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UK and Europe are Facing Soaring Energy Costs; 70,000 Czechs Take to The Streets in Protest

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Energy rationing has already been introduced in Germany and in the UK, amidst threats of a choice between “rationing or blackouts,” a tsunami of pubs and restaurants face closure due to soaring energy bills.

In Prague, on Friday, a large crowd gathered on the streets to protest primarily against soaring energy prices, but also against the European Union, NATO and EU climate change plans. Protesters also wanted the country to be neutral militarily.

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70 000 protesting against EU and energy prices in Czechia

By Peter Imanuelsen

Some of the groups at the Prague demonstration include the populist Freedom and Direct Democracy party and the Communist party.

”The aim of our demonstration is to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this autumn” said Jiri Havel, co-organizer of the event.

The police estimate that the number of protesters were around 70 000 and they say that the protest was peaceful.

The protesters also demanded the resignation of the current coalition government led by the conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

Not unsurprisingly, the government accused the protesters of being ”pro-Russian” and that they did not have the country’s best interests at heart, all though the group that organized the protests is called ”Czech Republic First”.

”The protests in Wenceslas Square was called by forces that are pro-Russian, are close to extreme positions and are against the interests of the Czech Republic” said Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

This protest has gotten some traction in the media, but just like with the massive protests against covid passports last year, it isn’t being covered very much.

Europe is facing a winter with soaring electricity costs. In Norway, we recently had a peak at almost $1 per kwh.

Things have gotten so bad that in Germany there is already energy rationing, with people getting their hot showers and indoor temperatures limited.

Further reading: Energy rationing has arrived in Germany, Peter Imanuelsen, 9 July 2022

With the way things are looking, many small businesses risk going out of business because of the insane electricity prices, and winter isn’t even here yet.

Of course, large corporations will be able to pay these prices, it will be the small businesses that will suffer because of this energy crisis.

And now people in the Czech Republic have taken to the streets to protest. It seems like we are seeing more and more protests in Europe lately, from the farmers protest in the Netherlands that spread to Germany and Belgium, and now these protests in Czechia.

The above is the article ‘70 000 protesting against EU and energy prices in Czechia’ republished from The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden.

Energy rationing ‘very possible’ for the UK this winter

On Friday Daily Mail reported that Britons could be asked to limit energy use this winter to head off blackouts by avoiding using gas and electricity at peak times in a move that will hit every part of life.

According to an energy consultant at Watt-Logic, Kathryn Porter, it’s ‘very possible’ the UK will see plans for energy rationing: “you either have rationing or you have blackouts.” Homes, hospitals, schools, businesses and councils will have to reduce gas and electricity use and millions could be asked to avoid cooking and using appliances in peak evening hours until after 8 pm.

And councils may choose to copy Germany where street lights are being dimmed, traffic lights at quieter junctions are turned off, hot water and central heating is off in public buildings and monuments will no longer be lit overnight.

Life in Blackout Britain: Experts warn energy rationing this winter could see people told not to cook until after 8pm, pubs close at 9pm, ‘three-day-a-week’ school, care homes cancel outings for residents and swimming pools left unheated, Daily Mail, 2 September 2022

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that about 24 million British households will be paying nearly three times the price for energy this winter than what they paid last year.

This comes a week after Bloomberg reported that according to James Cooper, a partner at Baringa Partners, the severity of the UK’s energy crisis in terms of its impact on households could be worse than the 2008 financial collapse.

Meanwhile, Britain’s pubs face a “tsunami of closures” over crippling energy bills.  ZeroHedge reported that a survey by trade publication the Morning Advisor found, “70% of respondents say if electricity prices continue to soar, they will be unable to operate and forced to close up shop.”

And it’s not only pubs that are facing closure.  Restaurants will also have to close due to extraordinarily high energy costs.

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Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson
1 year ago

Most of this inflation we’re currently suffering from has been caused by a combination of money printing and lockdowns, which permanently reduced the productive capacities of many countries. Many misunderstand what really causes inflation because they buy into left-wing, bogus, Keynesian, cost-push and demand-pull explanations. This is the Austrian School’s explanation of what causes inflation – done simply and quickly so anyone can understand.

Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson
1 year ago

Nobody else to blame but the state. The more they intervene, the worse if gets #energycrisis https://www.

Nigel Watson
Nigel Watson
1 year ago

Price caps set below the market equilibrium WILL create an excess demand. In the market for energy this excess demand will manifest itself in power-cuts, 100% guaranteed. Maybe the globalist scum want this because it will give them the excuse to introduce digital ID – needed for digital energy rationing??  https://www.

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

Just what the globalists want. People on the street protesting so that the Great Reset can take place.

1 year ago

[…] Dit protest heeft weinig tractie gekregen in de media, maar net als bij de massale protesten tegen covidpaspoorten vorig jaar, wordt er niet erg veel aandacht aan besteed, bericht […]

1 year ago

White House Statement – Press Secretary.

“When you are not with where the majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme.
That is an extreme way of thinking.” 

Adolf Hitler also was aware of this psychology.

