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Dr Vernon Coleman: “Most ‘Experts’ are ‘Bought’ – and simply say what they’re paid to say”

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It is frighteningly easy to become an ‘expert’. When I was in my 20s and newly qualified I was regularly described as a ‘world famous expert’ or a ‘leading expert’ whenever I was quoted in the media.

At least I was only ever giving my opinion based on the facts which were available – I have never been paid or otherwise bribed to offer an opinion or a particular point of view.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

There is a certain amount of irony in the fact that now I am much older, and I hope wiser and better informed, I am never invited to give my opinion on TV or radio shows or for the press.

The mainstream media prefers its experts to stick to the official and accepted line on whatever topic is under discussion.

What viewers, listeners and readers don’t know is that many so-called experts have been bought and paid for, and when they open their mouths they are merely saying what they’ve been told to say by their employers.

The drug industry has an army of doctors who will say whatever they are required to say – in return for a large cheque, a holiday abroad or a new television set. Special agencies offer these so-called experts to media groups who are looking for someone who can provide an apparently expert view.

Television reporters, radio presenters and newspaper journalists like the fact that these experts work free of charge because they are paid by their sponsors. The ‘experts’ are known as ‘rent a quote experts’.

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Poverty and Death

As the world races towards poverty it is vital to remember that poverty and death are inextricably linked.

In Africa and Asia, there are hundreds of millions of people dying because recent events – particularly the sanctions against Russia – have made them too poor to buy any food.

In the UK, all the people who drowned themselves in one stretch of the river Thames over a period of years had one thing in common – they were penniless.

Penury is a major cause of mental and physical illness.

And a major cause of death.

When people get poorer, more of them die. Many just starve to death. Many more eat cheap, fatty, bad-for-you food – if they can afford food at all.

They can’t afford to keep warm in cold weather.

They are massively stressed.

Governments and central banks around the world know all this.

The conspirators working towards the Great Reset know this.

So, remember that the conspirators are planning to reduce the world’s population from 7.5 billion to 500 million.

And then ask yourself this question: are all the people running central banks and governments around the world incredibly stupid and incompetent or are they deliberately making people poor so that more of them will die.

Simple question.

But you know the answer as well as I do.

Microwave Ovens – a Menace to Your Health?

It isn’t just the poor quality of the food we buy which makes us ill – damaging our immune systems and making us vulnerable to infections and to cancer.

The way we prepare our food can also have a dramatic effect on our health. Overcooking food can destroy the vitamin content, for example.

And consider the microwave oven.

There are millions of microwave ovens in use around the world. Unlike traditional ovens they work by using short wave electromagnetic radiation to heat up food.

But, although microwave ovens are widely sold, widely used and sit in millions of kitchens heating (and affecting) the food that people eat, neither governments nor manufacturers seem keen to provide or publish information showing exactly how safe these products are.

In my book Food for Thought (first published in 1994) I asked specific questions about microwave ovens.

The first questions were: ‘Are the waves that are used to do the cooking harmful to human beings?’ and ‘If any of the microwaves escape from the oven will they harm your health?’

The other question, possibly even more alarming, was even simpler: ‘Does using a microwave oven affect the food you at in any harmful way?’

I found that even though the manufacturers didn’t seem to have done much research work there was, nevertheless quite a good amount of research available.

In 1998 The Journal of Natural Science published an extremely significant paper dealing with the effects of microwaves on humans. The paper, was written by William Kopp, who worked at the Atlantis Rising Educational Center in Portland, Oregon from 1977 to 1979 and who, while working there, gathered together early documents detailing what was then known about the harmful effects of microwave ovens on human beings.

By writing this paper Kopp annoyed a powerful lobby. According to the Journal of Natural Science he subsequently changed his name and disappeared. This may sound dramatic but I have met another researcher who examined the dangers of microwave ovens who has been subjected to threats, and whose attempts to publicise the truth about microwave ovens has been met with law­suits and other attempts to silence him.

Kopp reported that microwave ovens were originally developed by the Nazis for use by mobile support operations during the planned invasion of the Soviet Union. The aim was to eliminate the logistical problem of finding cooking fuels – as well as to cut down cooking times. The initial German research was conducted by the Germans in 1942-3 at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin.

After the end of World War II, wrote Kopp, the Allies discovered the medical research which related to microwave ovens. Experimental microwave equipment was transferred both to the US War Department and to the Soviet Union for investigation. In the Soviet Union research work was done at the Institute of Radio Technology at Kinsk and the Institute of Radio Technology at Rajasthan.

