Speaker of the House – Has it Been part of Donald Trump’s Plans All Along?

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“House Republicans have been in contact with Trump and the have started an effort to push him as the next Speaker” according to Hannity. Donald Trump was said to be “open” to it.” Trump however, responded as if he had only just considered such a role, but could it be that it has been part of his plans all along?

“A lot of people have been asking me about it,” Trump said. He continued, saying that there are a lot of “great people in the Republican Party who could handle the job. If I can help them do it in the process [of running for president] then I’ll do it.”

McCarthy Ousted Out

On Tuesday night, the House voted to oust McCarthy as Speaker in a 216-210 vote, marking the first time in history that a sitting Speaker was booted from the post.

The decision, the first time in U.S. history that the House has voted to remove its own speaker, now means the members of Congress must vote for the California Republican’s replacement. With no clear GOP candidate in line for the role, further infighting and chaos within the party is expected as it tries to decide who to nominate, reported Newsnight.

McCarthy however, announced late Tuesday that he would not attempt to become Speaker again, the GOP conference will have a candidate forum next Tuesday to select their pick for the role, with Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) presiding.

Support for Trump

Before Republicans won back the House in the 2022 midterms, Trump said he would not be interested in taking the top job. 

No, I think that it’s not something I wanted. A lot of people bring it up. It’s brought up all the time,” he said last March. “No, it’s not something I want to do. I want to look at what’s happening, and then we’re going to be doing something else. No, it’s not something I would be interested in.” (source)

However, some Republican lawmakers are already stating that they will be voting for former President Donald Trump to become House Speaker following the historic ousting of Kevin McCarthy from the role.

“He Will Make America Great Again”

It appears that Trump has a lot of support, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for one.

She posted on the X platform, “The only candidate for Speaker I am currently supporting is President Donald J. Trump. He will end the war in Ukraine. He will secure the border. He will end the politically weaponized government. He will make America energy independent again. He will pass my bill to stop transgender surgeries on kids and keep men out of women’s sports. He will support our military and police. And so much more!

He has a proven 4 year record as President of the United States of America. He received a record number of Republican votes of any Republican Presidential candidate! We can make him Speaker and then elect him President! He will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! ” (source).

Eleven hours later, Rep. Greene appeared on America Sunrise reiterating that “President Trump is the man for the job.”

Trump responded to Marjorie Taylor Greene.

A lot of people have been calling me a speaker all I can say is we’ll do whatever is best for the country and for the Republican party. We have some great people, I just want to say we have some great, great people.”

When asked by a reporter “would you take the job”

Trump replied “a lot of people have asked me about it, I’m focused you know, we’re leading,[….] we’re leading by like 50 points for president, you know, my focus is totally on that. If I can help them during the process I would do it, but we have some great people in the Republican party that could do a great job as Speaker

I’ll do whatever it is to help, but my focus my total focus is being president and quite honestly making America great again, because we are living in a country in decline. This is a country that’s failing badly we’re not respected in the world, interest rates are through the roof, taxes are through the roof, inflation is horrible……………..  “ Trump continued with his presidency campaign script.

Just Part of the Plan?

Is the offer of speaker also part of a script?Although Trump acted surprised at the idea, it had been spoken about back in January when Kevin McCarthy was struggling to get votes.

Surely Donald Trump was aware that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) who recently “led the effort against McCarthy, voted for Trump to be Speaker of the House back in January?

“100 days to save America” said Steve Bannon on that very same day.

Of course he knew and it has not come as a surprise that he is now being pushed into the role.

There are obviously big pieces moving on the chess board. Trump knows what he’s going to do long before he does it. said Linda Forsythe from C-Vine. “It’s a plan, after all. A very complex one. Do you think we got here only to have Trump’s path made random by a lack of forethought? There is method to his role. There is planning and anticipation. 5D chess is always in play.”

