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Climate Related News: Bad things happen when the climate change agenda mixes with politics and banking

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Below is a summary of a few recent reports about climate change, in particular how it relates to the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.  Politics, climate change and collapsing banks have links with woke ideology, fantasies of the World Economic Forum, digital currency and a real and present danger to humanity.

In the following, click on the section title to read the full article from which extracts were taken.

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Offence Archaeology, the Rainbow Push and the Greenwich-Kean-Photios Machine

“Offence archaeology” is when you search for and find an “embarrassing” quote from a politician or other political actor – something that suggests sexism or racism or homophobia – and then hopefully, get him or her removed from the public square.

The Guardian reported on a video clip from a community event about the Hunter offshore wind farms.  In the video, the New South Wales, Australia, Liberal party’s candidate, Megan Anderson, can be heard remarking to a person beside her, “I don’t believe in climate change.”

When contacted by Guardian Australia about the comment, Anderson said “I made a clumsy joke in response to the previous speaker, but that was not a declaration of my beliefs.”

Opposition spokesperson Penny Sharpe said the Coalition needed to make sure all candidates were on the same page about climate change.  “Climate change is not a joke,” she said. “Mr Perrottet and Mr Toole must guarantee all Liberal and National candidates support taking meaningful action on climate change.”

The Liberal party has defended its climate stance. “The NSW government has an outstanding track record of delivering renewable energy investment, ensuring energy security and addressing climate change,” a NSW Liberals spokesperson said

Climate denial is one of the seven deadly sins of woke-world.  That a corporate newspaper – yes, I realise it is The Guardian – can, with a straight face write that a politician who says, truthfully, in a private conversation that climate change is bulldust, writes that her candidacy is under threat, shows just how far we have come in the shortest time.  And it shows who is really in charge.

Death of the Tech Bro

Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) goes BUST. Silicon Valley got its very own bank run. And it destroyed their industry bank and just about set off a national panic.  Most of SVB’s clients were venture capital firms, tech companies, and Silicon Valley executives.

The bank run might have been started by a newsletter from influential tech writer Byrne Hobart in February.  Liberal New York media was generally pleased with the run.  Conservative New York media was also pleased with the run.

Banks do use faux progressive nonsense to shield themselves from criticism and generally distract the public. For example, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the primary Washington regulator for SVB, was “pushing climate change as a financial risk, holding conferences and writing papers on the issue,” instead of, like, regulating the banks. And yes, Signature Bank’s boss – that bank was shuttered last Sunday – led a seminar on gender-neutral pronouns such as “ze” and “hir” in the fall.

Buckle Up for The Financial New Normal

It’s pretty clear to all now that the SVB collapse was a case of “go woke, go broke” as many of its eye-wateringly stupid ‘investments’ and projects have come to light.

In an article dated 11 March that seems to have now been removed, Daily Mail wrote: “A head of risk assessment at the beleaguered Silicon Valley Bank has been accused of prioritising pro-diversity initiatives over her actual role after the firm imploded on Friday.”

On 13 March, the Daily Mail published a different version of the article, read HERE.  The New York Post has also reported on the story, read HERE. You can read the Daily Mail’s removed article dated 11 March HERE.  In the name of the public interest, we have attached a copy of the Daily Mail’s article dated 11 March below. 

Climate Activist Companies At Risk After SVB Collapse, Bank Was Vital to “Climate-Tech Sector”

SVB was an integral part of the early-stage climate tech community. Following its seizure by regulators after it collapsed, it was revealed that the bank was vital to the “climate-tech sector,” in addition to being heavily used by tech companies based in Northern California and many venture-backed companies.

Managing director at climate change venture capital firm Prelude Ventures, Gabriel Kra, said, “Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was an integral part of the early-stage climate tech community and I hope that they survive in some form to continue that role.”

“Losing access to their cash balance for potentially several months can have catastrophic effects,” Kra said “And a small portion of companies in the space are probably looking at that possibility and figuring out how to avoid it.”

The bank’s website bragged about its particular support of solar, hydrogen, and energy-storage companies. It provided more than half a billion dollars in revolving credit to Sunrun, the country’s largest residential solar company. And more than 60 per cent of community solar financing nationwide involved SVB in some capacity

Bail-Ins, Bail-Outs and Other Forms of Self-Mutilation: Lobotomised Economists Clash on The Deck of The Titanic

The covid plandemic did not “cause” the current systemic crisis as many fools have parroted for over a year, but has merely served as cover to obscure the real systemic causes of the long-awaited collapse and accelerate the controlled disintegration of the system as the world is prepared to transition into a “new technetronic age” which has come to be dubbed a “Great Reset” or “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

We are told by the likes of Klaus Schwab, or World Economic Forum trustees Mark Carney, Christine Lagarde, and Chrystia Freeland that the age of free market capitalism which reined from 1971-2020 has come to an end and that a new epoch of “green finance” under a decarbonising world is upon us. Under this new world order of “stakeholder capitalism,” citizens will learn to own nothing and be happy while polluting companies that commit climate sins will be choked off all credit.

