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WARNING: The designer war in Ukraine is rapidly escalating

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The plot to start the Russia/Ukraine war began in 2014 when America and the European Union helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Ukraine. The US wanted a puppet regime on Russia’s doorstep as a launch pad for a planned NATO war with Russia.

Now we are heading rapidly towards a Nuclear War. Everyone who has supported the war in Ukraine – with money, flags, badges and so on – has been helping lead us into a nuclear war.

Source: Urgent Warning to Everyone, Dr. Vernon Coleman, 9 February 2023

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It is the 9th of February 2023 and this is my 321st video since the fake pandemic, the covid fraud and the designer war started and began us on our long journey into the new abnormal and the Great Reset.

This is, I believe, the most important video you will ever watch because it shows, without any reasonable doubt, that Joe Biden, the American President, accelerated the designer war between Russia and Ukraine which has now become world war III – with America, the EU and the UK supplying tanks to attack Russians and a German minister admitting that we are at war with Russia. Moreover, America, the EU and the UK are deliberately pushing us remorselessly towards the world’s first and probably last nuclear war. Your life depends on knowing what I’m going to tell you – and on doing something about it: sharing the video with everyone you know and demanding that your Government resign. Everyone who has supported the war in Ukraine – with money, flags, badges and so on – has been helping lead us into a nuclear war.

Everything they’ve told you about Ukraine is a lie.

The plot to start this war began in 2014 when America and the European Union (of which the UK was then a fully paid up member, of course) helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Ukraine. Former president Obama admitted in 2015 that the US had been involved in replacing the democratically elected government and offering the incoming government – now headed by Zelensky – billions of dollars in aid. There are plenty of statues to, and much support for Nazi collaborator Bander. Look him up. The US wanted a puppet regime on Russia’s doorstep as a launch pad for a planned NATO war with Russia. That was 2014. Obama, who was, unbelievably, awarded the Nobel peace prize, was of course responsible for much of the killing and destruction in Afghanistan.

The current war in Ukraine started in 2014 but escalated in February 2022 and by then the Americans, under Biden, had already begun to get involved. In January 2021 – a year before Russia was reported to have invaded Ukraine – the Americans had their eyes on the conflict and there was open talk of halting the Nord Stream pipelines. Biden, you will remember, became the 46th US President in January 2021.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine Biden warned: `If Russia invades…then there will be no Nord Stream 2 – we will bring an end to it.’ That’s on record.

The Nord Stream pipelines were set up by Russia to transport cheap Russian gas to Germany and the rest of Europe and the Biden administration wasn’t happy about this. Biden and his advisors had several objections.

First, they didn’t want the Russians being able to sell their own gas too readily to Europe. Putin had never been part of the globalists’ conspiracy and was a very large problem.

Second, America wanted to sell American gas to Europe – by transporting LNG across the Atlantic. This would enable them to make as much money as they could before billions die.

Third, Biden and company knew that if they could pretend that the Russians had blown up their own pipeline out of spite – and in response to the sanctions brought against Russia – the Europeans in particular would blame their high fuel prices on Russia and support intervention in the war in Ukraine.

Fourth, the designer war against Russia would lead to the destruction of Europe – which is after all much closer to Russia than America. London, Paris and Berlin are all easy reachable targets.

This was all part of the plan to reduce the global population.

And so, according to a report by renowned, Pulitzer Prize-winning 85-year-old Seymour Hersh – the greatest ever American investigative journalist and the man who broke the stories of the Mail Lai massacre in Vietnam and the events in Abu Ghraib in Iraq – Biden decided that he would blow up the pipeline and set up a Task Force with the CIA in early 2020 to plan this.

Hersh reports that in June 2022, on Biden’s orders, divers placed C4 explosive charges on the pipelines. This was done under great secrecy and everything possible was done to keep it all very secret. The bombs were planted under cover of a military exercise in that month. The Norwegians, who helped with the mission, knew that they’d be able to sell their gas to Europe too.

Then in September 2022 a boy – or buoy as the Americans call them – was dropped by plane and the charges were set off. The US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Huland, hailed the destruction of the pipeline at a Senate hearing.

