that a further 14,629 of those deaths occurred in February 2021 when just 0.8% of the population were fully vaccinated at the start of the month and 1.1% of the population were fully vaccinated by the end of the month?

Did they explain in their article that the vaccinated account for 77% of the Covid-19 deaths occurring between August 23rd and September 19th 2021 were among the vaccinated population?

Did they explain in their article that Covid-19 deaths are 11 times higher than this time last year when there wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine available?

Of course they didn’t.

Instead the mainstream media are blatantly lying to the public in what can only be seen as an attempt to coerce the remaining population, and children, into taking an experimental Covid-19 injection, and cover up the fact it is failing at preventing hospitalisations and deaths, as well as failing at preventing infection and transmission as proven by three recently published studies conducted by the CDC, UK Government, and Oxford University.

77% of the people dying of Covid-19 during this current wave of Covid-19 deaths, which are 11 times higher than this time last year, have been vaccinated. This is a fact, as proven by Public Health England’s latest report. It’s time the mainstream media stopped lying to the public.

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2 years ago

They need you poisoned before Christmas because by then even the dying, double death-squirted, mindless mutton will have noticed that the covaids caper is planned genocide.

The satanic pedovore filth and MK Ultraed morons pushing the covaids death squirt are beginning to lose it. They know once the Dark Winter phase kicks in, as the bulk of the herd goes belly up, there will be a hell of a lot of angry mutton intent on taking some filth down with it before they themselves and their flock snuff it. The sense of betrayal is already palpable as the sheeple start to express their doubts and mistrust for the scamdemic which lead them to gleefully and willfully poison themselves because their “leaders” conned them with lies, promises and threats.

When the herd stampedes (and it will) we will see a real epidemic of revenge murders and attacks against the entire system that is involved in this global genocidal cull of the herd that was too lazy, gullible or dumb to inform themselves before becoming guberment controlled junkies.

Evolution is a harsh master and a dirty, merciless business and life does not give a rat’s ass who lives it and even less for those that blindly throw it away.

one mistake and you are out…permanently.

YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure.

Dr Mercola interviews Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Corona Unmasked By Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

2 years ago

james is a paid puppet just like dr hilary.The evidence is overwhelming that this is a plandemic.Ppl who have had the experimental mRNA jab(not a vaccine) are dropping like flies and getting illnesses that are irreversible.A young woman I know died last week after herarm turned blue.She collasped in the toilets in a bar and she died on the way to the hospital.She was deaf and dumb but was healthy otherwise.These celebrities will burn in hell for selling their souls.

2 years ago

Hey. I am ftom the U.S. some of us over here are also trying yo WAKE PEOPLE UP! To all the lies . Keep pushing, never stop. Never give up.