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Las Vegas Teenager Undergoes THREE Surgeries to Remove Blood Clots After Receiving J&J Vaccine

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Emma Burkey (GoFundMe)
Source: Review Journal
Emma Burkey, 18, of Las vegas, Nevada.

A Las Vegas teenager had to undergo three brain surgeries to remove blood clots that formed after she received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

Emma Burkey, 18, of Las Vegas, Nevada, received her dose of the J&J vaccine on April 1st and began feeling unwell, eventually experiencing seizures that sent her to the hospital.

Burkey was first rushed to St Rose Dominican Hospital, Sierra Campus in Henderson, according to family spokesman Bret Johnson.

She was later airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Centre in Southern California to receive specialised care.

Emma was placed in a medically induced coma, intubated, and underwent three operations to remove blood clots that had formed in her brain: A side effect stemming from the J&J vaccine.

The operations were successful, and she was taken out of the induced coma and off a respirator, however, she still has a tracheostomy tube.

As of press writing, Emma’s parents, Russ and Kathy, were visiting her bedside daily – but only for a brief period each day due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The family’s spokesman said: “She is improving slowly. The word we got from her parents last night was ‘slowly, slowly, slowly.’”

Johnson said that Emma’s parents are “cautiously optimistic” despite Burkey suffering a “massive brain injury.”

Emma’s speech is impeded due to having a tracheostomy tube; therefore, she communicates with her parents by blinking her eyes.

Russ Burkey said: “She can 3/4 smile at will, and she likes to tease me about how bad I read lips.

“Her blinking is much improved. She had another CT [scan]…that shows no bleeds and very little, but progress, in shrinking the damaged areas of her brain. Swelling of the brain is still an issue but not unexpected.”

Emma’s family have started a GoFundMe to raise money to cover her medical expenses.

Emma Burkey’s case is just one of nine cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) – clots that form in the vessels that drain blood from the brain – being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Shockingly, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services says it did not know of Burkey’s case until a public meeting of the CDC’s advisory committee brought up the incident.

This news comes as US health officials made the decision to resume the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine in some states on the 24th of April after they determined that the benefits outweighed the risks.

Despite the use of the J&J vaccine being halted in the UK, there have been many reports of blood clots as a side effect of other brands.

The UK government released their 13th report on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, including the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca jabs.

Within the report, there has been a shocking increase of accidents – blood clots and bleeds on the brain. For the AstraZeneca vaccine, there were 85 reported cerebrovascular accidents resulting in seven deaths as of the 14th of March 2021, which has disturbingly increased to 556 cases in just one month, and the number of deaths has more than quadrupled to a total of 31.

There is a similar increase with the Pfizer vaccine, as up to the 14th of March, there were 71 reported cases of cerebrovascular accidents, with three of these resulting in death. However, as of the 21st of April, the number of cerebrovascular accidents has increased to 176, with the deaths increasing to 10.

Whilst the J&J vaccine may no longer be posing a threat to the British public, the same cannot be said for other vaccine victims in the United States. The mainstream media continues to ignore the countless adverse reactions to these experimental jabs whereby there are no benefits, only risks.

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2 years ago

Why is an18 year old being given the jab?

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