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Dr Vernon Coleman – “Time is running out fast, they are about to take total and final control”

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In order to promote the Covid-19 fraud, Governments have taken complete control of the mass market media, outlawed debate, and attacked and demonised anyone; particularly anyone who knows what they’re talking about, who dares to question the official lies.

Watch Dr Vernon Coleman explain all in the video below –

Read and Share – ‘13 reasons why you should not allow your child to get the Covid-19 Vaccine

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1 year ago

I’ve just stumbled into a news and I don’t know how to warn others, maybe a doc who is honest and tend to speak out openly? The news was on the SOTN, warning that their next card will be to mimic a Marburg virus pandemic – if that is true that will make public to freaked out for sure.
“SOS! The Marburg-RiVax Final Solution”The base why they think is a Gates but there are more, if you want to know please read the full article like already working on a vax.

  • ‘Bill Gates GAVI published an article on 22-Apr-2021 titled “The next pandemic: Marburg?”. There have been numerous Mainstream Media articles highlighting an upcoming threat Marburg and referencing the WHO in recent months.’

I think this next pandemic hoax should be killed before the start and I might help a bit.
Without even reading the full article I knew what will be the next based on a personal experience.
A couple of month ago after eating a home-made burger with salad I felt a very heavy stomach, not really upset to give it out but badly heavy. That evening I went to was my car, it was warm, I was fully wet as took plenty of time to scrub the birds’ dirt and for a while I even lied on the car with my belly to reach some parts. Sun went up, the steetlights (5G? – Mark Steele warning) went on. Also around December we got 2 masts very close to the house, like 250-300 meters or so. The next day I thought it just gas but the toilet was full of blood, even a big blood clot came out. I thought I was about to die there was so much blood. We called the ambulance, their first question was that was I vaccinated, I said no. A bit later I realized that whatever caused it it has stopped and as these days I am more afraid of hospitals than anything, didn’t want ambulance or even a GP consultation. It didn’t happen again it was a one time thing. But I read similar story about a covid vaxxed person. I still keep thinking that what could I ate with graphene oxide content and my guess is the salad as just about 2 years ago I was similarly sick after eating salad on abroad but far-far less blood. (Take the salad part with a pinch of salt, but that’s my guess as my partner ate the same but without salad.) I think what happened was that I ate something with graphene oxide and the 5G or else gave charge to it while it was inside me and made a havoc in the gut.

I think if there will be a Marburg pandemic it would be mimicked using graphene oxide and poisoning us via food and vaxxes(?) . As Marburg is a hemorrhagic fever (means blood coming out from you), little brother of Ebola (was another scam by the way, see Rappoport’ archive on that) it is perfect to make everyone crazy with fear and even try to push people to close others to camps or elsewhere via fear. One thing is sure, if people experience something like this they must know it is not a virus!! It is a poison. After that bloody experience, absolutely nothing happened with me, I was and am fine (the house is EMF shielded, as long as no wifi running we didn’t measure high values). Don’t let yourself conned to the next pandmeic, if you bother to read the article on SOTN, the vax will be the killer (again), they mentioned ricin content. As if graphene oxide wouldn’t be bad enough.

Reply to  GundelP
1 year ago

i had similar experience three or four years ago, i freaked out
the same, my GP explained to me about the rectal polyps
which are common, these blood sacks will release this blood
due to elevated stress levels, there is plenty of info online

Reply to  kiwi
1 year ago

Thank you but I don’t think so. My stomach was really bad – no connection to a polip. I was not stressed either. I am sure it was graphene oxide and 5G (or other) together, the car is metal, could act as an antenna. Besides I read at least one about one vaxxed with this ‘symptom’ and the first question of the emergency also was that was I vaxxed. It was terrible amount of blood and a 10-15 cms long blood clot. I doubt that I would feel nothing with such an oversized polip which could hold 0.2 l blood. Too many coincidence and similarity.

Why I wrote about it that’s simply to prevent them to mimic another more frightening pandemic using a tale about Marburg or Ebola. If the writer is right (the article on the SOTN), there is very good chance they will try that.

Have you seen this? Imagine something similar in your gut or veins or brain, or in your lungs – doesn’t matter if the amount is much smaller, the stuff is very sharp and stick together (as happened in Japan, was visible in the vials.)

Last edited 1 year ago by GundelP
1 year ago

Dr Peter E Alexander has spoken out against vaccinating children and also Dr Roger Hodkinson.