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Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
2 months ago

The 2nd horse of the apocalypse (US Congress) has lost its bridle (the speaker). Obama46 (Biden) is ridng a bridleless horse. Biden will be removed and Harris will be removed. The game now is can the globalists through Obama start WW3 before Trump regains the presidency?

If you want to know the answer to that question read Revelation6. The 2nd horseman of the apocalypse is war. WW3. That means the globalists (who control both Putin and Obama and Sunak) will start WW3 before Trump gets the presidency that he was defrauded out of back. They had to defraud Trump in order to get WW3 started actually.

The winepress of Revelation14 is trodden until the blood comes out up to the bridles of the horses (1st and 2nd of the apocalypse). When the next speaker is chosen, when the 2nd horse is bridled, all the sealing of the saints (the winepress of God) is completed. The winds of the Great Tribulation are held back until all the saints are sealed. The saints are the rulers of the next administration of mankind on earth. They are the next government of mankind chosen not by democratic fraud but by the 3rd Holy Spirit.

The full apocalypse (revealing) is about to begin. The 1st horseman starts riding when the new speaker is chosen, for the 1st horse is bridled at the same time as the 2nd horse. So dear readers: Get ready for God’s Exposé !

Patricia as usual is right on the money. WW3 will not be what it seems. It is a device to force Mark of the Beast Registration: Digital IDs linked to social credit scores.

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
Reply to  Patricia Harrity
1 month ago

I should do an article on it. The Dragon is the descended administration of the demons (possessing humans). The 2nd horseman is the US president because he is given the ‘great sword’ of the US military. Whereas the 4th horseman – death (who is Satan) is given the ‘long sword’ of WMDs. He rides after the 3rd horseman (who is the UN distributing food in such as way as to cause famine).

The 2nd horse is fiery red both for warfare and for the GOP (given that no bible ambiguity is a mistake). So many seom democratic senators flip or maybe the election fraud is reversed. Also the 2nd horse has not yet come out of the stables. It is the US Congress (riden by the President). Well guess what? It is presenlty IN THE STABLES in an unprecedented event in US politics. A sitting speaker has never before been removed. No US cogress has ever been sent back into the stables during a congressional session until now!

And it has no bridle (speaker). I am not a great expert on horse riding but my understanding is that the bridle (the speaker) is put on the horse (Congress) before the rider (the president) gets on it! This is about to occur. When it occurs, the horse gallops into WW3. Israel appears to have some part to play in this. But really it is the 10 kings of Revelation17, the G10, who cause this war.

The US Eagle is missing from the final commercial beast of Revelation13:2 (Central bank powered administration of the Mark of the beast). So the Americans refuse to participate in the Digital concentration camp – God bless them! That must be due to their constitution and to Trump becoming President. He hates globalism. So my advice to those who have money in the UK or the EU is put it in a US bank account preferably in redneck land. Then it will not be stolen by the beast and used to blackmail you into species annihilating immorality.

The freakly thing is that the 4th horseman only has authority to kill 25% of mankind, the 25% whom God was going to kill by the lava flood anyway. The 25% of us who have no faith in God (of any type – the 1st law) AND no love for their brother (the 2nd law). They go to Hell, which is a sin bin, not a pleace of extermination. They are not ready for the next administration of mankind. They Watch it from the stands without corrupting it.

So somehow, and I do not yet know how, WW3 is a smart war, only killing people who either are going to hell, or have finished being tested and passed and are going to be raptured or resurrected immediately on death. IN other words it will kill nobody under test. It will only kill people who have passed or failed. If you pass (75% will), then your death lasts for around 10 hours (the period Jesus was dead for). It is just bascially a general anaesthetic and you wake up in the greater Ark of the greater Noah (Jesus) that saves us from the lava flood (volcanic eruptions). From the ark you get God’s viewpoint. You see all the kingdoms of the earth in an instant of time (as Satan showed Jesus). It is not in regular space time this ark. All a bit Sci fi.

