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Canada: Alberta’s CMOH Gives Inaccurate Covid Update

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In a Twitter thread posted last week, Sheldon Yakiwchuk commented on a Covid update given on 11 May by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health (“CMOH”) for Alberta, Canada.

“When we look to verify her statement, it shows that she wasn’t actually that accurate in her reporting,” Yakiwchuk said and demonstrated why.

The Twitter thread, copied and inserted below, by Sheldon Yakiwchuk can also be found, for the time being, on the thread reader app HERE.

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by Sheldon Yakiwchuk, 12 May 2022

So, Yesterday, @CMOH_Alberta took to the twittersphere to deliver her Covid update and again, suggesting that more vaccines are the answer. Figured I’d take some time and check to see how she made out:


Let’s start HERE:

Alberta does actually have the reports on this, through their Dashboard, it’s available under the ‘Severe Outcomes’ Tab and when we look to verify her statement, it shows that she wasn’t actually that accurate in her reporting.

Reporting 37 in ICU – Actual Number? 29.

Reporting 20.7% were incidental instead of reporting that only 41.4% were in the ICUs because of Covid being their Primary Cause…seems a lot insincere. But you have to blow up the numbers and keep the fear going somehow, am I right?

Let’s move on … not going in exact order … because I’m going to dive into some numbers to fully assess the AB Covid situation…

More than 1 dose of vaccine is required for many diseases, she tells us:

To some they understand that to be fully vaccinated you will need 2 doses … so, more than one is correct. What she could have said is that people are already on their 4th jab … in 17 months … but wants us all to believe that this is perfectly normal.

Well, @CMOH_Alberta, how many other vaccines do people get jabbed with 4 times in the span of 17 months?

And still get hospitalised and die from that virus?

Yeah … that’s what I thought … there aren’t any.  Then she prattles on about some number trash that’s completely out of sync with reality and then says … “see, these numbers make a compelling case, no matter what dose you are receiving”.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, this is where I come in.

I’ve broken down how you can extract the Provincial Data, just in case you wanted to verify it for yourself, here:

With that information, you can confirm the number of deaths according to the highlights and then for complete verification, sort these into age-stratified for deaths and compare them to those reported on the Severe Outcomes Tab.

Everything checks out to this point:

Which means that everything else in the report, you would assume to be accurate, right?

Well, let’s have a gander.

Table 10, under ‘vaccine outcomes’:

First thing to note, no reported deaths under 4th jabs yet …

Add in that the highest death count is in those with 3 doses … not what Doc Hinshaw says, but okay … and lastly that there were 1,039 deaths over the last 120 days.

1,039 is not correct, when you sort the data, you have to go back to Dec 30 to get to 1,039, but … because I already did this in the thread mentioned earlier, will not be doing it again and for the sake of the rest of this portion, will just use the 1,039 number.

You do have to include deaths from back to Dec 30, 2021 to get to 1,039 … this is an important note.  120 days, prior to this report (Jan 9, 2022), the province – according to highlights was at 3,344 deaths. As of May 9th, we were at 4,391. Total deaths in this time according to the reports: 1,047.

7 more than is on this report … but this is a tiny issue and really, who cares about accuracy, right?

Moving on … the deaths, age stratified are as follows where 5-11 and 12-29 aren’t actually age groups that follow the rest of the standard pattern … but …

These are easy enough to add together with the raw data and compare and this is what we find … they’ve toggled a few numbers out of the 80+ deaths and distributed them into other categories.

Remember, we already confirmed the data with the severe outcomes tabs, these numbers …

Should EXACTLY line up together, given that we’ve already had to include additional deaths just to get to 1,039 … amazing.

This is important because inaccuracies in reporting have the Crayola Screechers and Hinshaw using the /100k info on this report to support the vaccines …

So, how far off the mark are these?

Do we know if these people had been jabbed 2 or 3 times?


If your making policy and health recommendations around statistical benchmarks, accuracy is a very important thing.

You see … for the last few weeks …  Currently hospitalised of boosted had a trajectory to bust through hospitalisations but has halted short of 50% … where in the unvaccinated has been on the decline since the boosters rolled out.

As have cases and deaths.

Alberta took some of the information off of its Dashboard where we could actually calculate how this trajectory was going – after March 17th. Prior, we could look and extract … which I will do now for comparison.