Inevitably, the US blamed Russia – claiming that they had blown up a pipeline which had taken Russia 15 years to build and had cost $20 billion.

The result of all this is that prices for fuel in Europe – and the rest of the world have skyrocketed. The price of food has inevitably soared too. There will be hundreds of millions of deaths in Asia and Africa where people can no longer afford fertilisers, food or fuel.

Biden must go into the history books as one of the most evil men in history.

And now we are heading rapidly towards a Nuclear War.

Under Sunak’s alleged leadership, Britain – pretty well bankrupt and at the start of a major recession – is talking about supplying jet fighters to Ukraine on top of the billions of pounds worth of bombs and bullets already sent and it seems certain that it will. America and Germany and the UK all denied they’d send tanks but they are. And the UK is already training Ukraine pilots to fly British jets.

The future is now bleak indeed. We have been betrayed by everyone. In the UK, Charles the Hypocrite and a staunch supporter of a smaller global population, has always been a vocal supporter of Ukraine.

The globalist conspirators know that the covid jab has destroyed the immune systems of billions and will make those individuals who have been jabbed far more vulnerable to the radiation effects if nuclear bombs are dropped. As I warned in a video in May 2022, they WANT a nuclear war. The fake pandemic was always a distraction, a compliance programme and a way to weaken immune systems through the fake vaccine.

The CIA and the White House have denied Seymour Hersh’s story but you know that what he is saying is true because the main stream media, led no doubt by the CIA, is now describing him as a discredited journalist and self publisher – the very same words they used to try and discredit me early in 2020.

You’ll know, by the way, that the beginning of nuclear war is very close when Charles leaves Buckingham Palace and suddenly decides to go up to one of his country palaces – in Scotland perhaps – and when Sunak goes to Cornwall on holiday, when Macron disappears into the country and so on. Anyone in or within 30 miles of a decision making major city such as London, Paris or Berlin would be well advised to leave when that happens.

It’s time for us all to prepare. You’ll need food, medicines and cash.

Our comfort is that we have God on our side.

Share this video. Our only chance of stopping what they have planned is for the world to know.

Featured image: New promise: Sunak says ‘nothing is off the table’ as Zelensky asks Britain for fighter jets, Save Britain, 9 February 2023

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7 months ago

Which medicines shall we buy?

7 months ago

When someone, very far removed from the place where decisions are made, states categorically that certain events are finite in terms of why who when etc., I become a tad sceptical.

TGD has a long history of stating he is “right” and when he first told everyone that; I don’t doubt he has been “right” on many issues – that does not mean he is “right” on them all.

“The Nord Stream pipelines were set up by Russia to transport cheap Russian gas to Germany and the rest of Europe and the Biden administration wasn’t happy about this. Biden and his advisors had several objections.”

I firmly believe sections of the US “state” are dangerous – especially their Intelligence community whose fingerprints are all over SARS/SARS COV2 and have been for at least 2 decades. I also believe that the USSR/post Berlin Wall Russia are just as dangerous and in some ways even more so; but it is not a race to the tape that says “most dangerous”. I have no idea of the intentions of Putin or Biden nor the FSB/CIA/NSA – and neither does TGD for all his adamant statements – I can guess, as TGD has done, but I might be wrong.

It might just be that Russia wants to dominate Europe for “its own ends”; that is hardly a stretch of the imagination just as the US wants to “sell” LNG – what TGD makes of Biden’s scuppering parts of the US FF economy is difficult to detect but Biden’s “green” measures are indicative of a non sequitur; might be something Trump would have contemplated….?

Putin’s actions in Ukraine are not an isolated case imho; he, being KGB, will know of the USSR/Russian attempts to destabilise what they refer to as “the West” – espionage, economical, supporting Socialist western entities such as TUs, assassination of people “they” do not wish to see assert a different pov; they have been provably doing that since the early 1900’s. ( and of course western governments have done some of that too ). It might be called a “war” and it has been going on for over 100 years and counting.

