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Global Warming: Lies, Fraud and Hypocrisy in Glasgow

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The residents of Glasgow should keep their hands on their wallets and handbags while the eco nutters are in town. Every liar, cheat and confidence trickster will be in Glasgow – as a delegate attending the biggest global shindig since the last global warming conference.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

An astonishing 25,000 virtue signalling hypocrites are flying and travelling into Scotland to have a glorious party at our expense. Delegates from all over the world will be shaking hands, chattering away without a thought for covid-19 – they know that’s almost as big a fraud as the global warming scam and it’s my bet that the authorities will lower the PCR test cycles so there won’t be many positive covid tests.

The 25,000 people have flown into Glasgow to talk about how to stop the rest of us keeping warm, eating hot food or catching a bus. Oh, and flying anywhere. They don’t want us flying anywhere because otherwise the planes will be too busy for their next virtue signalling, self-regarding party.

The result will be that there will be enough hot air in Glasgow to float an airship the size of Greater London. It will be a total waste of time of course because there will probably be no one there from Russia, China or India. Just ignorant loonies: communists who hate mankind, hate nature, hate the environment and love only power and their yearning for a World Government where they can sit on judgement on the rest of us. The green, liberal, stop the traffic, glue yourself to the road nutters are our enemy. Those who do not oppose them – the obedient cowards – will kill us all.

The hypocrisy of the insane climate change cultists is breath-taking. They fly and drive as much as they like. They remind me of those Labour party champagne socialists who send their children to fee paying schools so that they don’t have to mix with ordinary children.

A Greenpeace employee flew to work. Greta took a boat across the Atlantic while others flew. Extinction Rebellion members go on holiday, travelling huge distances by plane or car. And what about this. A company called Adani Green Energy is the headline sponsor for the planned Energy Revolution gallery. Great stuff. Just don’t tell anyone that Adani Green Energy, which has wind and solar plants, is part of the Adani Group which, and I love this, has just opened a coal mine in Australia. Look it up on the internet. The Adani Group mine has been criticised for its environmental impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and carbon emissions.

The global warming cultists, self-serving, self-righteous, virtue signalling, politically correct communists, claim they want to improve the environment, reduce pollution, treat wildlife and animals with more respect and make life safe for everyone.

But they are lying or they are deluded.

Everything the dangerous cultists are doing will make life worse, in every respect. Millions will be impoverished and there will be millions of deaths. Only the billionaires will profit from the lunacy.

As with covid, the cheats and the liars have suppressed the truth, suppressed all debate and demonised those who try to share the facts. The fraud is built on a mountain of lies and hypocrisy. You can tell global warming is a scam because the BBC promotes it. The whole scam proves that there are far more lunatics outside the insane asylums than there are in them.

The unthinking masses gave in to the covid fraud because they believed the lies they were told. Governments around the world used manufactured fear to excuse the new laws they introduced – removing our democracy and our freedom.

Decarbonisation, global warming, climate change, net zero – you can tell it’s a fraud when they keep changing the name in an attempt to find a pseudoscientific narrative into which their nonsense will fit – is a fraud that was, as I proved in my book Endgame, deliberately conceived and designed decades ago as a way to bring in the new world order, the global reset and the destruction of everything of value. Just read about the Club of Rome to find what it’s all about.

We don’t have weather any more. We have climate. Every shower is a storm with a name and every breeze is a hurricane with a birthday and a fan club. If it doesn’t rain for two days it is a drought.

They build houses on flood plains and leave rivers undredged and drains blocked and then complain that the inevitable flooding is a result of the climate. They’re introducing wild beavers into the countryside in the UK in the knowledge that they will fell trees and block waterways – and cause yet more flooding.

They want us to stop using fossil fuels within a year or two. In Scotland a deadly coalition of the SNP and the Scottish Greens will, in my view, destroy Scotland. There is talk of stopping exploration for oil and halting the use of existing oil fields which are already licensed. They talk of killing off the oil industry within two to five years. All politicians support this garbage. A full page ad in the Financial Times claimed that ‘Climate scientists agree: we cannot afford to build any new oil and gas projects’. If climate scientists do agree with that then the future is bleak indeed. The resulting death rate will be measured in billions. We’re already using three times as much oil as is being discovered.

But then that’s what they want, isn’t it?

It’s like Brexit all over again. The people knew that the EU was taking us into enslavement and didn’t want any more of it. The establishment wanted us to stay in the EU because it is, of course, part of the path to the global government. Those still fighting against Brexit are the slave masters working for Agenda 21.

The extremist policies which are now favoured by political parties around the world will push up the cost of food so that millions will starve to death. They want to push up the cost of fuel so that millions will freeze to death. As I predicted many months ago, their policies are driving up inflation and will drive up interest rates. Anyone with a mortgage which isn’t fixed will be ruined. Savers will see their wealth disappear because interest rates won’t keep up with inflation. And insurance premiums are going through the roof as insurance companies take advantage of the scam to boost premiums. You’ll be paying extra flood insurance even if you live on the top floor of a 16 storey building.

