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The time has come to stand up and take your freedom back; it’s now or never

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Think back to 2019, a time when we were not free, but certainly had more freedom than we do now, and ponder all that has happened since then.

I very much doubt that when the authorities told you they needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve” – as they issued a stay at home order, closed businesses they deemed to be non-essential, outlawed contact with anyone outside of your initial household, and ordered you to exist rather than live – that you imagined eighteen months later you would be living in a world that resembles that of George Orwell’s novel ‘Nineteen-Eighty-Four’ and Aldous Huxley’s novel ‘Brave New World’.

You have been consistently manipulated and lied to over the past year and half, and it has all been done to confuse you and strike fear into your heart.

We would not be where we are now if it were not for them being able to toy with your fear emotion. When we are scared, we lose the ability to think rationally, and unfortunately for you and I, millions of people around the world have been stuck in an endless loop of fear since this alleged Covid-19 pandemic struck.

It was in late January 2020, just as everyone had given up on their cliche resolutions and settled back into their old ways that the whispers came. Whispers of a newly discovered virus causing people to collapse in the street in the city of Wuhan, in the “Communist” Republic of China. Even then I doubt very few could have predicted what was about to unfold.

Pretty soon the apparent dangers became all too real for the public as images of “overwhelmed” hospitals in Italy started to be played on our TV screens. This new virus was no longer on the other side of the world, it was in Europe, and it was getting closer.

This was when the propaganda that has plagued our lives for eighteen months began. News documentaries of tiny hospitals full to the brink of elderly patients, all on ventilators in tiny towns and villages in the north of Italy.

Of course, this had nothing to do with the fact the Lombardy region and the Po Valley in northern Italy rank among the most air polluted areas of Europe. That’s just another coincidence on the long list of coincidences that have occurred since the turn of the new decade.

Then the illusion of a problem started in the UK. The government, it’s circle of scientists, and the mainstream media did a fantastic job of whipping up hysteria and creating a pandemic of fear. Such a good job that 10 months later the stench of fear engulfs the air of whatever public space you can now legally venture.

By the end of March even the most optimistic Prime Minister in living memory had fallen hook, line and sinker for the one-dimensional science of the doom mongering scientists within his circle. The country was shutdown. Restaurants closed. Pubs closed. Clothes shops closed. Businesses closed. Businesses ruined. Lives on hold. Lives ruined. But we didn’t have to worry as this would only be for a few weeks and then our lives could go back to normal.

But those three weeks came and went and the normal never appeared. Instead, the compliance of most of the British public was bought with the introduction of a furlough scheme that promised to save our jobs and pay our wages.

Eighteen months later and all that has done is delay unemployment and bankrupt the country. But the majority happily accepted the extended arm of the state, too blinded by the perception of fear they found themselves in to think of the long-term consequences.

Soon summer came and a whiff of normality started to encroach our senses, how naive we were to imagine that would last. For five long months the mainstream scientists and the government “being led by them” had insisted there was no evidence to support the wearing of face masks to protect against this supposed new disease.

So just as normality threatened to return due to the official numbers no longer supporting the draconian actions (just a coincidence of course that all respiratory diseases tend to die off in the summer months) they decided to rip out the stitches that were healing the surrealism of the year and impose a new law, to wear a face covering in all shops.

But these face coverings were of course only effective once they had become law seven days after the announcement, supported by the fact barely anybody wore them for the seven days following the announcement. I doubt the government and their one-dimensional scientist masters could quite believe how well they had managed to train the general public to comply with their every word.

Then, as we all know, autumn arrived, as did the return of all the seasonal, respiratory diseases, an occurrence that has happened annually throughout everyone’s life. Although there are many who seem to have forgotten this.

With autumn came a predictable rise in the numbers and the justification for yet another lock down. Restaurants closed. Pubs closed. Clothes shops closed. Businesses closed. Businesses ruined. Lives on hold. Lives ruined.

We would not see another whiff of false freedom until July 2021, despite the false promise of an experimental injection campaign that was supposed to “save the world” and help life to “return to normal”.

The experimental injection campaign of course came with a new set of rules on how to coerce and manipulate the general population, and if the figures are to be believed, the new tricks certainly worked.

But now they are coming for the children, despite the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation being unable to justify giving an experimental injection – that does not prevent infection or transmission of the alleged virus and has no long-term safety data – to children.

We also have the “will they? – won’t they?” scenario on discriminatory and unnecessary ‘vaccine passports’, which are of course the key to their plan to introduce a digital identity. Boris Johnson announced that from the Autumn the Government would be introducing the passports as condition of entry to nightclubs.

Anyone with half a braincell should have seen this was announced in order to coerce young adults, and teens into taking an experimental injection.

Now the vaccine passports are resigned to Plan B for this coming winter, but we all know that they are really Plan A. The fact that Covid-19 deaths this summer have been eleven times higher than summer 2020, with 77% of them being among the vaccinated population, tells you all you need to know about what is coming this winter… death, death, and more death.