In the past the demons have run their operations from their ark and we have been their victims. That situation is going to be reversed. We will have the huge intel advantage of being able to see absolutely every lie they tell and have ever told. That is the apocalypse for the raptured/resurrected. But then we come back down to earth each day and teach people back on earth whilst based in the ark. The whole thing is too incredible for words. Whilst the demons are stuck down here posessing powerful humans. They are brilliant actors. They steal the identity of the person they possess. Hence all the identity politics and men identifying as women etc. It is all following the MO of the demons.

The scripture says there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed. I mean nothing. Every deception will be exposed.

We are to be treated to the end of the road of all sin and all immorality whilst being given Sci Fi level angelic protection and whilst having the security of a base in a different dimension. The object being to teach us why we need to implement the basic minimum sustainable morality.

This is all possible because Jesus is Caesar to all mankind before the apocalypse begins. So he can extract anyone he wants to by rapture and protect anyone he wants to. It is his game. He permits Pharaoh to remain in power down here only for educational purposes. And in particualr to end all war (by having one that would – if not stopped – wipe us all out). Now if everyone would just wake up by reading the bible, the expose etc. there would not have to be a WW3.

But regretably, some people are fast asleep and they will need more than a toe pinching to wake them up. They will actually need WW3 and the total collapse of the Stock Market to wake them up. The rest of us suffer due to their drowsiness. The level of crap we are about to see and experience is precisely the amount needed to wake up the sleepiest of snooze heads who have just enough faith or love to make it into the Kingdom of God. But suffering and sacrificing for other people is what this is all about.

One really funny interpretation we had was that the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse is Michelle Obama. Because to God she is a man (if she is a biological male)!

You know that Barack Obama said at his last white house press dinner that some woman told him he would be President at the End of Days. He said it as a joke because he was about to leave office. Except that he did not leave office. He is still in office. And was in office as regards a lot of the public sector his holdovers during Trump45. And the End of Days is almost upon us. We have the Time of Distress of Daniel12 beginning either next week or in a month’s time. I think he will be President at the start of the Time of Distress of Daniel12.

Brad Johnson
Brad Johnson
2 months ago

He should be 47, he can do much more swamp cleaning from the WhiteHouse.

2 months ago

He can get the show on the road. get it started start impeaching people and punish them for what they have done instead of brushing it under the carpet. Like lets bygone be bygone bulls..it. Set things up to be followed by action

2 months ago

“There are obviously big pieces moving on the chess board. Trump knows what he’s going to do long before he does it. said Linda Forsythe from C-Vine. “It’s a plan, after all. A very complex one. Do you think we got here only to have Trump’s path made random by a lack of forethought? There is method to his role. There is planning and anticipation. 5D chess is always in play.”

Yes! Yes! This is 100% 5D chess!

Donald is an angel, a messenger of God and the fifth horse of the apocalypse who will send the sinister demonocrats to hell!!

And Donald told me to take the vaccine, and I listened to him. (Now I have a MAC address and I stick a magnet to my shoulder.)

2 months ago

Dear people, dear people! Just get the vaccine, did you hear? I recommend it! It’s 5D chess, and once you’re depopulated by the vaccine, you’ll be resurrected in 2024, right for the election, to choose the Donald who will make America great! It’s a plan, just trust the plan and get the fuc*king vaccine!

2 months ago

“I have really good news. Today the nation recived a medical miracle…
Ah, memories, sweet memories.. I love you, Donald, you know. God sent you to save us from the nasty demono(c)rats-depopulator-vaccinators. You’re great, man, you fu*ckin’ 5D grossmaster (I’ll vote for you again to stop the demonocrats).

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 months ago

He could “set the wheels in motion” for his election and for the elimination of the Deep State, before setting foot in the WH again.

Reply to  Frank S.
2 months ago

Absolutely, Frank! Donald will eliminate the deep state and save many millions more, like he saved millions with the vaccines!

In Donald I trust.