As former Bank of England head Mark Carney recently wrote of the new age of “net zero” in his new book Values Building a Better World for All: “It could be generations before the gains of the fourth industrial revolution are widely shared. In the interim, there could be a long period of technological unemployment sharply rising inequalities and intensifying social unrest.”

Klaus Schwab has publicly fantasised about this new age of human-machine merging of microchipped brains interfacing with the global net, and Tony Blair has giddily said that “vaccination is, in the end, going to be your route to liberty”.

So, while that story might sound a tad bleak, there remains only a tiny obstacle to the successful implementation of this anti-human program.  This obstacle is located in the Greater Eurasian Partnership led by Russia and China and joined by 135 nations of the world that have signed onto the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Biden Administration Sees Bank Crisis as a Means of Expanding Their Control

Remember that after 2008, the Obama administration, Eric Holder, swooped in and imposed DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion standards – on the entire financial sector and that’s one of the main reasons big banks are now increasingly incompetent and also one of the reasons Americans are so divided by race. Ideologues used the 2008 bank bailout to kill American meritocracy. That’s a big step, mostly unacknowledged, but we’re living with its consequences.

You have to ask yourself, what are they going to do this time? Well, we know we’re about to see bank consolidation, big banks eating little banks and that means less competition. More consolidation means more government control. 

What are they going to do with that control? Well, all things being equal, if people don’t start making a lot of noise and exerting an awful lot of pressure, it’ll mean digital currency, a currency that politicians control.

Defining Humanity, Defending the Person

The question of human identity is particularly crucial for the future of our society.  I believe that we need to defend humanity against powerful ideological, political, and commercial interests that currently seek to reduce persons to functional mechanisms.

Aside from confirming governments’ lust for autocratic power, measures in response to covid have revealed a technocratic mindset that is fundamentally opposed to the idea of personhood that lies at the heart of all law-based, democratic societies. Covid has brought fully into the open a longstanding scientific-techno vision of reality that we need to oppose and resist at every opportunity unless we are prepared to lose our very humanity.

I will start this essay with some examples of the reductive scientific-techno-vision that I consider to be the real and present danger to our humanity. These examples of a pervasive scientific-techno vision demonstrate a fundamental re-definition of life and living beings in technological terms.

The second example is from a new executive order penned by US President Joe Biden on ‘Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation’. According to this order, one of the most influential nations on Earth will look to “biotechnology and biomanufacturing” for “innovative solutions in health, climate change, energy, food security, agriculture, supply chain resilience, and national and economic security.” The dominance of computational metaphors in the order is notable.

What I object to is the ideology of technology embraced by those scientists and computing engineers who reduce life to mechanistic, computational functions. I want to convince you that this radical change in the ideology of our human identity constitutes the greatest challenge of our time.

DeSantis’ State Compact Against ESG is the Blueprint to Fighting Federal-Corporate Fascism

While we all slept for several years past, the federal government has worked with global governments and corporations to remake our society, economy, culture, laws, and policy. More recently, these governments and corporations have built an enforcement mechanism against anyone on the wrong side of “total state” values.

In announcing a 19-state alliance against the environmental, social, and corporate governance jihad on American values and liberties, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has actually done something more significant and impactful than potentially running for president.

On ESG and many other issues, such as vaccine mandates, this era of tyranny involves co-opting the corporate world to impose the restrictions on life and liberty that the government often shies away from imposing directly. By creating a permanent state alliance against ESG and its malignant offshoots, states will even up the political market, so to speak, and force companies to think twice about where the political winds are blowing.

Featured image: Silicon Valley Bank Office Snapshots (left)

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Juriean Brands
Juriean Brands
8 months ago

Get woke, go broke.

8 months ago

Leave it to a liberal cult to make you broke and them rich without a good clear plan for the not so fortunate people that are honest, line my pockets and empty yours while I segregate instead of bringing us together, don’t want to listen to your plan because I think I’m above GOD and don’t want to bring everybody together

8 months ago

The collapse of SVB is intimately tied to human and drug trafficking and money laundering through New Hampshire… Check out Mike Gill, State of Corruption

8 months ago

Hilarious The use of the term Global Warming has been changed to Climate Change due to legal precautions and possibility of a Maunder Minimum cycle. But God forbid they let any dissenting scientific data come forth. There has even been NASA scientists silenced that were presenting data.
These are weak people in control (both physically & Spiritually) whose only advantage is money, Media control (Joseph Goebbels seems to be alive and well) and power positions. At some point the herd must say enough.

8 months ago

An excellent read that gives an insight to the decisions facing mankind. Remember, everything is a contract.

8 months ago

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