We are already starting to see the much feared, and much warned about anti-body dependent enhancement due to the experimental injections. Once the cold strikes and all the seasonal respiratory viruses return, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world for that matter, is going to look like a war zone.

So much has happened over the past eighteen months, and so much has been lost, because we have freely and easily given it away.

I won’t pretend the coming months aren’t going to be difficult, especially if you have not succumbed to the experimental injection for “the greater good” of this new communistic, fascistic, technocratic society that we find ourselves in. We are now seen as the ‘great unwashed’, and a river of discrimination and abuse is already landing at our doorsteps, and a tsunami of it awaits.

But the time has come for you, and I, and many others, to stand up and take our freedom back. You cannot sit idly by and allow them to take the last ounce of freedom you have left this coming winter, unless of course you do not want that freedom for yourself, your children, or their children.

How you choose to do that is up to you, and you alone. But you do not want to be sat thinking in another eighteen months’ time about what could have, should have, and would have been if you had done something rather than waiting for someone to come and save you.

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1 year ago

Great article. A very clear summary of the progression of the roll-out of this agenda.
I’m sure all of us who see this for what it is have been doing our bit to try to push back, to try to maintain our freedoms… whether that is going to marches, sharing online, talking to friends and family.
I currently live in France, where those of us who remain unvaccinated haven’t been able to go to bars, restaurants, cinemas or gyms for a couple of months. You can’t even have a coffee on a café terrace outside without a “passe sanitaire”.
It is obvious that the UK government Plan B will quickly become Plan A when autumn kicks in and seasonal colds and flus return.
(Plan B includes rolling out vaccine passports for nightclubs and large events, but also contains the option to expand the list of required locations: )
The major problem I think we face with the “we must all stand up for our freedom” calls, is that only maybe what…? 10%, 20% of us actually see that there is something to be concerned about.
Here in France on a recent protest march I had a chat with a guy who wasn’t marching. He wanted to know what our concerns were. He saw himself as free, able to fly, go to a restaurant, do whatever he wanted, because he’d had his vaccine and saw no issue with using a “passe sanitaire” to prove this.
He would be happy to have a booster in the future, and was truly mystified as to why others wouldn’t trust the scientists and the government.
I think our real challenge is reaching the large percentage of people who still believe the official narrative, because without them, our small percentage has little hope of stopping this agenda steamrollering over us.
I have a creeping feeling of time running out, and think this winter is going to be terrible. Everything will hinge on whether people finally realize that what is happening is due to the vaccines, or whether they believe whatever “new variant” or “blame the unvaccinated” narrative is concocted to explain the spiralling death rates.
Over the coming months we must focus on awakening as many people as possible to the real reasons for what is happening.
Because once “Plan B” kicks in there will be no going back.

Reply to  Ian
1 year ago

The outline document of the proposed Plan B of the UK government’s “Autumn and Winter Plan” provides “more detail about the proposed certification regime that would be introduced”.

Here is a quick copy/paste summary:
“If the data suggests the NHS is likely to come under unsustainable pressure, the government has prepared a Plan B for England.”
“A final decision would be made based on the data at the time.”
“If Plan B is implemented, it could be at short notice in response to concerning data.”
“The government would seek to give businesses at least one week’s notice before mandatory vaccine certification came into force.”
“In certain settings mandatory vaccine-only certification could be introduced for all visitors aged 18 or over:

  • nightclubs
  • indoor events 500+ with attendees standing
  • outdoor crowded events 4,000+
  • any event 10,000+”

However, here’s the key line, just briefly mentioned in the “Context” section:
“The government hopes that it would not be necessary to mandate vaccine certification more widely than these settings, though as the Autumn and Winter Plan explained, this cannot be entirely ruled out.”
“Should mandatory certification be introduced, venue operators would be expected to determine whether the event they were hosting fell in scope. Organisations would be expected to conduct 100% visual checks on attendees.”
“Offences would also be established for individuals who make, adapt, supply or offer to supply false vaccination documentation. This would carry a penalty notice of £10,000.”

You can read the whole Plan B proposal here:

1 year ago

What “they” want to happen and what will happen do not have to be the same thing.
In my group of family and friends I can count at least 20 adults who are not complying with their nonsensical rules.
Visited a nearby Scottish city this morning and went for a coffee in an independent cafe. It was full. Staff and customers maskless. No contact details asked for. No problem.
Last night in my home city my son went to a music gig in a nightclub. It was full, no social-distancing, no “passport”, no track and trace, no masks.
Nicola Sturgeon says the passports are on hold as there’s a technical hitch. I think the hitch is that people are not having it. Any case that was taken to court, the government would lose. Everyone knows it, and the government knows that they know it.
They are near their end; that’s why they are desperately trying everything they can think of to keep their power but their time is almost up.