120 days prior to this report, January 9 to last update March 17, 2022 when you extract these numbers shows that 85% of the cases, 70% of hospitalisations and 71% of deaths were in the vaccinated communities.


And when we just seen @DFisman do a report on how the unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated, this data from a population of 4.4 million, sampling size, doesn’t actually support that by cases alone.

In this, we are truly in a pandemic of the vaccinated!

How so? 

Hospitalisations and deaths are the lagging indicators. If there are more cases, there will be more hospitalisations and death following. Because the vaccines do not reduce severity, more cases in the vaccinated and already more cases inside of the boosted community … turns @CMOH_Alberta statement about getting more jabs into a blatant and unsubstantiated LIE!

So now we are at a point where the province is padding the numbers on the 120 day counts and shifting data from age groups … to try and rationalise this lie.

Fortunately, in AB … and most other provinces, we’re not under the masking mandates or capacity limits … the unvaccinated are not locked out of restaurants and community events …

But this is the same data fed to Health Canada for them to rationalise federal mandates on the unvaccinated … for federal jobs, employment and employment insurance, not to mention, we still can’t fly and can’t even leave the friggen country!

The accuracy from each province is integral and when this apple cart gets upset, we seen how this folds out yesterday:

There are a lot of things that are troubling about the Covid situation. How many lies and altered statistics are put in place to rationalise additional jabs where we have no long-term data, where there are already a plethora of vaccine injuries and deaths, and where … millions of Canadians are still living under restriction.

The worst of this is and what I’ve been saying from the very beginning, we’re still not protecting those who need the protection the most. We’re squabbling over who has or hasn’t had multiple band aids on their arms… over the last 17 months.

@CMOH_Alberta & @JasonCoppingAB, when are you going to get your sh*t together on reporting and actually analysing the true data?

Do you have any idea of how much harm you are causing to Albertans and the impact this has on millions of others? If getting the jabs is so important, why can’t you provide an effectiveness rates, same like were important with every other strain?

Is it because the information is so embarrassing that you won’t post this anymore?

If you can’t substantiate these claims and need to alter and pad the data…maybe blanket statements like, “viruses change and mutate – so keep taking the ineffective jabs” should be left out of Hinshaw updates.

In the event it is removed from Twitter, we attach a copy of Sheldon Yakiwchuk’s Twitter thread below.

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1 year ago

Please stop calling the jab or inoculation or gene therapy « vaccines ». That, they are not. Vaccines render a person immune to a virus and stop propagation.

Reply to  Claire
1 year ago

Immune to a virus. Have you bothered to check the new definition of a ‘Vaccine’? The Vice President of the USA has had 4 jabs and she had to self isolate after testing positive. In my village, I know of two that died after having a jab. I know of 5 that have heart trouble after the jab. I assume that you don’t have children of your own. Children are hardly impacted by this Covid nonsense. I’m not anti-vax! I’ve had them all! The mrna is experimental, it hasn’t been tested properly.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

Both BC and Alberta are Liars <Plain and simple. I live in BC we have Dr BoneHead<Bonnie Henry. In bc they had a “Daily Covid Update” that showed the numbers of Vaxx’d and Unvaxx’d and percent. The last weeks it was saying constantly 83% of cases were vaxx’d and of those needing the hospital =72% Vaxx’d. The same day the UK stopped there updates, so did our BC. The startling data was bringing unwanted attention. They know its bad and now I’m betting worst<Just a bunch of Liars, to keep pumping there poison boo$ters. my2cents

1 year ago

The other thing that everyone is missing in analyzing this garbage is that when they describe vaccine outcomes the date they are using is January 2021!!! There were no vaccines available in Canada in Jan 2021 so of course it skews the numbers wildly! I think we didn’t get vaccines in AB until maybe March or April if I remember correctly. I’ve been following and taking pictures of this dashboard since the beginning of this lie and they also took down the leading causes of death which in the summer of 2020 Covid ranked 11th, then they took out a whole bunch of previously reported respiratory illnesses and still the best they could do is get to covid to 3rd leading cause of death in Alberta and that was at a time when covid was ‘raging’ thru the province. Now that is gone, cannot find leading causes of death in AB anymore on the AHS site, only old data. I am so sick and tired of this regime and their lies, every single one of them are liars. I don’t believe anything that comes out of any of their mouths.