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Fauci’s Health Agency Spent Over $400,000 on Grafting Aborted Foetal Scalps on to Mice and Rats

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Source: Nature
Fauci and his health agency spent over $400,000 on funding experiments involving grafting the scalps of aborted human foetuses onto rats and mice.

The federal health agency that has been headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, now the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser, spent more than $400,000 to fund several experiments in which the scalps of aborted foetuses were grafted on to live mice and rats.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), which Fauci has headed since the 1980s, has funded a dozen or so researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, where their findings were published in the journal Nature, last September.

According to the scientific journal which was titled “Development of humanised mouse and rat models with full-thickness human skin and autologous immune cells”, the purpose of the experiments was to determine the predisposition of human skin to develop infections utilising mouse and rat “models.”

The experiments involved “transplantation of full-thickness human foetal skin” to “provide a platform for studying human skin infections.”

The researchers wrote that the “human skin tissues” that were used in the experiments were taken from “scalp and dorsum” of “donors”, which were foetuses that had been aborted.

Source: Nature
This gruesome image shows human hair growing on the rats and mice from the scalps of aborted foetuses.

One source, The American Spectator, wrote that the aborted babies, which were used in the experiments came from the Magee-Women’s Hospital and the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Tissue Bank. It is worth questioning whether the mothers of these babies are aware that their deceased children are being used in these disturbing experiments.

The researchers wrote: “Full-thickness human foetal skin was processed via removal of excess fat tissues attached to the subcutaneous layer of the skin, then engrafted over the rib cage, where the mouse skin was previously excised.”

Additionally, the researchers co-engrafted the same foetus’s lymphoid tissues and hematopoietic stem cells from the liver, so that the rodent models were humanised with organs and skin from the same child.

The “full-thickness foetal skin” was taken from foetuses aborted at Magee-Women’s Hospital at 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to the journal, human hair was evident on the mice by 12 weeks: “In the scalp grafts, fine human hair can be seen growing long and dark surrounded by the short white hairs of the mouse.”

In an abstract, researchers noted:

“The human skin provides the first line of host protection against environmental injury and host defense against pathogens. Several emerging pathogens, including community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA), target the skin for infection and disease. Also, vector-borne infectious diseases such as Lyme disease and dengue fever are transmitted via inoculation into the skin by ticks and mosquitos, respectively. Interactions between keratinocytes, skin fibroblasts, and cutaneous immune cells are involved in initiating the systemic immune response and abrogate pathogen replication and dissemination to other sites of replication. Thus, the skin provides an ideal vaccination target for inducing immunity against various pathogens, as reflected by the development of several novel vaccine technologies directed at the skin, including skin-patch intradermal vaccines.”

The researchers added: “Rats are a major model specie for long-term (greater than one year) studies; thus, humanized rat models that combine human skin, human immune cells, and human lymphoid structures are being explored for use in long-term in vivo studies of human skin-immune interactions.”

Alternative news outlet Just the News reported that the researchers associated with the experimentation did not respond to requests for comment, and the NIAID and Fauci did not respond to questions regarding funding for the project, as well as “how often the NIAID funds projects using aborted foetal remains.”

According to federal expenditure records, Fauci’s agency provided $430,000 in funding to the disturbing research project between 2018 and 2019.

The questionable research, which was published last year, generated very little attention “outside of pro-life circles”, Just the News reported. Additionally, the research was mentioned at a Pennsylvania state legislative hearing on foetal research and experimentation, which took place earlier this month.

During the hearing, David Daleiden, a pro-life activist and undercover investigative journalist noted for his exposure, in undercover videos, of Planned Parenthood executives discussing the exchange and possible opportunities for selling or buying foetal body parts, denounced the research. During his testimony, Daleiden accused the scientists of “scalping 5-month-old aborted foetuses and grafting their scalps onto the back of lab rats.”

It is incredibly worrying and disturbing that these human experiments are taking place, especially on the bodies of aborted foetuses, all of which has been funded by Fauci, whom many governments and the media around the world turn to for Covid guidance…

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2 years ago

Tony da fist Fauci…the epitome of banal evil that the pharma drug cartel has unleashed on a herd dying to be slaughtered.
Pfizer macht frei

onward to Ouch Witz…where the joke is on you

Kary Mullis (PCR inventor Nobel winner 1993) on Fist Fauci

Janet Cutts
Janet Cutts
2 years ago

This is horrific we really are in Nazi territory now feel absolutely sick to my stomach pure evilness I knew it was there but it is far worse than Even I imagined

2 years ago

And his wife rubs the human experimental department funded by the NIH that used one of its sub agencies to disguise its funding at Wuhan Rhe NIH funded the covid operation a d deliberately disguised the fact by outsourcing the work to China That’s why Trump signed the CARES Act in JANUARY 2019 .The biggest economic package in HISTORY of the world .That’s what is going to be used to devalue the assets of the middle class a d reduce their income status by inflating their dollars into worthlessness .Theyve thought of every contingency and covered all the bases in a totalitarian plot to steal the while world and pretend they’re democratic.

2 years ago

[…] Tijdens de hoorzitting stelde David Daleiden, een pro-life activist en undercover onderzoeksjournalist die bekend staat om zijn onthullingen, in geheim opgenomen video’s van leidinggevenden van Planned Parenthood die praten over de uitwisseling en mogelijke kansen voor het verkopen of kopen van foetale lichaamsdelen, het onderzoek aan de kaak. Tijdens zijn getuigenis beschuldigde Daleiden de wetenschappers van “het scalperen van 5 maanden oude geaborteerde foetussen en het enten van hun scalpen op de rug van lab ratten”, meldt […]