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Open letter to the British Heart Foundation – Let’s have a public debate about heart damage post-Covid vaccination

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How can you possibly have overlooked the covid vaccine as a possible cause of the huge rise in excess deaths? Steve Kirsch asked.  The evidence is in plain sight. Why is the British Heart Foundation ignoring it?

Of all the organisations expected to speak out against heart attack-inducing mRNA injections, it ought to have been the British Heart Foundation (“BHF”). Given its mission, “Our vision is a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. A world without heartbreak,” its position is closer to that of a fireman who starts fires so that he will get paid to put them out. This is because the BHF advocates the injections that produce the very conditions they are working to prevent.

Dr. Caroline Kaye, PhD, has written an article demonstrating the hypocrisy of BHF by comparing an article it published – claiming reports of myocarditis post-covid injection are rare and mild – to reality. Read more: The British Heartless Foundation.

The sentiment of BHF’s article was then published by The Telegraph which stated “the benefits of Covid vaccination … far outweigh the very small risk of rare side effects like myocarditis or pericarditis.”  Steve Kirsch has challenged BHF to a public debate in an open letter.

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An open letter to the British Heart Foundation from Steve Kirsch

Dear British Heart Foundation,

I just finished reading an article in The Telegraph entitled ‘Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems – do they have any proof?’ where you were quoted as saying:

The British Heart Foundation toldThe Telegraph: “The scientific consensus is that the benefits of Covid vaccination, including a reduced risk of severe illness or death, far outweigh the very small risk of rare side effects like myocarditis or pericarditis for the vast majority of people, especially as people get older. 

I was wondering if your staff would be open to publicly discussing this statement with me and a team of expert cardiologists including Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra as well as MIT Professor Retsef Levi (the senior author of ‘Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third covid-19 wave’ and Dr. Ryan Cole, one of the few pathologists in the US who specialises in covid vaccine pathology?

The evidence is in plain sight; why are you ignoring it?

There is a large amount of evidence in plain sight that your recent comprehensive report on this subject has completely missed. The evidence shows that the covid vaccine is, in fact, the most likely cause of all the cardiac issues experienced throughout the world. It is the elephant in the room.

To our utter astonishment, the covid vaccine wasn’t even listed as a possible cause of cardiac death in the report, even though we can clearly show it is the major driver of the increased number of events.

For example, this analysis by the brilliant UK Professor Norman Fenton shows that the only thing that correlates with the excess deaths is the covid vaccine. Did he get it wrong? Your comprehensive document never refutes his analysis. In fact, I haven’t seen anyone anywhere in the world show that he got it wrong and provide the correct analysis. Why do you think that is?

After the Schwab paper proved the covid vaccines can kill people by damaging their hearts, where was the outcry from the British Heart Foundation? Did I miss this?

Where is the call to halt the covid vaccine program in your report? It appears it was overlooked.

I have more data. Lots more data.

There was a study done on 175 people who got vaccinated in Puerto Rico. Do you know how many were diagnosed with myocarditis after the shot? The number will knock your socks off. I guarantee it. It makes the 29% rate of heart injury post-vaccine in the Thailand study look like rounding error. I’ll share the data with you when we meet.

I think it is telling that nobody in the world accepted my offer to bet $1M that the vaccines killed more people than they saved. Not even the drug companies were willing to risk money on this.

In short, nobody in the entire world is willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their statements on vaccine safety and efficacy.

That should give you pause… if the vaccine is so safe, why isn’t anyone willing to bet on a “sure thing” bet to get $1M?

Have you talked to any geriatric medical practices?

I am curious… have you ever picked up the phone and called a few large geriatric practices to see what is really going on?

It’s always good to do a “reality check” just to make sure that what you are being told in the medical literature is actually consistent with what is happening on the ground. Trust, but verify is important nowadays if you want to know the truth.

It’s not hard to do. The first large geriatric practice I spoke with has nearly 1,000 patients over 65 and they see around 11 deaths each year. It fluctuates every year with sigma= 3.3, exactly as predicted from Poisson distribution statistics. But in 2022, they had 36 deaths which is a 7.5 sigma event. So that couldn’t have happened by chance. The excess deaths were all attributed to the covid vaccine by the doctor and nurse in that clinic. They can’t go public for fear of having their medical licenses revoked, but I can supply you with the de-identified patient records and case histories for all the deceased so you can verify this yourself. The 25 excess deaths in 2022 cannot be explained any other way as far as we know. This is highly statistically significant.

