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Covid Lies: Prescient Testimonies

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“I doubt just talking to a group of people who hold the dominant narrative view as “true” would respond at all well to this, delivered as a lecture. Nobody wants to accept that they’ve been fooled, even if the blow is softened by telling them that this has been brought about by highly experienced professionals in the covert services and has required huge amounts of money to buy off several groups.

“On the positive side, an increasing number of people have detected that fraud is ongoing. A particularly good example comes from the financial analyst community and refers to life insurance claims among many other pieces of evidence of wrong-doing.24” – Dr. Mike Yeadon, The Covid Lies

Although not all central, there are a large number of ancillary points that reinforce Dr. Yeadon’s conclusions. He assembled some of these points, “additional observations,” and included them towards the end of his paper titled ‘The Covid Lies’.

Dr. Yeadon’s additional observations include fraud assessed; fraud rehearsed; autopsies; PCR test; cause of death; hospital protocols; experimental vaccines; revised definitions; bizarre statements; boosters and antibodies; Neil Ferguson’s track record; and, prescient testimonies.  “This list is not exhaustive,” he wrote.

This article relates to Dr. Yeadon’s additional observations: prescient testimonies.

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By Dr. Mike Yeadon, 10 April 2022

Prescient Testimony

A former WHO staffer, Jane Bürgermeister, shared frighteningly prescient testimony in 2010. Her understanding was that respiratory virus pandemics will be used to force near-universal vaccination and that this had sinister motives.21 I dismissed this the first time I saw it. Many of us turn away instinctively from evil because we cannot or do not want to believe that other humans are capable of that which our logic tells us is happening. I now no longer reject it. It fits far too well with the totally independent Paul Schreyer documentary.11

Click on the image below to watch the video on Brand New Tube.

Jane Bürgermeister, Forced Vax Warning, February 15, 2010 (60 mins)

More Prescient Testimony

Another doctor, Dr. Rima Laibow, made similar claims.22 This testimony speaks of population rejection, and like Jane Bürgermeister, locates the fraud in a conceptual world government. Again, one can reject it, or consider it alongside other pieces of information.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Brand New Tube.

Jesse Ventura meets Dr. Rima Laibow (11 mins)



Dr. Mike Yeadon wrote a paper titled ‘The Covid Lies’ which was published on the Doctors for Covid Ethics website.  This paper is a working draft dated 10 April 2022.

At 31 pages long the paper is longer than most would read in one sitting.  As it details vital information for all of us, we are republishing his paper in more easily digestible portions in a series of articles, one each day.  This is the twelfth in our series, ‘Covid Lies’, and covers topics included in the section of Dr. Yeadon’s paper titled ‘Additional Observations’.

You can read Dr. Yeadon’s full paper by following this LINK.

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1 year ago

[…] Source link […]

1 year ago

these “globalists” are incapable of taking a “global” view.
at the global level
the first injections were administered on 10 december 2020,
from here:
and here:
on 10 december 2020, cases = 70 million, deaths with covid19 present 1.7 million
on 29 may 2022, cases 532 million, deaths 6.3 million
number of global injections 12 billion. so, as 12 billion doses have been administered globally, cases have increased by 7.5 times and deaths 3.7 times.
had cases and deaths increased at the same rate as prior to 10 december 2020, annualizing the rate of cases and deaths cumulative cases to 29 may 2022 would have been around 180 million instead of 530 million and cumulative deaths would have been around 4.2 million instead of 6.3 million.
the impact of the 12 billion injections has been to increase the number of cases by 350 million in the last 18 months and the number of deaths by 2.1 million.
the EU + US stabbed their populations once on average by mid-July 2021, europe is now double stabbed on average and each person in the US has been injected 1.75 times. by mid-july 2021 on a global basis, half of people had received a single injection, now it is 1.5 stabs per person.
this is the global view.
now, what would these “globalists” say if it was shown that the infection and the injection do the same thing – that is, infect the body with a cyto-toxic spike protein IOW the injection IS an infection?

Reply to  peterhalligan
1 year ago

there is no proof of a single covid case, a single new-virus caused illness case if you like. The PCR unfit, was not designed for this but only a research tool but its inventor, Mullis, conveniently died a couple of months before the start of the ‘pandemic’ – now he can’t tell this anymore AGAIN because while he was alive he stated it clearly, unfit to decide about infections.
This very test gave positive to a PAPAYA (PAW-PAW fruit), a goat and many more when Tanzania’s president ordered to test it, sending samples with faked people’ names and addresses. The motor-oil was inconclusive, he kicked out the WHO then he suddenly, conveniently also died….

Please show me a protein spike or else which is MAGNETIC. Show me. Because so far the only proven thing found in these covid vaxxines and earlier vaxxines like 2019′ flu’s was graphene oxide (which can be magnetic).