Taxes are going to soar. To reach net zero by the year 2050, as planned and promised, will cost the UK over £2 trillion. Astonishingly, the UK Government has made a binding, legal commitment to do this –and to impoverish the electorate in every conceivable way. And they have made this commitment without the knowledge or the approval of the people. The result is that all those who work will be ruined. Businesses will go bust. Only those who don’t work – and the billionaires – will benefit from the global warming scam. The State will become all powerful. It is worth noting that Mark Carney, of Bank of England infamy, is now a special envoy on climate action and finance to the United Nations. That wasn’t much of a surprise.

They’ll soon bring in carbon emission allowances. They’ll be part of the digital passport. You’ll be OK if you own a few thousand acres of land. Prince Charles and Bill Gates will doubtless make a bundle.

As a result of the global warming scam, nine energy supplies have gone bust in the UK in the last week or two. More will go. Fertiliser plants had to close. Energy prices will soar and soar yet gain. Shortages of everything will be inevitable. Supermarkets and restaurants are predicting permanent food shortages. All manufactured, of course. Look at the last video I did on global warming and the videos I made last year predicting how they’d freeze us and starve us to death. This is all a carefully worked out plan and the script for the future is easy to predict. Inevitably, YouTube banned and took down the early videos I made but the scripts are available on

And without using fossil fuels it is impossible to dig essential metals out of the ground.

It is impossible to make steel without coal. They claim it’s possible but it isn’t. It is impossible to make hydrogen (the new `hope’ of the global warming nutters) without fossil fuels. It is impossible to make windmills or solar panels without fossil fuels. (And, remember, that windmills and solar panels are negative energy producers. In other words their manufacture requires more energy than they will ever produce.)

The biggest source of `green’ energy in the UK is biomass. This is the biggest hypocrisy of all. Biomass consists of wood pellets. Trees are cut down and chopped into bits. The bits of wood are then carried across the Atlantic to be burnt. It would be laughable if it were not so tragic. And biofuels, promoted as an alternative to fossil fuels, use up food and so cause more starvation.

Biomass is the biggest source of non-fossil fuel power. But most of our electricity still comes from gas, oil and coal. It is no surprise that China, where they have introduced electricity rationing, is building new coal fired power plants and the global demand for coal is going up not down.

The climate cultists do not approve of nuclear power which is the safest form of energy production. Why? Because the global warming nutters are communists rather than the self-righteous puritans they sometimes seem to be (they are green on the outside and red inside) and they don’t want to find an efficient form of energy production. Their plan is to destroy capitalism – by which I mean individuality, freedom, jobs, industry, wages, home ownership and so on.

In future all international travel, and much travel within countries, will be outlawed. The only people allowed to board aeroplanes and trains will be the hypocrites going to a global warming conference on the other side of the world. All expenses paid, of course.

The mad cultists, the road blocking morons, are so deranged and wicked that they will stop ambulances taking the sick to hospital. Though I suspect that if they were run over a little by a twelve wheeler lorry they would be screaming for help. The traffic holdups they create pollute the atmosphere far more than the traffic they’re holding up.

The medical establishment in the UK, which has betrayed us for decades, actually wants doctors to cut back on investigating their patients. They don’t want early diagnoses to be made. They don’t want early treatment. They claim that investigating and treating is a threat to the climate. It sounds unbelievable but this and everything else I tell you can easily be confirmed on the internet. I wonder, incidentally, if doctors in the medical establishment will be eager to delay investigating and treating themselves and their loved ones – if they have any loved ones.

The mad cultists don’t care about facts. Man-made carbon dioxide makes up around 0.00065% of the total gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Look at my last video on global warming for more evidence or read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen.

They want us all to use electric cars but they want to ban lithium mining. Well, you can’t make the batteries needed for electric cars without lithium. But that’s the plan – to destroy everything and create an all-powerful State. The UK alone will need 75,000 tons of lithium for car battery production. Good luck with that. It takes seven years to build a lithium mine and two to build a battery plant. In the next year or two we will need to dig out three billion tons of minerals for all the things they’ve got planned. Try digging out that lot with a solar powered shovel.

The insanities are everywhere. As I’ve mentioned before they are planning to send calcium carbonate in the stratosphere to block the sun. It’s called solar engineering and no one has any idea what the consequences will be but Bill Gates thinks it’s a good idea. Nutters think it’s a way to stop the imaginary global warming. In reality it will help destroy farming and food supplies.

The whole climate change fraud is built on a tower of pseudoscience. The evidence shows that it is a fraud. Read the book Greta’s Homework to find the facts.

