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UKHSA wanted a Vaccine Supply Manager to deliver UK’s largest Vaccination Programme “delivered at pace”…. Then didn’t?

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The UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”) was advertising to recruit for the position of “Vaccine Supply Operation Lead.”  The advert appeared on the ‘Civil Service Jobs’ website. And then the advert was removed.

In a Substack article posted on 3 February 2023 at 10:10 am, Naked Emperor highlighted a job advert placed by UKHSA.   The job description read:

The role of Vaccine Supply Operations Lead is a new post to support the operations, providing accurate and timely reports for a range of stakeholders during what is expected to be the UK’s largest vaccination programme which will be delivered at pace and will be a key Ministerial priority. The role will be directly responsible for the daily operational management of all covid related products, ensuring their timely distribution across the UK, Crown Dependencies, and Overseas Territories. [emphasis our own]

Is the UK Health Security Agency Careless, Trolling or Knows Something We Don’t? Naked Emperor, 3 February 2023

We guess that means a vaccination programme larger than the covid injection programme – unless it is simply sloppy writing by a low-grade employee who copy and pasted from an older job advert.

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The advert stated it was open to applications until 11:55 pm on 14th February 2023. Usually, job adverts are open for at least a month. So this advert would have been first published in the middle of January.  The salary on offer was up to £62,286

We wanted to look at the job application for ourselves and take screenshots of it as a record.  But when we followed the link, less than an hour after Naked Emperor published his article, this is what we found:

Civil Service Jobs, Job Code 183666, retrieved 3 February 2023 11:05 am

It has also been closed on the NHS Jobs website.  LinkedIn implies someone has been hired for UKHSA’s job but it could simply be a standard message shown by LinkedIn when a job advert is removed to keep up appearances:

Which is a shame because as The Conservative Womans Kathy Gyngell tweeted: “Will someone perform a public service and apply?””

Bernie Spofforth has fortunately captured some screenshots and shared them on Twitter, see below.

Its possible UKHSA has filled the role but it would be unusual and bad practise to close the application early. So perhaps the role has not been filled and the reason this job has been removed from the site is that it had been highlighted to the public, and/or within the civil service, during a time when civil service job cuts are being considered.

At the end of January, the Chancellor of the Dutchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, had said that the UK government was going ahead with plans for job cuts in the civil service due to “budget pressures.”

Dowden told MPs that there will be reduction in central government headcount planned in the year ahead, but did not endorse former prime minister Boris Johnson’s target to cut 91,000 jobs – around a fifth of the total civil service.

That plan aimed to bring the civil service headcount back to 2016 levels before numbers swelled due to the recruitment of policy specialists in preparation for Brexit and to deliver the government’s response to the covid pandemic. Before those two events, there were around 384,000 civil servants in the UK. The number had risen to 479,000 as of last summer. 

It would be interesting to know how much the civil service headcount swelled directly in response to the false covid pandemic and how much it swelled in response to implementing The Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution, the true reason the “pandemic” occured.

Civil service staff numbers, Institute for Government

Meanwhile, civil servants have been striking for more pay.

The hypocrisy and irony of these events taken together are not lost on us.

Featured image: ‘We need money now’: UK teachers, civil servants join biggest strike in decade, Yahoo, 12 February 2023

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