NORD 1&2 seem to me to be Trojan horses or the Russian equivalent of Chinese belt and road ( another wonderful benevolent gesture form a despotic regime); ally them to possible funding of Western Europe “green” movements to demonise nuclear power in favour of unreliables, and it aint too difficult to see why the US blew up NORD 2 – Putin is still selling his gas and oil and still being paid by India and other “useful idiot” countries buying the stuff to destroy Ukraine ( please remember Chechnya – anyone remember how sections of the Chechnyan population were described – Russia obliterated parts of Chechnya, installed a puppet government and now apparently employs Chechyan “forces” in Ukraine and not as medics…sound familiar?). Putin creates a scenario where the west become energy dependent, and encourages the same; he destroys Ukraine as a deliverer of FF to the west, partly funded by sanction busting backdoor deals as – allegedly – with India. Is Putin complicit in cementing anti fracking/FF/nuclear that means the lack of alternative power such as nuclear in the west – don’t know, but will not be surprised if that is so. Putin has one – or two – less options to create the foreign exchange he needs to buy weapons – be he still has other options.

Angela Merkel fell hook line and sinker for the Putin/FSB “honey trap'” fuel deal – NORD 2 as a means of “guaranteeing” supply – a bit like a fly asking a spider for food. Don’t forget she shafted the rest of the EU when it was revealed that, by a buried EU report that was leaked, that Germany paid a substantially lower price for Russian gas than the rest of the EU.

Nuclear war? No idea – but as for NATO being lead by the US for an all out nuclear war – might be true as I don’t know – and neither does TGD; but I DO know he is doing exactly what he criticised TPTB all throughout 2019/20/21/22 – invoking fear for which has no visibly “sound” – bases. May I suggest he thinks a lot harder before he writes again – and sticks to what he DOES know? Perhaps he might like to consider how a “restricted nuclear war” is feasible Just a thought ?

Reply to  186no
7 months ago

“It might just be that Russia wants to dominate Europe for “its own ends”; that is hardly a stretch of the imagination just as the US wants to “sell” LNG – what TGD makes of Biden’s scuppering parts of the US FF economy is difficult to detect but Biden’s “green” measures are indicative of a non sequitur; might be something Trump would have contemplated….?”

This obsession with money is your downfall. “It” won’t end until every other person you see speaks another language, has another religion, and, yes, another skin colour. If it’s all about big bad putin trying to kill the poor little ukranians, why is you country being flooded with immigrants? Why the jabbing? Why the perversion? Why the gagging of anyone who speaks out? Why send people to jail for putting videos on the internet or saying there are only two sexes? Why the “cost of living crisis”? Why the lockstep government actions all over the western world? Why the forced destruction of every culture, every creed, every race, every place? For the fun of it?

7 months ago


7 months ago

The question is: why are we so keen to support a Nazi regime? Is it because they want a world governed by fascism; capitalisms final goal.

Reply to  uftonwood
7 months ago

Want a world? Look’s fascist to me already, unless you’ve got some weird new woke definition of fascism.

Dan Gilfry
Dan Gilfry
7 months ago

It’s good to know that the Tribulation ends in April next year and all this
SH-T will be over once and for all!
I hope for an upgrade to Dinosaurs after “Humans” depart Earth in shame!

Brian Richards
Brian Richards
7 months ago

“We have god on our side”. You can believe whatever you want, but for claiming to be one who values science, having faith in a supernatural being who looks out for us, for which there is zero evidence, is disturbing. Did god look out for the 6 million Jews who were tortured to death between 1933 and 1945? Does god provide food for the millions starving right now in Syria and Sudan? Did god help any of the millions who died from Pol Pot? And I could go on and on. As I said, you can believe whatever you want, but don’t let that bias affect your quest for scientific validity, or appropriate science based treatment. And your god is not likely to step in and help us in WW3 either.

Mary Longworth
Mary Longworth
Reply to  Brian Richards
7 months ago

The bible gives a reason for God’s perceived delay into the affairs of men. ‘The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’ II Peter 3:9. Our ways are not God’s ways. I want to personally invite you to repent, get to know God, and to invite you to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Reply to  Mary Longworth
7 months ago

Only the “marriage” will be two men or two women or two who knows whats.