And even if the planet were warming slightly, as happens throughout the centuries, is that such a bad thing? Every year in the UK around 60,000 old people die because they cannot afford to keep warm. (That will be more this year, thanks to the greens.) If the weather were warmer far fewer people would die.

There is a plan to all this, of course – it’s called Agenda 21. They want us to hate our governments so that we will welcome their plan for a World Government – a huge Orwellian bureaucracy which will decide everything we do.

The people promoting the global warming fraud are the same people who gave us the covid-19 fraud. Their intentions are evil. Remember: food and oil prices are not rising because of so-called global warming. Food and oil prices are being deliberately forced up by the mad greens; the climate change cultists.

The threat to our future does not come from global warming; it comes from the people promoting the fraud with complete ruthlessness, endless deceit and a psychopathic willingness to see billions die of starvation and cold so that they can achieve their political aims.

And remember, as always, everything I’ve told you is true. You can check it all out for yourself.

The Covid-19 fraud was the first course. The global warming fraud is the main course.

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1 year ago

Cop26 – The Dangers Of Framing A False Disaster Narrative!
You can find proofs for Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, only if you watch the politicians?
Otherwise, monkeys have remained monkeys!
Cop26 – Watch carefully!
The politicians meeting in Glasgow this week, will say that the climate crisis hoax that they are promoting, will need the same urgency for action as seen at the start of the Covid pandemic hoax.
So be ready for the signal to switch from pandemic to climate lock-downs.
Happening now!
It is a conspiracy between the politicians and the globalists to keep humanity in deep slavery forever.
To create guilt in you.
Who are the selfish people that have caused this whole global catastrophe.
Who have to be punished!
Guilt is the only strategy of the so-called elites to exploit humanity.
But why do they go on creating guilt in people?
There is a secret behind it.
If they can make humanity feel guilty they remain powerful.
The guilty person with a muzzle on is always ready to serve those who are powerful.
The guilty person cannot have courage enough to be a rebel, that is the secret.
Only an intelligent person can be rebellious.
The politicians and priests must have found this secret long ago, because they have been practicing it for centuries and they have destroyed all the beauty of the human soul.
Intelligence is courage.
And the greatest courage in the world is to be exactly what your consciousness says to you to be.
And the greatest cowardice in the world is to obediently follow others, to slavishly imitate others.
Then you remain artificial, unconscious, asleep. 
Only consciousness makes you aware of what others are doing to you.
Your conscience is being manipulated by the politicians, by the priests, by the outside powers who are dominating you.
You have become so afraid of even fresh air, afraid of life, of yourselves, afraid of freedom.
On the surface you appear a stupid, obedient person, but deep down you are an intelligent being.
Can you not see the futility of it, the nonsense of it?
Hence guilt creates a dual personality in you.
You become split, guilt creates schizophrenia.
And now the whole of humanity suffers from schizophrenia for the simple reason that they have created so much guilt, and so deeply that we have divided every person in two.
People are so stupid that even when they are trying to be spiritual they still continue their old ways of competition, of jealousy, of envy.
See how you still love your own chains, see how you still love your own faults.
See how you protect and defend your own misery.
If your energies are not released into creativity they are bound to become sour, bitter, poisonous, and they will make you angry, full of hatred and violence.
Then there are two ways for that violence to go.
One is to be violent with others, and the other is to be violent with yourself.
You can only be either destructive or creative. 
The politician is always violent with others.
Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Boris Johnson, Jacinda Ardern, Daniel Andrews, Go Brandon,-these people are violent with others, they destroyed millions of lives.
Yet Mahatma Gandhi is totally different, he has not killed anybody, he is the apostle of non-violence, but he is continuously destructive towards himself.
His violence has turned upon himself.
Repression is always an unconscious effort, it never transforms you.
It keeps you the same but repressed.
That’s how your saints are created, your popes, your mahatmas are created.
The politicians are sadists and the saints and popes are masochists, both are psychologically ill.
Become aware, become awake.
Then you will see that everything comes and goes, all things come and pass.
Life is a flux.
Your consciousness is the only thing that is immovable, that is eternal.
To attain it is freedom.
To attain it is the goal of life.
If you miss it you have missed your life and you have missed a tremendously great gift, a great opportunity.
Wake Up, Rise Up, NOW! 

1 year ago

Do you know that cell phones use signals in the microwave band to communicate? Yes, that microwave band. The one that heats things. The frequency microwaves use to heat food is right next to WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. (it’s the UHF, Ultra-high frequency, band of the EM spectrum, to be specific)

You could argue that “it’s not as much” as a microwave oven, but given that there are literally billions of devices putting this radiation off, one could also argue that it adds up. Really, if we are going to accept that climate change is happening and that technology is the culprit, we also have to accept the possibility that wireless technology might be part of the problem.

