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A statement from ‘UK Freedom Project’ & ‘Awakened World’ in response to false allegations made by Michael O Bernicia

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The following is an unaltered statement made by UK Freedom Project and Awakened World in response to false allegations made by Michael O Bernicia:

‘It has been brought to our attention that Michael O Bernicia has today put out an article making serious allegations about parties mentioned therein.

We would like to make clear that the allegations are baseless, without merit, and damaging to the individuals concerned, both on a professional and personal level.

Mr O Bernicia has accused the parties named in his article of attempted murder, a serious crime, without any legitimate evidence to back up this statement. Mr O Bernicia also makes threats in his article that the parties named should watch their backs, causing distress to both the parties and their families. 

These are serious matters. The accusations levied potentially amount to libel,  and the remarks that the parties should watch their backs, amount to a threat of violence. Mr O Bernicia has encouraged people to share his article publicly, causing further distress and damage to the parties.

The law on the above is clear. Malicious communications are prohibited. S127 of the Malicious Communications Act 2003, makes it an offence to send a message that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character over a public electronic communications network. All those sharing his article are caught under these provisions.

Further, under S4A Public Order Act 1986 it is an offence to intentionally cause harassment, alarm or distress to a person.

As to the other claims Mr O Bernicia has made about derailing his case, stealing evidence from him, and disrupting processes he has placed on his website, we have nothing to say aside from that this is also false, and further that his processes are readily available on his website for all to use.

This country is currently facing very serious issues, and our focus should be on the protection of children and the vulnerable. We have always sought to provide people with the tools to empower themselves and take individual actions that are appropriate for themselves, alongside working to gain suitable first hand evidence for any cases going forward.

As clearly stated by Mr O Bernicia in his article, he has no evidence to support the very serious claims he has made therein.  We therefore expect an immediate retraction of his article, along with a public apology, and an instruction from him that his article should no longer be shared.

We have nothing further to say on the article and will now continue our work in the background putting together tools and information to help people to take suitable action, at an individual level.

Clare, Michelle and Sam
UK Freedom Project
Awakened World


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2 years ago

you provide no proof of your claims, you talk for freedom
but seems you don,t like free speech, perhaps look into the
charges Michael is making and discover if there is any truth
to them, then provide that truth ie: evidence

Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
Reply to  kiwi
2 years ago

I agree. I received the Bernician statement first, then this one a couple of hours later, and was bemused. If what Michael is saying is wrong or libellous, then sue. Issuing this is fairly meaningless and without merit.

2 years ago

Keep up the good work! I will make a donation!

2 years ago

Both look opposition. What’s wrong?

2 years ago

I have read this a few times and I still have no idea what it is about or who said what or why. Some background is required and none is provided.

Clive Roberts
Clive Roberts
1 year ago

The so-called ‘Awakened World’ states that Michael has ‘no evidence’.

Perhaps they cannot read, or are paid to ignore, the mountain of evidence; the many hundreds of pages of evidence Michael and his legal team have submitted. Reams of first-hand witness comment, and the UKGov’s own statistics, which latter eloquently expose the government’s lies in this matter. One example of the latter evidence: the massive purchase of Midazolam by Hancock, and its almost immediate, unconscionably rapid and arbitrary ‘prescribing’, in order, as he and his tame ‘doctor’ state on a video, to give ‘a good death’. Well, ‘good’ the deaths of victims in ‘Care’ Homes, was not. For many, many helpless old people were bundled wholesale out of hospitals into such overburdened and inadequate ‘Care’ Homes, and condemned to the most egregious mass contempt of medical ethics since Dr Mengele. Meanwhile their relatives were conveniently banned from seeing what the hell was going down.

Bernician has submitted his evidence to court. The Awakened World is trying to subvert the cause of justice. They are quite possibly guilty of a breach of the Law by trying to subvert a case which is sub judice. Who is paying them? No-one is paying the Bernician. He is supported, thank God, by only his many well-wishers, who see in his dogged pursuit of government criminals as our real hope of justice. For us and the poor old souls who were condemned conveniently to death. By our government. In our country. In 2020/21. And, if not restrained by the Law, into our dystopian future.