It was in the Soviet Union that most of the research was done and published. And it was the Soviet Union, reported Kopp, which found that a human did not even need to ingest microwaved food substances to be in danger, because even exposure to the energy field itself was sufficient to cause serious adverse side effects.

Kopp pointed out that Soviet scientists were so alarmed about the hazards associated with microwave ovens that the Soviet Union produced a state law in 1976 which forbad the use of any microwave apparatus.

Here is a list of some of the adverse effects listed by the Soviet scientists back in the 1970s as having been observed when human beings were exposed to microwaves.

  • A destabilisation in the production of hormones and the maintenance of hormone balance in both males and females.
  • Brainwave disturbance in the alpha, theta and delta wave signal patterns.
  • A breakdown of the human ‘life energy field’.
  • A degeneration and destabilisation of internal cellular membrane properties.
  • A degeneration and breakdown of electrical nerve impulses within the cerebrum.
  • A long term cumulative loss of vital energies within humans, animals and plants which were located within a 500m radius of the operational equipment.
  • Long lasting residual effects in the nervous system and lymphatic systems.
  • Negative psychological effects (produced as a result of the brain wave pattern changes) which included: loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, changes in intellect and emotional responses and sleep disturbances.

More recently obtained evidence seems to confirm that the danger of microwave ovens is not confined to what happens to the food that is cooked inside them.

Despite the protective shields with which they may be fitted microwave ovens give out extra low frequency electromagnetic fields which may be high enough to produce lymphatic cancer in children.

And when white blood cells are exposed to the sort of electromagnetic fields given out by microwave ovens their ability to fight disease may be reduced dramatically.

Back in the early 1990s there were already over 7,000 scientific publications in existence dealing with the health damage caused by short wave transmitters. The damage to cells and cell membranes caused by electromagnetic fields has been well known to scientists for years. (Although, naturally, the electrical and telecommunications industries have steadfastly followed the early example of the tobacco industry and denied that their products could possibly cause cancer or, indeed, any other serious health problem).

The scientists who examined food which had been cooked in microwave ovens came across a number of serious problems. Here is a summary, listed in William Kopp’s paper in the Journal of Natural Science of some of the serious changes which have been identified:

  • In a statistically high percentage of persons, microwaved foods caused stomach and intestinal cancerous growths, as well as a gradual breakdown of the function of the digestive and excretive systems.
  • When meat was heated sufficiently for eating a cancer causing agent was created.
  • Cancer causing agents in milk and cereal grains were produced.
  • Eating food that had been heated by microwave resulted in a higher percentage of cancer cells within the blood.
  • Microwave emissions caused serious alterations to frozen fruits when they were thawed in a microwave oven.
  • Changes took place in raw, cooked or frozen vegetables when they were exposed to microwaves for ‘extremely short’ periods of time.
  • Because of chemical changes which had taken place in food that was heated in a microwave oven human lymphatic systems malfunctioned with a result that the human body did not adequately protect itself against some types of cancerous growth.

In addition, scientists have found that microwave heating also causes ‘significant decreases in the nutritive value of all foods researched’.

Among other serious problems they found that there was a drop in the availability of B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and essential minerals in foods that had been heated in a microwave oven.

The September 1998 edition of The Journal of Natural Science contained yet more evidence drawing attention to the possible hazards associated with microwave ovens.

