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The Covid Response is the Biggest Crime in History – A Call on the 1922 Committee for Justice

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The ever-increasing number of vaccine products being pressed upon the global community is one of the most important political issues in the world today, Elizabeth Hart says.

She goes on to say that there must be an investigation into how the vaccine industry, governments, NGOs and others are intruding into peoples’ lives with an increasing number of these medical interventions. Vaccination is being used to impose medical tyranny, which is becoming more acute with calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccination in response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and Covid-19.

Elizabeth Hart self describes as an “independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy.”

“I am challenging the increasing number of questionable vaccines and repeat vaccinations being foisted upon children, adults and animals by the burgeoning and unfettered vaccine industry.  There’s a ‘big picture’ on lucrative over-vaccination which needs to be examined,” she says.

Elizabeth Hart

In a message reposted by Robin Monotti, Hart said:

“The Covid-19 response has been a disaster, with enormous amounts of money and resources squandered on highly questionable PCR tests, ‘leaky vaccines’, masks, electronic surveillance etc; along with the massive economic and social costs of lockdowns and restrictions.

“It’s now time to investigate how this happened and seek accountability.

In this regard, please see below my email to Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, UK Conservative Party.”

The 1922 Committee, also known as “the 22”, is a committee of all backbench Conservative MPs. It is an influential group who can call a vote of no confidence if 15% of the parliamentary party write a letter calling for the vote. At the end of November 2021 letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson were submitted and in mid-December Tory MPs were told they can email letters of no confidence over Christmas.

The subject line of Hart’s email dated 29 December 2021 reads “The treacherous Covid-19 response – calling on the 1922 Committee for justice” and begins, “Dear Graham Brady, re the ongoing Covid debacle…

“I think we need a very close look at what was happening in March/April 2020 in the UK, when there seemed to be a very strong desire to beat up the ‘cases’ and deaths attributed to Covid-19 to justify a ‘vaccine solution’ at all costs.”

Hart asked why pandemic plans were abandoned.  Prior to 2020, the UK had a pandemic plan that reflected the democratic traditions of the nation, recognising that an informed and empowered public will voluntarily take action to protect themselves, their families and communities during a pandemic. It accepts the reality that the government cannot prevent all deaths, suggesting it is important to identify those most at risk to enable resources to be directed towards protecting these vulnerable groups. However, as noted by Emma McArthur in an email to Sir Charles Walker MP seven months prior, “faced with SARS-CoV-2, the UK, along with most other countries and the WHO, discarded years of pandemic planning.”

Hart highlighted in her email Bill Gates’ influence:

“It was always about ‘the vaccine’…the now defective ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and with dubious purported ‘protection’ that is waning at a rate of knots, resulting in potentially umpteen ‘boosters’ being pressed upon people for life. Billions of people are being pressured to have the Covid injections against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people…and now they’re coming for the five-year-olds… How can this be happening? Children, young people, most people, aren’t at serious risk with Covid-19, how on earth could it be approved to subject these people to these unnecessary medical interventions, over and over again, potentially damaging their own natural immune response?” she wrote. 

Hart continued, explaining “the role of Australia in this story is significant” and then turned to the underlying agenda:

“But it’s not just about ‘the vaccine’ after all…looks like it’s all part of a nefarious plot – the lucrative ‘leaky vaccines’ and perpetual ‘boosters’, never-ending testing, muzzling with masks, surveillance with QR codes, vaccine passports as the basis for digital ID, centralised banking controlling spending…leading to a social credit system to control and oppress the people.

“The plan was to deliberately terrify the people with ‘the virus’, impede free movement and association via the ‘nonpharmaceutical interventions’, create anxiety and stress, cause strife and division between family and friends over differences about ‘the vaccines’, steal the people’s wealth via economy damaging lockdowns and the new ‘Covid industry’, plunge our liberal democracies into turmoil and debt, and line the pockets of the perpetrators. What treachery…

“And ‘our own elected representatives’ have been a party to it, particularly the Five Eyes governments – the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand; and Germany, Austria, France, Israel etc.

“All apparently complicit in the WEF’s Great Reset, which Prince Charles also supports.

“This is the biggest crime in history.

“Time for accountability.”

You can read Hart’s full email to Sir Graham Brady MP HERE.

Elizabeth Hart’s websites:

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Ferd III
Ferd III
1 year ago

All true. Brady and the 22 don’t care. They are full on retard for the stabs. They are a part of the Rona religious. You could pile up the dead and wounded around their houses and they would deny the reality that the poisons are killing and injuring. Look at Australia, Austria, parts of Canada and the US, the 4th Reich. Full on fascism. Rona death rate is 0.1%, the injury and death rates from the Jabs somewhere between 1-3%. Brady won’t care.

raj patel
raj patel
Reply to  Ferd III
1 year ago

I can appreciate your sentiment as it can feel disheartening at times. However, we must keep hounding our elected representatives and make them very aware that we are demanding they stand up and be counted. We must not let them off the hook so easily. Conversely, we should get behind any elected representative that does stand up and offer our unbridled support, so they feel emboldened.

