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86% of Twitter Users Know More About Public Health than Health Canada

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Yesterday, Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada (“PHAC”) opened a survey on Twitter asking: “True or False: Vaccination reduces your risk of experiencing serious illness from COVID-19 and related #pregnancy complications.”

Five hours after opening their survey they added a comment to help users select the “correct” answer: “the answer is true.”

Despite this nudging from Health Canada, with four hours to go on the survey, 30,366 users had “voted” and 86.7% selected “false.”  It seems Twitter users know more about public health than Health Canada and PHAC.

Yet, says Joel Smalley, Twitter doesn’t slap a misleading label on Health Canada and PHAC’s account for falsely reporting that the mRNA shots are highly effective at reducing severe illness and pregnancy complications.

Joel Smalley has recently been suspended yet again by Twitter for sharing statistics relating to the correlation between Covid injections and hospitalisations in 3,095 US counties which showed a statistically significant POSITIVE correlation between vaccination and hospitalisation.

Read more: Do the COVID-19 injectables (aka “vaccines”) reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations? ***Corrected, Joel Smalley, 24 May 2022

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Are you kidding me? You want a source link for an article that shows that it is from Twitter? When the globalists started to dumb down people, I bet they had NO idea how successful they would be. You make your masters proud.

Nick T
Nick T
1 year ago

Health Canada is an embarrassment. Who in the right mind would ever take them serious ever again? Especially how they are responsible for heavily promoting dangerous ineffective experimental mRNA gene therapy shots and falsely claiming they are safe, effective & safe for pregnant women.

What must happen is a massive internal inquiry, an investigation to determine who the careless parties are that allowed such dangerous decision making. They are responsible for mass genocide, just look at the UK & Israel data sets, which they still continue to massage the data with deception such as adding the 14 day rule for blaming adverse events on the Covid shots. Etc.,

1 year ago

[…] Read More: 86% of Twitter Users Know More About Public Health […]

1 year ago

[…] Eergisteren hebben Health Canada en Public Health Agency of Canada (“PHAC”) op Twitter een enquête geopend met de vraag: “Waar of onwaar: Vaccinatie vermindert uw risico op ernstige ziekte door COVID-19 en verwante #zwangerschapscomplicaties”, meldt Rhoda Wilson. […]