  • In 1990 researchers in Berlin found that all the microwave ovens it tested emitted microwaves while operating.
  • As far as microwaves are concerned the most sensitive part of the body is the lens in the eye. Anyone who operates a microwave oven (particularly at eye level) which leaks could go blind.
  • Studies with broccoli and carrots have revealed that cell structures are destroyed in the microwave oven. (In conventional ovens the cell walls remain intact.)
  • Cooking in a microwave oven creates free radicals – known to be a possible cancer trigger.
  • Food cooked in a microwave oven may be cooked unevenly – leaving possible ‘cold spots’ inside the food. This may result in the possible development of listeria or salmonella infection.
  • Water samples were heated, both conventionally and in a microwave oven. The water samples were then used to help grain germinate. Grain did not germinate when in contact with water which had been heated in a microwave oven.
  • At the end of the 1980s it was reported that there was an increased incidence of malformations among children of mothers exposed to microwave ovens.
  • In 1991 a patient in Oklahoma is alleged to have died of anaphylaxis after receiving a blood transfusion with blood warmed in a microwave oven. It is claimed that the microwave irradiation had altered the blood and thereby caused the patient’s death.
  • Scientists have discovered that microwaving human breast milk at high temperatures produced a marked decrease in activity of all the tested anti-infective factors naturally present in breast milk. The growth of E.coli was 18 times that observed in normal human breast milk.
  • In 1989 the Swiss biologist Dr Hans Hertel, together with another researcher, conducted a study on the effects of microwaved food which proved that food which had been cooked in a microwave oven caused significant changes in the blood. The authors noted that these changes indicated the beginning of a pathological process (e.g. the beginning of cancer). Afterwards the second researcher, who had worked with Dr Hertel, disassociated himself from the results and his earlier interpretation of the results. In a private letter to Dr Hertel the second researcher admitted that he feared ‘consequences’ and that the safety of his family was more important to him than anything else.

The October/November 1998 issue of Nexus magazine reported that a physicist had presented research showing that the human body generates and emits its own low intensity radiation.

The physicist claimed that the human body’s metabolism generates its own electromagnetic field. The weak emissions of light which are produced by the body are an outward sign of an orderly, functioning metabolism. This research opens up another series of questions about the effect external sources of microwave radiation may have on living tissues.

Back in the 1990s it seemed perfectly clear to me that microwave ovens should be banned. And any such ban should only be lifted if the manufacturers were prepared to do research which either showed that these original research findings were inaccurate or showed that there are ways to counteract the problems.

But even then the manufacture and sale of microwave ovens was big business and these convenient items have become fixtures in canteens, restaurants, hotels and homes all over the world.

In The Journal of Natural Science Dr Hertel points out that: ‘…research of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields on life, especially connected with technical microwaves, is successfully being suppressed. Such research projects are, therefore, only possible on a private basis while the relevant authorities do everything they can to keep the findings from the public, denying them, making them look ridiculous or dismissing them as non-scientific.’

I believe that Dr Hertel was absolutely right.

Mainstream newspapers, magazines, television and radio have consistently ignored or denied the threat posed by microwave ovens. Politicians have refused to ask for these devices to be properly tested. In my experience, attempts to publicise the possible hazards (and the fact that the industry making and selling microwave ovens has never done adequate testing on the effects on human health) seem to have been met with more concern for the health of the microwave industry than for the health and safety of consumers.

Back in January 1990 I warned, in a newspaper article, that thousands could die every year from the effect of food cooked in microwave ovens. I pointed out that it could be many years before the damage done by microwave ovens could be fully assessed and added that I was appalled that manufacturers had not fully tested microwave ovens.

In the UK the BBC broadcast a programme attacking me for this warning and blaming me as the source of a ‘scare’ about the heating of milk in microwave ovens. My offer to appear on the programme to discuss the issue and defend my point of view was rejected.

My complaint about the BBC’s Food and Drink programme was duly upheld by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission which described the BBC programme as unfair.

These days, the risks associated with microwave ovens appear to have been pretty well hushed up.

There is a good deal of reassurance available. But sadly not much in the way of research.

The only people who would pay for such research are the people making microwave ovens.

And why would they pay for research which might be an embarrassment, to say the least?

Dr Vernon Coleman’s books ‘Meat causes Cancer and more Food for Thought‘, Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History, and Medical Heretics are available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.

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A Robot
A Robot
26 days ago

Experts can’t be paid for anything because there are no experts in anything. If you think otherwise then name one and what they’re an expert in. Just because they know slightly more than you doesn’t make them experts. Being led around by anyone for any reason is foolish in the extreme. Look at this site and all the other ones that are just the same, endlessly telling you stuff that never comes to pass, all backed up by experts that supposedly know better than you do,

Reply to  A Robot
25 days ago

Let me know how you feel when you need a triple bypass. You’ll want an expert then…or an auto mechanic with slightly more medical knowledge than you have?

Macro Wave 5G
Macro Wave 5G
26 days ago

It’s funny how ‘dr’ vernon starts out by saying experts are bought and paid for and then ends by quoting a bunch of experts about microwaves. In between the two he bemoans the poverty of the victims of your ‘society’ from his million pound house on the hill. Is he the pope? That particular paid for expert on god also spouts out about the poor and how everyone should help them but himself.