There is NO PROOF for spike protein no matter how many parrots it to make people believe while conveniently remain silent about the true poison, graphene oxide. Because they need it, they need to pump you with graphene oxide in any way they can find including other vaccines.
Graphene oxide and nanotech were found by many laboratories around the world including Spain, South-America, Germany, the UK (Mark Sexton or Saxton? ‘ case attachment), Australia, New Zealand.

Graphene oxide is proven. But no one wish to talk about it just like no one wish to talk about that how it works together with the Gs, UV light and wireless radiation, that if you are vaxxed, you are irradiated from inside.

Countless proofs, so many, have a look. Where is your imaginary spike protein? Many records under microscopes, different kinds, WHERE IS YOUR SPIKE PROTEIN? Thanks.

1 year ago

How can the “performance” of injections be measured?
Well, in active investment world, performance is measured in absolute and relative terms. Absolute performance is how much you made; relative performance is how much you made relative to a benchmark. What goes in the benchmark is a subjective decision. It can consist of any combination of assets. The design of the benchmark is generally held to make up around 80% of absolute returns and risks. Benchmark design is crucial in matching expected liabilities.
In the pension fund world, 60% in equities and 40% in bonds, based on long run correlation, risk and return characteristics, is a traditional benchmark. Fund managers are given discretion to vary these equity and bond weightings to pursue excess returns over a benchmark.
Excess returns over any period can be “attributed” to asset allocation effects, stock selection effects and the interaction of these two effects (gross and net of management fees and other costs).
The arithmetic for this attribution is straightforward. It can be applied over any benchmark and any period, though it relies on “average exposure” and a money-weighted rate of return (closing market value – opening market value – purchases + sales) divided by (opening market value plus weighted cash flow) for each component up to and including total return. Weighted cash flow reflects the proportion of a measurement period that purchases were held, or sales were not held. (E.g., a purchase made on the 10th of a 30 day month is 20/30 weighted as a positive adjustment to the opening market value to determine the “average sector value”, whereas a sale made on the 10th is 20/30 is a negative adjustment to the opening market value to determine the “average sector value”).
Asset allocation effect = Sector weight relative to benchmark x (sector index return – benchmark return)
Stock selection effect = Benchmark sector weight x (actual sector return – sector index return)
Interaction = (Actual sector weight – benchmark sector weight) x Actual sector return – sector index return).
The attribution is an accounting identity that sums to the overall relative return. There are other performance analyses – such as “contribution to total return” (where the average sector weight is multiplied by the sector return) and risk adjusted returns (most commonly, Information Ratio = excess return divided by the standard deviation of that excess return – the higher and more stable the better).
Let’s stick with the attribution of returns for now and figure out a way to apply that to injections.
This data is most likely to be available for the US and EU.
Firstly, the overall “top-down” view where the benchmark is the control group of those that lived through the pandemic without being injected but suffered infections, hospitalizations and deaths. Excess returns are the impact of injections on cases, hospitalizations and deaths for all manufacturers, then the impact of two injections and then the impact of boosters.
For ease, the rates of each factor of cases, hospitalization and deaths can be standardized as the rate per 100,000 or per million.
This analysis should be repeated each manufacturer.
This analysis should be repeated for each major cause of death and disease.
This analysis should be repeated for each key demographic – first age and sex, then ethnicity, then income bracket, employment status.
The wealth of information that this analysis would reveal can be reconciled to adverse events, which, of course, also need to be analysed in the same way as these relative cases, hospitalizations and deaths against the control group (benchmark).
Once this has been done, a relative risk analysis can be undertaken to come up with a rational cost/benefit analysis of the roll-out of injections.

1 year ago

I covered all of those Pantomime acts a few months before this guy, plus a history of SCENARIO PLANNERS – Sentient World Simulation.,
And to this day I have never seen it mentioned anywhere else – I gather you won’t be able to find anyone talking about A.I. driven war-gaming by way of SWS.
And this is the most powerful part of the planning – you don’t think they do the day-to-day by order of 5 nasty men huddled round a table anymore, do you??
(who cares, they’re all ‘in bed’ with American Conservatives round here [spits]).
Back to my main interests [whilst your all dying of bad AIDS – hopefully the American Conservatives start peeling first] on Quantum processing, A.I. and consciousness – Penrose makes a valid point for Decoherence driving consciousness, and high symmetry micro-tubules.
This was quit damning from Roger, on conciousness:
“there’s no kind of mystical something-or-other around which comes in from who knows where” – Nobel Prize Winner, Roger Penrose
Icke take note – he agrees with me on this and not your unfounded deceptive nonsense .

Reply to  geraldina07
1 year ago

there’s no kind of mystical something-or-other around which comes in from who knows where” – Nobel Prize Winner, Roger Penrose

I don’t want to protect Icke on this, because I don’t know the truth. But I know something, there is a thing called 6th sense.

