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Fourth Phase Water and Sunshine Is Good for Your Heart

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Heart disease is the number-one killer in the world. Despite ever-advancing medical procedures and more and more powerful pharmaceutical drugs, the rate of heart disease continues to rise.

According to Dr. Stephen Hussey, this is due in part to misunderstandings about how the heart really functions and how to keep it healthy. These misunderstandings result in improper medical approaches and off-target intervention therapies.

Dr Hussey, a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. is a health coach, speaker and author.  His latest book ‘Understanding the Heart’ gives insights into the evolutionary origins of heart disease and why this matters.

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Last week he joined Ivor Cummins for a brief discussion about the fourth phase of water, sunshine, grounding and how to maintain a healthy heart.

“There’s a layer [of the heart] that is not commonly talked about. A layer … not of the endothelial but a layer on top of the endothelia that is not commonly talked about.  It’s [been] recently discovered. You have the endophilia and [its] various layers and you have the glycocalyx but there’s also this kind of outer barrier that’s made up of water in a specific state.  It turns out that water is this a very unique liquid and that it can hold energy,” Dr. Hussey explained.

“This ability of water to hold energy allows it to structure itself in a different way – that’s not solid, liquid or gas.  But it only structures itself when it holds energy and it has and it’s next to a hydrophilic surface. It turns out the lining of arteries are very hydrophilic.  Since the water is about half of the blood of the body and the water in the body holds energy – enough energy – then it actually structures itself into what’s being called ‘fourth phase water’. Or it’s called ‘structured water’ or ‘exclusion zone water’. There are many different names for it …  It’s kind of like gel. Think of it like jello. It’s not solid, not liquid it’s kind of in-between, it’s kind of this gel.”

Dr. Hussey explained that structured water does two things.  Firstly, “it excludes anything that’s not it” which is why it is often referred to as exclusion zone water. Only very small hydrated ions can move through it, for example, nitric oxide but larger molecules such as cholesterol, red blood cells, endotoxins and bacteria cannot.

Secondly, structured water creates an energy gradient. Because oxygen is such a bigger molecule, one of the hydrogens is cleaved off. “Now that becomes a very negative space. The other hydrogens that are in the middle of the lumen of the artery now are a very positive space. And that creates an energy gradient that creates blood flow. It acts kind of like a battery,” Dr. Hussey said.

The number one energy absorbed by water is radiant light. From infrared light, particularly the 3,000 nanometer wavelength, Dr. Hussey said, “if we want to energise the water in our bodies – like the water in our blood to get it to structure itself and help protect the lining of the artery – infrared light is the best way to do it.”

“The sunscreen industry is terrible, in my opinion, at least the toxic forms of it. It’s not only preventing you from getting those various forms of energy to your body – to produce the nitric oxide and vitamin D and then energise the water so we can create this barrier that helps with flow and protects the artery and everything – but it’s also putting toxins into your body that are known to directly damage this barrier.”

The heart is not the only thing moving blood he explained. The arteries have their own mechanism by this fourth phase water mechanism of moving blood. “The heart does do some pumping but I don’t think it’s any more than just moving the blood through the heart and through some of the major arteries, that’s the main thing that it does. But when it gets to the smaller arteries, arterioles and capillaries and things like that, it’s this mechanism of fourth phase water that’s propelling the flow … And I think about how people aren’t exposed to the right light.  People are sitting under, like, fluorescent light and things like that and they’re not outside as much – especially in the winter and how heart attacks are more common in the winter – it makes sense that the blood is not flowing like it’s supposed to and that can create these little pools or spots where there’s turbulent flow.”

“That’s another reason why I think that infrared sauna therapy and just being out in the sun and getting the right types of light has been shown to improve outcomes with all types of heart disease … [there are] quite a few factors and that’s one of them.”

Another possible factor Dr. Hussey talked about was magnetic energy. “The earth gives off this electromagnetic energy and it’s compatible with our electromagnetic energy. Whereas, like, 5G, and wi-fi are not so compatible with the electromagnetic energy that we give off,” he said, “we talk about all the biochemistry and we know a lot about that because of the pharmaceutical industry and all the research they do. We know a lot about this biochemistry and how we’re biochemical beings but … we [also] have a physics side to us. And it makes sense too if you think about earthing or grounding. You know for the millions of years we were evolving as humans we were barefoot, or at least very close to the earth, so why wouldn’t we evolve a mechanism to utilise, or to keep us healthy, if that’s what we were doing for millions of years. and it’s only recently that we’ve isolated ourselves from that and closed that off.”

Another factor Dr. Hussey discussed was diet. “It makes no sense that food we’ve been eating for, literally, since we became human 300 000 years ago and even before – what drove or part of what drove that evolution to becoming modern humans today is a food that’s being demonised,” he said.

“It’s about putting your body in the right environment and that’s more than just diet, that’s a very important one but, there’s more to it,” said Dr. Hussey.

Ivor Cummins: Viral Update and Understanding the Heart with Dr. Stephen Hussey, 19 April 2022(46 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Odysee HERE.

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1 year ago

Yet another “expert” with a big “secret” that only he’s aware of and that, conincidentally, has a book to sell.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

I’ve been hearing a lot about the 4th phase of water, almost like Jello.

Ive been reading s lot of books about the Germ Theory Hoax & and books about the dangers of EMF’s, and the 4th phase of water comes up in both topics. 🤔