Bob - Enough
Bob - Enough
Reply to  Macro Wave 5G
26 days ago

I have come to the conclusion; rightly or wrongly that anyone who has suddenly come to prominence over the last two years plus, whether in the MSM or alt-media; is either opposition or controlled opposition. I used to love watching Dr. Vernon Coleman; but then I started noticing that he would always push the Germ theory (I do not know if he still does, I stopped watching). Take the above … microwaves = cancer this, cancer that … and the biggest side effects of jabs (all jabs+) is ??. 2 min film, look it up if you want = “HOW ROCKEFELLER FOUNDED MODERN MEDICINE AND KILLED NATURAL CURES”

AI Like Anything
AI Like Anything
Reply to  Macro Wave 5G
26 days ago

Coleman is like the things on your TV screen. He, for whatever reason, became popular, and now everything he says is truth and anyone who criticises him is a fool. That bloated sociopath Icke is the same — legions of worshippers who suck up everything he says like it was nectar. You’d be much better off if your information came from a nameless faceless block of stone so that you aren’t swayed by the “kindly old man in the chair” syndrome.

Reply to  Macro Wave 5G
26 days ago

It’s unfair to criticise Dr Vernon Coleman. His numerous videos make him no money at all, since he refuses to permit ads on them, and the research and filming eat up time that might otherwise be used to earn money. He is supported by a pension and by whatever royalties he presumably gains from his books. So whatever people might think of his opinions, he’s certainly not in it for the money. So referring to a “million pound house on the hill” is a complete fantasy – and a rather nasty one at that.

Reply to  Mildred
25 days ago

Go read his site “mildred”. He tells you, a bit here and a bit there, all about where he lives and how he lives. He’s rich. Same as the bloke who runs the wsws site goes on about being everyone’s friend whilst running a factory replete with slaves. And you’re missing the point about dear old dr coleman — everything he puts out is designed to drive you to his site so that he can sell you books. But you’ll never see it whatever I say because he’s such a dear old chap. Look at it this way, just like that other book seller from a certain island, he could give you all this oh so valuable information for free instead of charging you for it couldn’t he? It’s essential for us if we are to survive right? But instead they both want money from you to save yourself. And you try to make it sound like he’s struggling by on universal income…

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
26 days ago

An expert is someone who obtained their knowledge from Google the night before, shows up on time, is free to call out any time, is clean and sober, has good teeth for the camera, can dialogue at the level of a journalist and of course, does not charge money

Dr Cernon Voleman
Dr Cernon Voleman
26 days ago

> When people get poorer, more of them die. Many just starve to death. Many more eat cheap, fatty, bad-for-you food – if they can afford food at all.
> They can’t afford to keep warm in cold weather.

I’m poor and haven’t had the heating on in seven years, but my food bill is cheaper than my sister’s (she ain’t poor). Poorer people buy fresh food and unbranded stuff. The fresh stuff is cheaper than the expensive stuff and ironically better for you because it’s fresh. The unbranded stuff is exactly the same as the branded stuff (look at the ingredients list). People who run out of food of course can’t afford anything, but the poorer people eat better than the rich. What do you think the movie stars have for breakfast? Your fat filled plate of slaughterhouse? Or your fat filled bowl of cereal? Of course not, they have a bowl of fruit.

> They are massively stressed.

I ain’t stressed by being poor. I’m stressed by the maggot estate agent and the maggot owner.

> Governments and central banks around the world know all this.
> The conspirators working towards the Great Reset know this.

The rich people that aren’t conspirators know all this.

> So, remember that the conspirators are planning to reduce the world’s population from 7.5 billion to 500 million.

Good. Then there’ll be more space and lots of places to live where the maggots don’t keep telling you to “pay your rent or else”.

> And then ask yourself this question: are all the people running central banks and governments around the world incredibly stupid and incompetent or are they deliberately making people poor so that more of them will die.

And then ask yourself this question: are all the rich people around the world incredibly stupid and incompetent or are they deliberately feeding off the poor so that they’ll have nothing when they get old.

> But you know the answer as well as I do.

Yeah, I sure do Mr Rich Man.

26 days ago

I don’t know why people are attacking Dr. Vernon Coleman. I have studied the history of vaccination and have read books by Eleanor McBean and others. Thanks to Trung Nyugen, books by doctors (authorities) who were critical of vaccination have been restored. For example, Dr. J.M. Peebles and Dr. Charles Creighton (think of the 8th edition of the Enyzclopedia Britannica).
Also Dr. Vernon Coleman belongs for me to it, although he had believed for years that vaccinations had eradicated the smallpox. Dr. Coleman corrected his mistake, which is human and we all make mistakes, and condemned all vaccinations because they are useless. I can’t find the quote in my files, but I know he said it.

