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Veiled threats – Authorities say lockdown won’t end if people refuse “the jab”

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The hunt is on. So far according to the Government, 13 million people have received at least one dose of the two available experimental Covid vaccines. These include anyone aged over 70, care home residents, carers and NHS staff, but according to the Government there are still 2 million of what they class as the “most vulnerable” that have refused or not come forward to be inoculated with the experimental jab. Which has inevitably lead to the announcement that lockdown will not end if large numbers of the “most vulnerable” remain unvaccinated.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific advisor to the Government, who has shares in one of the big pharmaceutical companies, warned the British public that lockdown wouldn’t end when he spoke In one of the daily propaganda press conferences.

He said that a “significant number of people in high-risk groups” had not been vaccinated.

“Those people remain at risk and so it’s important we go cautiously in opening up, in order to be able to measure the effects.”

He added: “The virus isn’t going to be particularly interested in dates.”

The Government is therefore on a mission to vaccinate the “missing” 2 million by Monday. But current data suggests social care workers are increasingly reluctant to come forward. We’re not surprised after seeing the government report on adverse effects to the Covid vaccines (see for yourself here).

Thanks to the miraculous Covid jabs, which are 110% still in the experimental stage, people are being left blind, suffering strokes, suffering miscarriages and dropping dead instantly.

We’re also being told the vaccination programme won’t necessarily lead to restrictions being eased. So what exactly is the point?

Well maybe it has something to do with the fact many MP’s and members of SAGE have links to pharmaecutical companies and are seeing pound signs? Don’t believe us? See for yourself here.

GP’s are also now being paid commission to administer the jab in people’s homes and the NHS has directed family doctors to make personal phone calls to persuade the public to take the vaccine.

We have also seen more propaganda released in the form of adverts which have been funded by the British taxpayer. One recently released ad features Elton John and Michael Caine, and shows them auditioning for an advert promoting the Covid jabs.

Sir Elton said he wanted to take part in the film “to help show people the benefits of getting vaccinated and how it helps protect ourselves and the people we love.”

“So, I hope we can all come together and do our bit in the fight against this wretched disease,” he added.

There are some serious questions that need answering here.

Why on earth have the authorities made it their mission to vaccinate the entire population against a disease that statistically only kills 0.02% of those it infects? And even then the majority have been over the age of 85, which is more than the average life expectancy in Britain.

But also why on earth would they need to advertise to persuade people to take the vaccine? If the pandemic was so deadly surely every man, woman and child would be hammering the vaccination centre doors down to get hold of this vaccine?

But that’s the problem, we know it isn’t deadly thanks to a years worth of data on this pandemic (see here). The authorities have used a hammer to crack a walnut in their response to this alleged disease by enforcing dictatorial tyranny, and the British people have subdued far to easily for them to ever give up their new found powers.

We are travelling down a very dangerous road, and we’re showing no signs of slowing down or turning off.

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