He writes in his autobiography, Mein Kampf, that people are not united because of love, love has no power, all power comes through hatred.

Create hatred and they will become united.

He may have been a lunatic, but sometimes lunatics have great insights.

This is a great insight into mob psychology.

Behind all the quarrels and conflicts there are isms.

Whether those isms are religious or political, they create conflict, and conflict ultimately leads to violence and wars.

All political ideologies are based on hatred.

The religions all hate each other.

All nations are rooted in hatred, they all hate each other.

This world is full of hatred.

What is the greatest courage?

Non-acceptance of false knowledge is the greatest courage.

Even if sometimes you seem to be united you are always united against something, against the common enemy, never otherwise.

Are you not aware that people living in the darkness of belief slowly become incapable of coming into the light of intelligence?

Their eyes become incapable of seeing anything but darkness.

Whatsoever is residing within you has to be known, because knowing that becomes a fundamental revolution in life.

Knowing the truth becomes the transformation of life.

Don’t start with enmity, otherwise you will destroy life and your whole energy will be engaged in destruction, and existence is creative.

Existence is not there outside you.

It is inside you, it is your very inside.

And existence is not apart; you are part of it, organically one with it.

You are existence, existence is you.

Who is going to solve it and how?

Existence is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived.

And you should be perfectly aware what the difference is between a mystery and a problem.

A problem is something created by the mind; a mystery is something which is there, not created by the mind.

You can enjoy it, you can become one with it, only when you are creative.

Life itself is interdependence.

Everything is related, interrelated, connected.

Nobody is independent and nobody is dependent, everybody is interdependent.

It is a cooperation.

It is a deep cooperation.

Life is not separate from you, to be tackled as a problem, it is you.

Who is going to solve whom?

Humanity, freedom, intelligence, love has to happen, it has not happened yet, it is something yet in the future.

It is only a potential, it has not become an actuality.

And what more joy can there be than making this potential actual?

What more adventure you can hope in life?

What can be more ecstatic than making a tremendous effort to introduce humanity on this condemned earth?

Up till now unions formed in the names of nations and religions have not been unions of our love, but unions of our hatred.

All politician’s making this earth poisonous have found this method effective.

So you know that if the poison of hatred is spread forcefully, anyone can be made to unite.

Our whole conditioning is against love, but the strategy is very subtle and very few people become aware of the phenomenon that we are brought up to hate.

Is it not possible to stop the division of humanity which is done on the basis of thoughts.

Marxism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism.

Is it right that for an insubstantial thing like thought, we should kill human beings?

Russian, Chinese, American, African, European, Asian.

Is it right that your thought and my thought should make our hearts enemies of one another?

Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jewish, Atheist.

This is how the whole world is divided by thoughts.

All ideologies are basically mobocracy.

It cannot be otherwise.

The mob always believes in lies, because the majority consists of fools.

You have to ask the fools who is right? what is right?

Always the mob follows.

The mob has no standpoint of its own.

It is a chaos.

Somebody raises his hand, the others follow.

The mob are like sheep. 

If you live with fools, do you have to accept their foolishness?

The politicians become afraid only when something really significant is happening, and now they are becoming afraid all around the world.

It is happening!

David A
David A
Reply to  @lienChrist
1 year ago

A bit long winded…
And much is incorrect…

Geo Pars
Geo Pars
Reply to  @lienChrist
1 year ago

Very profound – almost Biblical!
my information is not much appreciated by most people unless they’ve followed the ‘anti- narrative’.
I can’t expect to re-educate any reader in an epiphany of revelation but my first advice is that this entire attack is cunningly layered. The Plandemic is a false target to epwaste the majority energies. It also contributes to the ultimate objective of destroying small and medium business and emptying out most people’s bank accounts. This is further finessed by the current manufactured ‘inflation’ and burgeoning interest rates which should destroy many mortgages and more small businesses.
concerned persons who find these observations difficult to believe should look UNIDROIT for a quick short cut.
Finally Geogh Whitlam signed up for this, I think it was 1973 and at that time Australia ceased to be a Commonwealth and became a corporation. Recall our old banknotes? Recall Geoff was seriously anti-Royal?

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
1 year ago

One manufactured crisis after another and yet the goyim take it.

You have to laugh at British people complaining about inflation costs. Every day their media celebrates their world war against the only solution of last century.

You made war on Germany after they threw out your central bankers. That ensured you are slaves today.

Well done!

1 year ago

[…] UK and Europe Facing Soaring Energy Costs: 70,000 Czechs Take to Streets in Protest: […]

1 year ago

[…] UK and Europe Facing Soaring Energy Costs: 70,000 Czechs Take to Streets in Protest: […]

1 year ago


1 year ago

In completely unrelated news, profits of energy companies are higher than ever…

1 year ago

[…] UK and Europe are Facing Soaring Energy Costs; 70,000 Czechs Take to The Streets in Protest […]

1 year ago

[…] UK and Europe are Facing Soaring Energy Costs; 70,000 Czechs Take to The Streets in Protest […]