Reply to  Kim
26 days ago

Censored — AGAIN.

Reply to  jack
26 days ago

To not get censored by r h o d a you need to avoid mentioning anything to do with her employers or their victims or her fellow employees, including:

1. The j e w s.
2. The p a l e s t i n i a n s.
3. D a v i d I c k e.
4. D r C o l e m a n.
5. D r F a u c i.
6. Various presidents and prime ministers.
7. Various companies.
8. Anyone that is known to criticise any of the above.

Reply to  SallyB
26 days ago

It’s always amazed me that this site has been going for however long the covid fraud has and it has never once mentioned the killers in old palestine. Or those people whose names sound like coughchild. You can’t have better proof than that whose behind it.

26 days ago

All the top people, authorities and elite, already sold their souls and have already been paid with wealth and power and social status, they even get free degrees and fake bios. Their souls have been paid for and they are all completely OWNED, by freemasonry. They do as they are told, or they lose it all and worse.

Ruth Rose
Ruth Rose
26 days ago

I looked after 2 young boys in 1986 as an emergency posting.
One was 4, one was 2…they were both the same size.
The elder one had stopped growing, traumatised, when their mother died, weeks after giving birth to the younger.
She had had a large early microwave which they were proud of.
It was at eye level, & didn’t close tightly.
She died of cancer of the blood.

Reply to  Ruth Rose
26 days ago

The thing is this: if you could climb into a gas oven when it was on you’d also die right? Microwave ovens are supposed to not allow microwaves out obviously, so one that did is as faulty as a boiler that leaks gas. So it really comes down to the number of people that have died from being microwaved. And how many is that exactly? How many microwave ovens are there in the world? And how many injuries? Next you’ll be saying cars are lethal because people die in car crashes. Even a paper cutter is lethal if you put it through your eye. This is just more of the same from the 5G brigade. Until there are bodies piling up it’s all just mumbo jumbo to drive google ad income.

25 days ago

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said anyone that willfully vilified and obstructed access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 is guilty of first degree capital murder, genocide, and crimes against humanity. They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. I believe in God & Jesus. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

the truth hurts
the truth hurts
Reply to  PureBlood1778
25 days ago

This is another source of income for dear old r h o d a. The thing above is an advert. You go there and buy and r h o d a gets a commission. You see how a group of sites generates income for each other? r h o d a writes an article telling you to take something an lo and behold here’s a link from a supposed visitor telling you where to buy it. It makes no difference if the stuff works or not — I’m merely pointing out to you what is going on here (as if you care).

Reply to  the truth hurts
25 days ago

Agreed. Remember all those ads claiming that they made ridiculous amounts of money per hour that were on here? R seems to have given up on them now, but it was obviously all posted by R as she claimed she couldn’t stop them but she had no trouble removing comments that she didn’t like. Even today there are at least 2 people saying she’s removed their comments.

25 days ago

Wtf are these comments? I thought people would just talk about health and microwaves.
Like, i remember reading about some kids doing a science fair experiment where they watered identical plants, boiling and cooling water to room temperature, some with stovetop heated and some with microwaved water, and all the plants watered with the microwaved water ended up dying.
Jist remembered that after reading about the wheat not germinating.

muhammed moses abraham noah christ allah
muhammed moses abraham noah christ allah
Reply to  X320
25 days ago

And? Why did they die? I don’t know any more than you appear to. My first reaction is that microwaving water kills the nutrients in it so you effectively planted the seeds in dead water. Water is full of all kinds of stuff that is necessary for life, just as soil is. If you plant seeds in dead soil they’ll also die (ask No Astronauts Should Apply). If you hadn’t read the ramblings of the old man in the chair you’d have never begun thinking that microwave ovens are your enemy.

25 days ago

[…] Read More: Dr Vernon Coleman: “Most ‘Experts’ are ‘Bought’ […]

25 days ago

Well…experts certainly aren’t going to come to court and testify for free, so yes, in a sense they are “bought.” Additionally, the attorney won’t hire an expert who would testify against his side, so, in a sense, the expert says what he is paid to. How is any of this corrupt?