Reply to  Brian Richards
7 months ago

There is NO scientific evidence for the magic 6 million … “tortured to death.” Good grief!

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
7 months ago

Zelensky’s role (he is a jewish actor) is to start WW3.

The pandemic hoax killed off a few and left the infrastructure intact.

War destroys everything and is the usual method. It leave a huge tax burden fir the survivors.

Reply to  Rabbi Seamus
7 months ago

“War destroys everything and is the usual method. It leave a huge tax burden fir the survivors.”

LOL. You’ve got your priorities straight there haven’t you Rabbi Seamus…

three sixes
three sixes
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
7 months ago

Eh? Russian? He’s a joo. He was put in place by the joos who own britain and america in 2014 and given the task of genociding the russians to make way for more joos. What did the jookraine use to be? Look it up. It’s the jooish homeland. I’m amazed that someone who claims to write factual articles doesn’t know this. Are you, perhaps, controlled opposition?

7 months ago

“And now we are heading rapidly towards a Nuclear War.”

No, “we” aren’t. They may want you dead, but they don’t want to inherit a nuclear fallout zone.

“You’ll know, by the way, that the beginning of nuclear war is very close when Charles leaves Buckingham Palace and suddenly decides to go up to one of his country palaces – in Scotland perhaps – and when Sunak goes to…”

Considering the fact that at least three top russian generals have stated that the first place they’ll nuke is london, immediately followed by all the other major cities in the uk, I hardly think “charles” will be hiding in scotland. You’ll know when he gets on a plane to the carribean.

“It’s time for us all to prepare. You’ll need food, medicines and cash.”

Why? When the SHTF none of that will matter. All that will matter will be how big your fists are. Do you intend to “buy” things from people who only want you dead?

“Our comfort is that we have God on our side.”

Tell that to all your victims in the slaughterhouses.

Vic Anderson
Vic Anderson
7 months ago

The plot to start the Russia/Ukraine war began in 2014 when America and the European Union helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Ukraine” ‘Lebensraum’ NULAND FUCK EU PNAC Attack !

7 months ago

I think russia will keep doing what they do best, stacking up ukranian casualties and turning western wartoyz into expensive scrap metal. Zelenksypuppet has been a miserable failure a a leader, his corrupt administration a pack of thieves and incompetents and their military recruiters are reduced to strong-arm tactics to force minors and unfit persons into service in the ukraine army, if you can even still call it an army. Meanwhile, russia is fielding new equipment and strike teams more than equal to the task of rolling up the opposition with efficiency and authority. The war is basically lost, over, but too many egos are on the line for the NATO types to admit failure.

7 months ago

the plan is to impoverish and remove all weapons from the usa and EU. easier to take over.

Dan Gilfry
Dan Gilfry
7 months ago

The Bible told us this would happen 2000 years ago!
Satan’s Children said they would do this back in 1897!
How many warnings do you morons need!?

7 months ago

The Declaration of Human Rights basically means that humanity still lives in many kinds of slavery.

Otherwise, there would be no need for the Declaration.

The very need indicates that people have been deceived for thousands of years.

We has been deceived in such a cunning way that unless we rise above ourselves, we cannot see in what invisible chains we are living, in what bondage, in what invisible prisons we are confined!

The whole history of politics consists only of two things: war and preparation for war.

Politics, for centuries, has been just killing, destroying people.

It seems that inside the politician, a psychopath instinct is very powerful.

Its only joy is to destroy, to dominate.

It is out of fear that a politician wants power.

It is to hide their fear that they become interested in power trips.

They want great power so that they can feel that there is no fear, “at least not for me.”

All fear is basically death-oriented.

Whatsoever its form, mode, whatsoever its shape, name, all fear is death-oriented.

Recognize that all politicians are deep down unconsciously terrified of their own deaths, paranoid.

They constantly live in fear, fear is their problem.

And because all the politicians live in fear, they are creating a world of paranoia, a fear-oriented world.

All the Americans politicians are so afraid of the Russians rising in power that seventy, eighty percent of their energy is going into creating, planning and fighting the illegal NATO/US/UK war of aggression against Russia.

