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The UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment Act and Thoughtless Hospital Staff

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The UK’s Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979

The UK’s Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 allows for a single payment of £120,000 to individuals who have been severely damaged by a vaccine. There is a threshold of 60% disablement which means that under 2% of applicants are successful. (I don’t think the sum paid has changed in over 40 years.)

By Dr Vernon Coleman

To put this in perspective a woman who was refused permission to work shorter hours in order to pick up a child from nursery was awarded £185,000 in damages.

And it has been reported that in the US a man whose drug treatment resulted in gynaecomastia (he grew breasts) was awarded damages amounting to eight billion dollars.

As far as I can see, the UK Government has not yet said whether it intends to exclude victims of the covid-19 experimental jab from the compensation scheme. Thanks to representations from Bill Gates, drug companies are, of course, not liable in any way. Mr Gates’ foundation has large financial holdings in vaccine manufacturers.

If the Government does pay out sums of £120,000 to every individual who has been severely damaged, then I suspect that the covid-19 jab total will run into billions.

My guess is that at some point the Government will decide that covid-19 jab victims are not entitled to any compensation. And if, because of their injuries, they do not receive the second jab they will, I suspect, also be regarded as second class citizens.

Autism and Vaccination

I believe, and have believed for many years, that autism is caused by vaccination.

The word autism is used, like the word cancer, as an umbrella term for a range of different problems.

Patients with autism are said to have development disorders which affect their ability to interact socially and to communicate with other people though this is a fairly recent interpretation and the word is used as a catch-all for a whole range of problems. (In one medical dictionary on my shelf, autism is defined as ‘morbid self-absorption’.)

These days, I suspect that the word is used more as a dustbin word rather than an umbrella word. It helps the profession appear to know what is the matter when they don’t and, at the same time, it enables them to avoid taking any responsibility for what has happened. The word is used to describe almost any symptoms which doctors cannot explain.

Autism can be anything from a mild behavioural problem to severe brain damage. Social workers and others play the game because it enables them to build well-funded empires around the ‘care’ of autistic patients. For governments it is, of course, a lot cheaper to provide ‘care’ for autistic patients than to acknowledge that these children have been made ill by official vaccination policies and should have been provided with vast amounts of compensation.

I believe that the epidemiological evidence supports the idea of there being a link between vaccines and autism.

The number of children being diagnosed as suffering from autism has rocketed as the number of children being vaccinated has rocketed. Once rare (as recently as the 1990s it was generally accepted that autism affected no more than 4 or 5 people in every 10,000) but it is now officially accepted that it affects far more than this – and is constantly rising.

Indeed, figures in other countries show that the incidence of autism is rising in all developed countries, and how anyone can deny the possibility of a link between vaccination and autism is quite beyond me. The epidemiological evidence is overwhelming. If vaccines are known to cause brain damage isn’t it logical to assume that they can also cause the disease which is known as autism but which would in many cases, I believe, be more properly and honestly known as brain damage?

I have been suggesting that there is a link between ‘autism’ and vaccination for decades and no one has yet discredited my theories.

Doctors and drug companies and politicians much prefer to talk about autism rather than brain damage because the former suggests a natural disease while the latter suggests that there may be an external cause. I’m afraid that innocent and desperate parents collude with this nonsense because they prefer to describe their children as autistic rather than as brain damaged.

The drug companies (and the doctors, hospitals and politicians who support them) all claim that there is no link between autism and vaccination. (But then they would, wouldn’t they?). They claim that there is no convincing scientific evidence proving a link between the two.

On the other hand there is no convincing scientific evidence disproving a link between vaccination and autism.

When a research project was set up to investigate the link, drug companies applied to a London court for an injunction to stop the research. Now why would they do that?

The fact is that it isn’t up to me to prove that vaccines cause autism.

Given the overwhelmingly convincing epidemiological evidence it is up to drug companies and governments to prove that vaccines don’t cause autism.

Thoughtless Hospital Staff

A friend’s father has been in hospital for a few days with pneumonia. The treatment he received seems to have been excellent – with one exception.

The poor man reports that he could not sleep at night because of all the noise being made by thoughtless, uncaring, disrespectful, unprofessional hospital staff.

He was utterly exhausted by his inability to sleep through the noise made by talking and laughing nurses.

In olden days, nurses and doctors would whisper and tip toe around wards at night. Telephones were switched to show a small light rather than to ring. And any lights on the nurses’ desk or in the office were dimmed. Even when dealing with emergencies the staff would whisper and make as little noise as possible.

What the hell has happened?

Doesn’t anyone bother to teach nurses how to behave?

Actually, come to think of it, these aren’t things which should need to be taught.

Patients in hospital desperately need to sleep whenever they can. Sleep is part of the healing and mending process.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that shouldn’t be working in a hospital.

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