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#CovidVaxExposed PART 3: Johnson & Johnson’s Covid Injection Exposed

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Project Veritas released the third video of its “COVID vaccine investigative series” exposing two Johnson & Johnson officials who argue children do not need to take the COVID injection in part because of the potential long-term side effects.

Within an hour of this video being released, Project Veritas’ Eric Spracklen was locked out of his Twitter account.

A Johnson & Johnson scientist said Americans face becoming “second grade citizens” if they’re unwilling to get the Covid injections.  He detailed plans to “inconvenience” the public into getting injections – “if you’re going to lose your job, you’ll be the first in line.”

Johnson & Johnson: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;’ There are “Unknown Repercussions”

You can also view this video, and its transcript, on Project Veritas HERE.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Brandon Schadt, Johnson & Johnson Regional Business Lead: “It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?”
  • Schadt: “Kids shouldn’t get a f*cking [COVID] vaccine.”
  • Schadt: “It’s a kid, it’s a f*cking kid, you know? They shouldn’t have to get a f*cking [COVID] vaccine, you know?”
  • Schadt: “J&J is like stepping in the best smelling pile of sh*t you could step in.”
  • Justin Durrant, Johnson & Johnson Scientist: “Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine], I didn’t tell you though.”
  • Durrant: “It wouldn’t make that much of a difference” if children are unvaccinated for COVID.
  • Durrant: “Inconvenience [the unvaccinated] to the point where it’s like, ‘I might as well just f*cking do it [and take the COVID vaccine],’ you know what I’m saying?”
  • Durrant: “It’s almost like — you’re almost like a second-grade citizen if you’re not vaccinated…you can’t do anything that a normal citizen can do.”
  • Durrant: “If you can’t work, I feel like that’s punishment enough… Only way people really act and comply is if it affects their pockets, like if you’re working for a big company and you’re going to lose your job, best believe you’ll be the first one in line [to take the COVID vaccine]…That’s what we’re doing.”

Larry Elder, an American talk radio host, author, politician, and attorney who hosts The Larry Elder Show, Tweeted:

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2 years ago

How are these Fucking Criminals (J&J, Madera, Phizer & AstraZeneca) Not In Prison??? The Nuremberg Code, Which Is Still In Effect, Guaranteed That These Types of Frankenstein Experiments Would Never be Allowed to Happen Again Against the Human Race!!!!!

Every Single Politician Across the World, Has Sold Out Their Own People for 30 Pieces of Silver, and Every Single One of Them Need to be Held Accountable for Allowing These Crimes Against Their People, and the Only Way to Stop This is a Global Civil War!!!!!

2 years ago

The vertical pigs and sundry trained murderers aka army killers…this garbage is all that stands between 99.9% of humanity, the now poisoned human herd and those elitist demonic animals that these armed thugs protect for the base privilege of sticking their porcine snouts in the globo pedovore trough. It is only a question of time before all these psychopaths pay the inevitable price for their genocide. There will be wrath like never before seen on a global scale that will make all these anglozionazi wars of the past century look like minor skirmishes. I look forward to the extermination of the evil psychopaths that have unleashed this terror on the mutton I used to call my fellow man.
Nuremberg 2 is coming and all these poison pushing genocidal animals will be caged, judged and executed.
Presstitutes and vertical pigs are what stand between us and the globo pedovores. All 3 groups will be going to Nuremberg 2. That simple.
PfiZer macht frei
Same as it ever waZ
Reiner Fuellmich…update on “legal” situation
Dr Robert Malone inventor of mRNA lays it out and warns on Jimmy Dore, Youlube

YOU are the disease, their covaids death squirt the cure

2 years ago

[…] an hour of PART 3 being released Project Veritas’ Eric Spracklen was locked out of his Twitter account for 12 […]