6th sense / collective mind or knowledge-base – or call it as you wish – has scientific proof. It is real, it exists.
With an example, a monkey on an island discovered that to wash the potato in the water makes it enjoyable (less dirt), then the monkeys all around the world suddenly started to wash their veggies (if they can). How did they know? How this ‘Info’ spread so fast when the monkey’s travelled no where?

Attenborough showed an interesting tiny sea animal, it was so tiny it couldn’t have a big brain. But these animals knew to go to a certain bay, only one bay in the whole world, on a certain day of the year (only one day) to mate. How do they know?

What is 6th sense then? Water’ memory? Knowledge coded somehow in electromagnetic fields distributed by the ‘everywhere present’ water?

Just to cite another Nobel price winner, Luc Montaigner, look for his experiment with water and electromagnetism.

Reply to  GundelP
1 year ago

Quantum Entanglement perhaps? Who knows, we certainly have a long road to travel – but what you say has to have foundation.
I might give such a premise that decoherence can drive ‘seemingly’ conscious activity alone – because everything decoheres to give a definite outcome which in-turn will drive a response.
But for those with a higher consciousness class such as human beings – mind manifests from the data [whether that requires quantum processing to become sentient is the hot-topic today].
I give the example of staring at a 3-d fractal image and the Mona Lisa suddenly ‘appearing’ out of nowhere, as it ‘comes to mind’ or that mind suddenly manifests out of that data: sensory input, memory and cognition data coalescing as ‘coming to mind’ – it is all data and that percept is PURELY SUBJECTIVE like any other and not some special disembodied ‘chi’ floating around in la-la-land.
I can prove that by ‘coming to mind’ that mind must manifest out of a jumble of data – which can be traced back to what we know right now – neural exchange patterns within the brain leading to the perception of subjective phenomenon.
This is pseudoscientific in that it can be projected from what we know (or think we know) right now.
What DAVID would tell you is that there is a disembodied ‘chi’ that you had to have ‘faith in’ [and so begins the Church of Icke], that somehow ‘decides’ or ‘selects’ a ‘body’, but this is without any foundation at all [describe this selection process, tell me more about the details of this connection other than “it’s a spiritual connection” – because that’s just like a ‘black box’ to me, it tells me nothing and gives zero proof], and you are all just expected to accept it. It wouldn’t gain any respect from a professional audience but it’s the fools who make his wallet.
So by ‘coming to mind’ we now represent a ‘driving force’ to this system of decoherence – in that we can seemingly dictate the outcome.
Everything is ‘mathematical reality’ and what floats upon that is ‘the Quantum reality’, such that everything can be explained in terms of the Quantum Science EVENTUALLY – by that I acknowledge there are many many revisions and discoveries to be made to explain something like ESP for instance. Yet nethertheless the answers lie in the nature we see around us, of this reality. There may be instances of overlap between separate realities that might explain the appearance of ghosts, but even then we can work this from the Quantum theory which points strongly to a multiverse.
What I don’t believe for one minute is unfounded faith and contrived notions of ‘mind, spirit, soul’ [they leave it ill-defined before coming in with their bullshit – honestly these jocks are better than Penn and Teller!!].
And we don’t need to have to rely on the supernatural – the Quantum Mechanics is spooky enough in its own right.

1 year ago

Still pushing the VIRUS LEGEND?

“…that respiratory virus pandemics will be used …
Pease someone show me a properly isolated virus and the detailed description of the isolation process. You can’t. Because there is NONE which is not fraudulent, meaning they never separated the virus to everything else to prove that that’s a virus and it causes a thing.

Dr Lanka made the control experiment, isolation. He did everything according to the “virus-isolation book” except one thing, he never gave any samples from any ill to the genetic-mix they use for “isolation” / “breeding viruses”. The result was the very same. The poisoned monkey kidney cells and calf-serum cells produced “viruses”, exososomes when dying.

Don’t believe to ANYONE pushing the virus legend but do your own research. Those who still pushing it are either controlled opposition or stu–d to the score.

FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (188 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever” – true for every virus they tried and they tried a lot.

1 year ago

About Jane Bürgermeister:
She became famous a couple of years ago, maybe 10 or more, during that time when the Polish government let the Big Pharma to test a flu vaccine on homeless people and many died. Allegedly because the vaccine contained bird-flu virus. Even MSM wrote about the Polish case here in the UK, can’t recall was DM or the Guardian.

This woman claimed that vaccines were transported with not proper security and leaking, ‘releasing’ germs / poisons in this way.

Was she an early controlled opposition to make the soil to these days of faked pandemics or was she only ignorant but genuine and they released toxins – who knows? But finally nothing happened – nothing visible, was just an attempt to cause panic, awareness of ‘bio-terror’, lab-leaked ‘viruses’?

1 year ago

[…] 30. Mai 2022 The Expose: Covid Lies: Prescient Testimonies […]