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Investigation – What does official Government data on Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines tell us about Blood Clots?

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We have all heard about several EU countries, including France, Italy and Denmark suspending the administration of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine due to concerns about blood clots, with the UK authorities quick to label this as a political ploy due to the poor performance of the EU vaccine roll-out, and the roaring success of the United Kingdom’s. But what does the actual data show?

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We now know this was not just a political ploy thanks to the findings of a Doctor tasked with leading the investigation into a series of high-profile cases of rare blood cots suspected to be caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. has concluded that the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is to blame. Chief physician and professor

Professor Pål Andre Holme insisted “Nothing but the vaccine can explain why these individuals had this immune response”.

But are we seeing this in the UK? Well the Government have been releasing a weekly report since the beginning of February 2021 showing the number and type of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines. The data is collected from reports to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme, with the released reports by the Government being around 2-3 weeks behind real-time.

So we thought we’d go hunting for conditions which are associated with blood clots.

Now you’ve probably noticed the barrage of adverts on the television reminding the public on the signs and symptoms of a certain life threatening condition – a stroke, and what can cause strokes? Blood clots of course.

So we dug through the most recent summary released by the Government (which you can find here) which had collected data on adverse reactions to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme from the 9th December 2020 to the 7th March 2021, and this is what we found…

When the Government released the 2nd report of adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 31st January 2021, we saw that there had been a total of 11 cerebrovascular accidents reported as adverse reactions, with 4 of these sadly resulting in death. There had also been 1 brain stem stroke, 1 haemorrhagic stroke and 1 ischaemic stroke.

But when we look at the Government’s 7th report of adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 7th March 2021, we can see that the list has grown extensively, as well as the number of cerebrovascular accidents.

As of the 7th March the number of cerebrovascular accidents has increased by 345.45% in just 6 weeks, with 6 of these sadly resulting in death. The number of ischaemic strokes have also gone up, increasing by 900% to a total of 10.

A cerebrovascular accident is the sudden death of some brain cells due to lack of oxygen when the blood flow to the brain is impaired by blockage due to a blood clot or rupture of an artery to the brain.

An ischaemic stroke  is when the blood supply to your brain is cut off or severely reduced. This can happen when an artery or a small vessel deep inside your brain, is blocked by a blood clot.

A cerebral hemorrhage is a type of stroke. It’s caused by an artery in the brain bursting and causing localized bleeding in the surrounding tissues. This bleeding kills brain cells.

A cerebral infarction refers to damage to tissues in the brain due to a loss of oxygen to the area. This occurs when a blood clot blocks or narrows an artery leading to the brain.

But whilst the authorities have managed to get you worried about the adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine they have distracted you from the worrying number of serious adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine, which actually fairs worse in the central nervous system haemorrhage and cerebrovascular accident department.

Back in the Government’s first update using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 24th January we saw a total number of 21 cerebrovascular accidents reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine resulting in 1 death, 6 ischaemic strokes resulting in 1 death, and 1 brain stem infarction resulting in 1 death among numerous others types of stroke.

But fast-forward 7 weeks to the 7th report using data inputted to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme up to the 7th March we can now see that the Pfizer vaccine has caused a total of 60 cerebrovascular accidents, an increase of 185%, with 3 of these resulting death. Ischaemic strokes have increased by 83.3% to a total number of 11, and the total number of cerebral haemorrhages now stands at 10, with 3 of these resulting death.

So there you have it, we are seeing extremely serious incidents of blood clot related illness being reported as adverse reactons to the AstraZeneca vaccine, but we are actually seeing far more reported due to the Pfizer vaccine.

In all the total number of nervous system disorders, which includes brain damage, facial paralysis and strokes, now stands at 68,797. The worrying thing is these are just the immediate adverse reactions reported to occur due to the Pfizer and Astrazeneca Covid jabs, we dread to think what may be seen in the long-term.

But perhaps even more worrying than that is the fact around only 1% of adverse reactions are actually reported to the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

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Sue Ing
Sue Ing
2 years ago

Hi…excellent reporting echoing everything I have read in other areas. I have tried to subscribe to you to keep in touch but I have been stopped by the server a couple times.Could this be that you’re being censored?