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Number of reported Miscarriages to MHRA due to AstraZeneca Vaccine increases by 550% in just eight weeks

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The latest update on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines, reported to the MHRA up to the 21st March 2021 has been released by the UK Government. And it shows an eye-watering 550% increase in the number of women reporting they have suffered a miscarriage due to having the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine.

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(All information within this article has been sourced from the UK Government’s data, MHRA data, and recognised and peer reviewed scientific studies, links to each are provided within the article)

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Rewind eight weeks to the first report released which included data on adverse reactions reported up to the 24th January 2021, a total of 2 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) had been reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca jab.

But the latest report (page 55) shows a 550% increase with the total number of reported miscarriages due to the AstraZeneca vaccine now standing at 13.

But why is this happening? The Government admit that none of the Covid vaccines, including AstraZeneca have been tested in pregnancy and state that it is not recommended to routinely administer any of the Covid vaccines during pregnancy.

However the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has “recognised that the potential benefits of vaccination are particularly important for some pregnant women. This includes those who are at very high risk of catching the infection or those with clinical conditions that put them at high risk of suffering serious complications from Covid-19”

So the Government advice states that in these circumstances, pregnant women should discuss vaccination with their doctor or nurse.

First of all – the JCVI can say what they like but their points are not backed up by any scientific evidence, as the Government admits in the very first line of its advice – “The vaccines have not yet been tested in pregnancy”.

Secondly – if only pregnant women who are at extremely high risk of contracting serious disease are being vaccinated, then this means the total number of 13 miscarriages reported as adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine is incredibly high. Although not as high as the 32 miscarriages reported as adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine (see here).

Therefore there should be a great cause for concern about these reported miscarriages from the authorities but instead they remain silent.

How many more women need to suffer the agony of losing an unborn child before this madness stops?

(All information within this article has been sourced from the UK Government’s data, MHRA data)

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Daley Pose
Daley Pose
2 years ago

The JVCI say this, the JVCI say that, about the Oxford Astra Zeneca.
Just for reference the JVCI Committee:
Professor Andrew Pollard, Chair (University of Oxford)
Professor Anthony Harnden, Deputy Chair (University of Oxford)