Ferd III
Ferd III
Reply to  raj patel
1 year ago

Sure we keep fighting of course. Brady et al are part of the problem.
-30K dead murdered by Midazolam – nothing
-50K dead from the LDs – nothing
-35 K? dead from the Jabs – nothing
-3 million injured from the Jabs – nothing
-NHS no jag no job policy – nothing

The only issues they might fight on would be a compulsory Jabport and a Lockdown. The jabs, the SAGE, the policies in general, they have done little to oppose. Brady has publically endorsed the necessity of jabbing and wearing face anus wraps.

1 year ago

They won’t care. How many of them have shares, connections to Big Pharma? These people do not sit there because they are dumb, ignorant as far as I know they are wealthy, either because they are clever enough to judge situations and decide how to invest, preserve that wealth or they got it for something in exchange. If they haven’t stopped the process yet and spoke out they probably don’t want or can’t stop it.

I found interesting that while common people die to the vax or injured I know no one among these people at the top who would have shared the same fate. No one. Journalist, TV staff, professional sportmen – yes. These on the top, high ranked politicians, Big Pharma workers, high ranked aristocrats, bankers – no. Not even a single one. And they didn’t die to ‘covid’ either.

Turn Around When Possible
Turn Around When Possible
Reply to  GundelP
1 year ago

With regards to politicians not dying of the vax. Someone put in a FOI

request to find out which politicians had had which vaccine. The request

was denied. Like the vax manufacturer employees, it is a safe bet to

assume all world politicians are also exempt, but we are not allowed to

know this.

Lionel Azulay
Lionel Azulay
Reply to  Turn Around When Possible
1 year ago

I’ve been asking myself this question too. How many actually are jabbed? Indeed, has Bill Gates had one? Or any of the big pharma management…?
Our PM’s video showing him receiving his jab looked suspect. The ‘nurse’ wasn’t even wearing gloves and was moving around the ‘surgery’ touching surfaces (including the bin!) before touching his bare arm. The actual injection was ‘edited out’, if it ever actually happened at all….

Lionel Azulay
Lionel Azulay
1 year ago

Summed up most eloquently and succinctly! All my feelings, thoughts and concerns are described here by Elizabeth Hart. Thank you for your work on our behalf and on behalf of our children.

Pierfrancesco Belli
Pierfrancesco Belli
1 year ago

Good morning . I very much appreciate yours work to recover constitutional justice and sovereignty. Here in Italy we have generated the beginning of pandemic terrorism with the first lock down in the world. Then, to justify the false virulence of the virus, the Ministry of Health and the WHO collaborating center, the regional health agency of Friuli Venezia Giulia have produced distorted guidelines for hospital admissions and treatments for Italy using the manipulation of the classification system of ICD-9-CM diseases, falsifying disease diagnosis codes in the hospital and distorting the biohazard group. For forced anti-viral treatments and mechanical ventilation, in 2020 people not treated at home for a bacterial infection, died in hospital for a cause totally different from covid 19 and subsequently their cause of death was falsified in the ISTAT statistical death certificate by changing the cause of death for covid 19. altering the data of the epidemic of mortality is a damage and a deception enormous for the truth and for the assessments of health policy. The health agency of the Friuli Venezia region is a WHO collaboration center too with responsibility for managing and checking the quality of disease codes and classification for all states in Europe.
The classification system and the codes of diagnosis, disease and therapeutic interventions in Italy had to be modified and updated by law already in 2010 but it was never done and therefore it was possible to “deliberately” produce this disaster. The Istituto Superiore di Sanita, the Government’s single reference center for infectious diseases and also the Government’s single Ethics Committee for clinical trials “Ospedale Spallanzani” in Rome are both under contract with the WHO as collaboration centers. Health Minister Speranza and Prime Minister Draghi closely follow the Great Reset Road Map. A large part of the police and law enforcement forces are taking sides against the government run by the NWO and I was contacted by them to scientifically support them to oppose the government firmly but democratically. Unfortunately, the democratic means of asserting the truth have also been brutally prevented by the government itself. I myself, as expert in health governance, have presented several complaints to the public prosecutor’s office but like all the others made by other experts they are not taken into consideration because the judicial system is controlled by the government which in turn takes orders from the NWO. Anyone who tries to make civil resistance is threatened or punished. This pseudo-health and media dictatorship has also caused deep social and family divisions. We must find a way to confront and unite. I wish you good luck with the firm hope that our GOD will help and save us. for last i apologize to you all for my bad english
kind regards

1 year ago

I am getting pretty damned tired of hearing that this or that is the biggest crime in history. The biggest crime in history was the crucifixion of God. It will never be surpassed and we had better start focusing on making reparation for it, personally and as nations.Because that is the source of all of our troubles on this earth, the rejection of God and His authority.

Reply to  Virginie
1 year ago

Division. If we can’t unite, the Satanists will win. But we never can unite in the name of ANY god as we follow different beliefs. As long as none of us belongs to the Satanists’ religion, religion itself shouldn’t be a barrier separating us.
There were countless wars in the name of religions and who benefited?
Decent, good people don’t need to be threatened by hell or awarded with heaven. Decency comes from inside without pressure.
Christians now have popeS who spoke from the ‘mouth of a snake’ see the VI Paul Audience Hall’ photos. Who designed that building? Who accepted? Who paid for it?
Religion is for manipulation. Your God and mine may have different images in our mind but is everywhere. Don’t push this line please.

Last edited 1 year ago by GundelP