Their demented president and his terrorist government have now broken international law by destroying the NORD Stream pipeline!

Is China next?

This is so foolish, who is going to stop all this?

This same energy can make the earth a paradise.

There is no need for anybody to be poor in the world anymore.

And if people remain poor, it is only because of these foolish politicians, these fear-oriented politicians.

Is nobody interested in finding out what our priority should be?

Is nobody interested in human life?

When continuously around the world people are dying of hunger, lack of clean drinking water, from poverty from created mRNA vaccination sickness.

Politicians certainly need exposure because as far as I can see, if politicians are exposed completely, humanity, for the first time, will be able to be free from politics.

Going around the world from one nation to another,

I have seen that every nation has been turned into a digital concentration camp by these globalist politicians.

Real political freedom can exist only when there is economic freedom.

Economic freedom has to be the fundamental freedom.

Once you destroy economic freedom, political freedom disappears; and when political freedom disappears, religious freedom disappears.

They are all connected together.

If freedom is to exist in the world, it has to exist in its multi-dimensions – religious, political, economic.

It cannot exist only as political; it cannot exist only as economic.

Freedom is one phenomenon.

It has multi-dimensions to it, but they are all interlinked.

Just think of a country which allows no economic freedom.

How can it be politically free?

That’s why communism cannot create freedom.

It creates “equality”.

Equality means people’s freedom to be unequal has been taken away.

Equality means people who can earn more, who have the talents to earn more, will not be allowed to earn more.

And there are people who have the talents.

Capitalism is the natural evolution of human society.

The most fundamental error that Karl Marx committed was that he was not at all aware of the psychological inequality of human beings.

Communism lacks something very fundamental, the perspective that people are unequal psychologically.

A fair and free world has to give people full freedom to be unequal, to move into their own unique talents, to be themselves

But politicians are not concerned at all what happens to humanity.

Their concern is whether power remains in their hands or not.

Yet everything has deteriorated in their hands, truth, freedom, integrity, honesty, everything of value has just become a commodity to be corrupted by them.

They will sacrifice their whole country, condemn the whole world to death, just to have more power, more nuclear weapons!

It is a very insane kind of society that we have created.

Its insanity has come now to a high peak, there is no going back.

It seems we are all sitting on a nuclear volcano which can explode any moment.

I want to see humanity without being governed by anybody, because each government basically means slavery.

Power should be distributed to everybody.

It should be decentralized, there is no need for power to be centralized.

Centralized, power is bound to corrupt.

With power decentralized, everybody is powerful in their own way.

So what is the need of having politicians or political parties?

Their lust for power has come to the climax.

They are absolutely prepared to destroy each other, to destroy the whole world, life itself, everything.

They are the real criminals.

Before they succeed in committing a global suicide, at least you should have known the intelligence that exists within you.

The time is very short and the work is tremendous, but if you have courage, the challenge can be accepted.

Don’t depend on politicians, they cannot do anything, they are not even aware of where they have been leading humanity, into what darkness.

Before the outside world is destroyed by your politicians, enter your inner world.

Know yourself.

Be yourself.

Use your intelligence.

Share your joy, your silence and your laughter to anybody and everybody you come in contact with.

You cannot give a better gift to your friends, to your acquaintances, to your lovers, to your children.

Spirituality is your hidden treasure.

You have not yet recognized it, but it is here-now already in you.

You are the treasure. 

The ultimate is here-now, it is already the case.

Only a certain awakening is needed.

If you can put aside your mind.

You are already the truth.

The moment you have no mind, the past has disappeared.

You have transcended history, now there is no society, no narrative, no religion, no scripture, no tradition, because they all have their abode in the mind.

Now there is no past, no future, because past and future are part of the mind, the memory and the imagination.

Then you are here and now in the present.

There will be now and now and now – the eternal now.

Then you are freed completely, you transcend all tradition, all divisions, all history, body, mind, everything.

Here-now, this very moment, you are that which is known as divine.

You have not to go anywhere else.

You are already that which you want to be.

It is not an attainment, but a discovery.

Nothing that is to be achieved somewhere in the future.

You have only to go into yourself, and that going in, is possible this very moment.