Meanwhile, what are the tech giants and “elites” focusing on? Fossil fuels that give us reliable power and a strong infrastructure. Cows that give us milk, cheese, meat, and leather.

They would have us chip away at our infrastructure and food supply, while ignoring a technology that we could easily live without. — And, if the situation is really that dire, shouldn’t we be doing anything we can? If this problem is serious enough to turn the economy upside-down, why isn’t it serious enough to chuck our cell phones away in favor of corded phones? If anything, isn’t that a more reasonable sacrifice than ridding ourselves of reliable power, strong infrastructure, food, and clothing? It’s as if they’ve inverted people’s ideas of what’s necessary or not, to the point of them becoming suicidal. Because, we can live without cell phones and WiFi and Bluetooth. We cannot live without reliable power, food, and clothing.

Reply to  Whiskey
1 year ago

“Cows that give us milk, cheese, meat, and leather.”

Cows don’t give you that. You lock them in crates and force feed them, continually abort their children to keep the milk flowing, after raping them with your hand to impregnate them, then, once they can produce no more milk ‘for’ you, you put them in a line to have their throats cut. I wish that you and yours would ‘give’ me that. How about it ‘mighty’ human?

Reply to  Whiskey
1 year ago

Not to mention the harm those mwaves cause. People are so dependent on that tech they never ever would consider that behind their SEVERAL mysterious health problems the cause is this tech. Telling it by experience. We binned everything wireless in the house, we rarely use mobiles but landline and internet is cabled and the house is EMF shielded.
Problems what disappeared:

  • Asthma attacks, weird allergies, skin ‘spots’
  • Insomnia
  • Brainfog
  • We have far more energy and better immune system
  • Arthritis improved a lot
  • Inflammation (knee) improved a lot
  • We both struggled not to piss in the pants just because of a sneeze or cough – completely disappeared

We changed on nothing apart from kicking out the wireless tech.

Last edited 1 year ago by GundelP
1 year ago

[…] November 2, 2021Global Warming: Lies, Fraud and Hypocrisy in Glasgow […]

1 year ago

Has anybody wondered why the global warming hysteria had been very quiet for the last few years but, the press has recently started up the alarmist rhetoric again?

If you are curious about this conundrum you should look up ‘Climategate’. This relates to the court scientists which were propagating all the alarmist rhetoric. A whistleblower hacked into their e-mails, a number of years ago, which showed these ‘scientists’ manipulating the data and peer review system, even outright lying about the data and laughing about it. Laughing about manipulating the raw data which is being used to change our lifes for the worse and costing us incredible amounts of money!

Over a thousand e-mails sent between the court scientists were put out by a whistle blower

An e-mail from Phil Jones, head ‘scientist at the Climate Research Unit , university of East Anglia to Michael Mann of Pennsylvania state university;

“P.S. I’m getting hassled by a couple of people to release the CRU station temperature data. Don’t any of you three tell anybody that the UK has a freedom of information act!”

These two people were Canadians Ross Mckitrick, a statician and Steve McIntyre an engineer. They were asking Jones for the raw data so they could replicate his findings.

E-mail from Phil Jones;
“ McIntyre and McKitrick have been after the Climatic Research Unit data for years. If they ever hear there is a freedom of information act now in the United Kingdom, I think I’ll delete the file rather than send it to anyone.”

E-mail from Phil Jones February 21st 2005;
“Even if WMO agrees, I will still not pass on the data. We have 25 years or so invested in the work. Why should I make the data available to you, when your aim is to try and find something wrong with it.”

Guess what. McIntyre and McKitrick filed an FOI . Jones replied they had lost most of the data whilst moving office. Uneffingbelievable!

E-mail from Phil Jones;
“Can you delete any e-mails you may have had with Keith regarding the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report? Keith will do likewise.”

E-mail from Phil Jones;
“I’ve just completed Mike’s nature trick of adding in the real temperatures to each series for the last 20 years (i.e. from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

Thus, manipulating the raw data.

E-mail from Michael Mann to Phil Jones;
“So what do we do about this? I think we have to stop considering ‘Climate Research’ as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps we should encourage our colleagues in the climate research community to no longer submit to, or cite papers in this journal. We would also need to consider what we tell or request of our more reasonable colleagues who currently sit on the editorial board”

E-mail from Phil Jones to Mike Mann July 18th 2004
“The other paper by MM is just garbage- as you knew. De Freitas again. Pielke is also losing all credibility aswell by replying to the mad Finn as well- frequently as I see it. I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow- even if we have to redefine what the peer review literature is!”

reply from Phil Jones;
“I will be e-mailing the journal to tell them I’m having nothing to do with it until they rid themselves of this troublesome editor.

There we have it, these court scientists were attempting to corrupt the peer review principles. 

1 year ago

Sorry, but there is one thing this post has got seriously & dramatically wrong…………..Should read, “But they are lying AND they are deluded”