How can you ignore evidence like this?

Can you find any geriatric practices anywhere in the world where all-cause mortality dropped after the covid vaccines rolled out?

I look forward to a public discussion.

It’s important that we get to the truth, isn’t it?

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8 months ago

I read that article; IMHO the most important part of the whole thing, ignoring some of the highly contentious “facts” written, was these words, in italics at the foot of said article:

“With thanks to BFL”


8 months ago

Check out who funds the BHF. Like most the big charities – you’ll find they get a lot of money from the BigPharma, directly or indirectly. They are bought. They don’t want to find cures – the profits of BigPharma must be allowed to continue. Healthy people aren’t good for business.

Reply to  Amazon
8 months ago

Yes, I believe you are (sadly) right. These “big charities” have totally lost sight of what they were originally set up to do, and have become hell bent on raising money just to keep those running the show in their fancy houses, cars and whatever. Utter corruption.
The whole thing is so criminal, the Covid fraud has blinded so many-“don’t bore me with the facts!”.

John Steeples
John Steeples
8 months ago

People keep telling me that it is the previous disease is caused the death. They are so wrong, these injections from covid 19 that is the cause

As the reason it is the cause could one injection damages the immune system. If you have three injections. The immune system will not work very well and that’s why any disease. It gets into the body and can do some damage

So these injections damage the immune system. That’s the real problem and people do not want to add met this in they got to stop admitting it. It is the problem immune system is terrible when you had a bad diet or add these injections and they don’t realize they’re going to be major deaths all over the world, which the as been already.

8 months ago

I’m really impressed by this letter and have an enormous amount of respect to its author.

I have been seething about what I saw on the BHF website weeks and weeks ago, under Q&A about the vaccines; essentially they condemn the very people they are supposed to help to death by extolling the “benefits” of these jabs and massively downplaying the risks.
It is absolutely sickening.

A classic case, if ever there was one, of the love of money being the root of all evil.

8 months ago

Thank you Expose, Steve Kirsch and Dr. Caroline Kaye for shining a light on how a UK charity had become another captive echo chamber for the toxic mRNA vaccine rollout.

BHF, NHS, MHRA and esteemed Members of Parliament, are you getting that you no longer have ‘public health’ interests as your priority but are being dictated instead by powerful WHO, WEF, the ‘Good Club’ billionaires club and the DOD all using the pharmaceutical bad boys Pfizer etc as the smokeshield?

8 months ago

Our healthcare system is about to experience a tsunami! Potential side effects of jabs include chronic inflammation, because the vaccine continuously stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. Other concerns include the possible integration of plasmid DNA into the body’s host genome, resulting in mutations, problems with DNA replication, triggering of autoimmune responses, and activation of cancer-causing genes. Alternative COVID cures EXIST. Ivermectin is one of them. While Ivermectin is very effective curing COVID symptoms, it has also been shown to eliminate certain cancers. Do not get the poison jab. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

8 months ago

[…] Od svih organizacija za koje se očekuje da će govoriti protiv injekcija mRNA koje izazivaju srčani udar, najglasnija je trebala biti Britanska zaklada za srce (“BHF”), s obzirom na njihovu misiju, “Naša vizija je svijet bez straha od srčanih i krvožilnih bolesti. Svijet bez slomljenog srca”, bliži je stav vatrogasca koji pali vatre kako bi bio plaćen da ih ugasi. To je zato što BHF zagovara injekcije koje proizvode upravo one uvjete gdje oni sve rade kako bi ih spriječili. Dr. Caroline Kaye, dr. Sc., napisala je članak u kojem pokazuje licemjerje BHF-a uspoređujući članak koji je objavio – tvrdeći da su izvješća o miokarditisu nakon injekcije covida rijetka i blaga. Pročitajte više na Britanska zaklada bez srca. Mišljenje BHF-ovog članka tada je objavio The Telegraph u kojem je navedeno da “prednosti cijepljenja protiv Covida … daleko nadmašuje vrlo mali rizik od rijetkih nuspojava poput miokarditisa ili perikarditisa.” Steve Kirsch je u otvorenom pismu izazvao BHF na javnu raspravu. Link ovdje. […]

Celie Montgomery
Celie Montgomery
8 months ago

Brilliant letter. Keep doing the good work guys.