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They’ve killed the Grandparents, now they want to kill the Kids…

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So, children over the age of 16 won’t need parental permission to accept the experimental jab for covid-19. The British Government wants to give it to children over the age of 12. And they are now testing it on pre-school and primary school children.

Listen carefully to what I’ve got to tell you…

By Dr Vernon Coleman

If you’re a human and not a zombie this will fill you with rage. If the squaddies in the 77th Brigade listen properly even they are going to think twice about pressing the thumbs down button.

On the 15th July 2021, the UK Government’s advisors the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said: `until more data become available JCVI does not currently advise routine universal vaccination of children and young people less than 18 years of age.’ They added that the `the health benefits in this population is small and do not outweigh the potential risks.

Splendid, I thought. Send up a rocket.

And then a few weeks later, on 4th August, the committee changed its mind after the UK’s Chief Medical Officers requested that JCVI accelerated its review of advice for jabbing children.

Changed their minds.

They admitted that covid-19 disease in children is typically mild or asymptomatic. But they changed their minds and said that all 16 and 17-year-olds be jabbed. And that many children aged 12 and over be jabbed.

One odd thing was that they said that `in recent weeks, reports have been submitted about myocarditis.

Recent weeks.

Take a look at my video dated 8th December 2020 entitled Covid 19 vaccine – possible vaccine side effects and you will find that I listed myocarditis.

So how come I knew about this risk half a year before the Government’s advisory committee? Not boasting but I’ve been half a year ahead since early 2020.

I can’t find any new evidence that would have changed their minds.

But the minds changed.

The membership of the JCVI’s subcommittee on covid changed and one prominent critic of covid jabs for children coincidentally left. Three other members changed too. Gosh. However, committee members said that they had not felt any political pressure to change their views on giving the jab to teenagers. How reassuring.

Just out of idle curiosity I wonder if any members of the committee have any links with drug companies or have ever accepted drug company money. Or are there any who have no links with drug company money. Just wondering. I’ll perhaps look into that in detail another day.

Politicians, advisers and doctors should know that the experimental jab will kill children – almost certainly kill or injure far more than would be killed or injured by this year’s flu: covid-19.

And there won’t be one in a million of these jabbed children who will understand that they’re taking part in a massive, unethical, immoral and illegal experiment. The Joint Committee says `in all instances, the offer of vaccination to children and young people must be accompanied by appropriate information to enable children and young people…to be adequately appraised of the potential harms and benefits of vaccination as part of informed consent prior to vaccination.

That’s called covering your back.

The queen, Dolly Parton and a bunch of influencers on social media will say it’s OK. The kids will be bribed. And not one in a thousand doctors or nurses will explain the risks in detail.

What am I saying: I bet not one in a thousand doctors or nurses have any idea of the risks.

And the idea that 16-year-olds will understand these complicated vaccines would be laughable if it were not obscene. Most kids think the jab will stop them getting covid. And stop them spreading it to granny.

Not that this matters much because the Government killed granny last year.

And all this is illegal.

Back in February, six months ago, I pointed out in a video entitled, Doctors and Nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine will be tried as war criminals that the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, which was written in 1947, stated that explicit voluntary consent from patients is required for human experimentation.

That means, of course, that patients must be told that they are taking part in a trial. And they must be warned of the dozens of possible adverse events – which were known before Christmas. I made a video listing the FDA’s draft working list of adverse events in December 2020. Those being jabbed must be warned that they could die. And they must be warned that the vaccine they’re being given won’t necessarily stop them catching covid or passing it on if they do catch it.

That’s informed consent.

And as I said, I doubt if one in a million adults was properly advised.

How many 16-year-olds will understand what an mRNA vaccine does? How many will understand the principles of pathogenic priming?

Once again, as I said back in February, any doctor or nurse giving one of these experimental jabs without making sure that their victim has been given all the necessary information, and understands it, is breaking international law and will go to prison.

The fact is that the whole vaccination programme is built on lies and deceit. Governments and the media wouldn’t need to lie, harass and suppress the truth if there really were a plague and if the experimental injection really worked. People would be fighting to get jabbed.

Of course, if there really were a plague there wouldn’t be a vaccine. The vaccine’s promoters are mostly on record as saying that they want a smaller global population. So if there were a killer plague they wouldn’t want a vaccine, would they?

Accepting this experimental and unnecessary jab is the most important decision any citizen will ever make. The so-called vaccine is for ever. It isn’t like a drug that you can stop and get over. The covid-19 jab stays. You can’t get it out. And no one, repeat no one, knows what the effect will be in six months or six years or sixteen years. It’s an experiment and the preliminary part of the experiment won’t be over until 2023. The vaccine has already killed thousands of people and injured millions more. Just look at the updated figures on my website where I quote the official death and injury figures published by the British and American governments.

Will the vaccinated be more susceptible to new variations? Will they die when they contract winter viruses? No one knows the answers.

The risks are so great that I believe that anyone who has been jabbed – particular the young who seem to be particularly liable to heart damage – should avoid all strenuous exercise and stress.


Meanwhile, the promotional campaign to sell the jab to kids is moving fast. Free money. Free kebabs. The chance to reclaim a little of the life that was taken from them.

The BBC has reported that 60,000 lives have been saved by the covid jab. There’s isn’t one shred of evidence to prove that claim. They might as well claim that 60 billion lives have been saved.

The disgusting BBC and the rest of the mainstream media become indecently orgasmic with excitement when they find someone who hasn’t been vaccinated and who has died of or with covid-19 (aka the rebranded flu) or, probably, anything else. They ignore the fact that every year, in the six month flu season, up to 650,000 people of all ages die of the flu worldwide. Often ordinary healthy people.

But the deception and the lies about the rebranded flu just keep getting bigger.

Unvaccinated man with flu run over by bus. Unvaccinated woman eaten by lion.

The truth is that these experimental jabs have not been sufficiently tested, do not do what most people think they do and are so dangerous that their distribution should be halted immediately.

Doctors who object, who point out the dangers, and who explain why the risk benefit ratio shows that the people producing, and promoting these damned things should be locked up, are monstered and silenced and lied about and offered mental health care – just as if we were in Russia in Stalin’s time. Objections are dismissed without debate. There is no debate. Never before in my knowledge has a drug been introduced and used so widely with no discussion. For 18 months I’ve been asking government advisors to debate with me on live television.

Nothing. Silence.

We pay them. They ignore us.

All this proves, of course, that the promotion of this experimental product is a heinous fraud.

Meanwhile, the majority of doctors will accept the lies, promote the jab and take the big money they’re being paid.

When these disgusting women and men are arrested – as they will be – I hope they are shown no mercy. They are, man and woman, guilty of some of the most awful crimes in history.

I’ll leave you with this.

The UK Government admits that the longer term health effects from the myocarditis events reported are not yet well understood.

But they’re planning to give the damned stuff to pre-school children and primary school children as well as teenagers.

They’ve killed the grandparents. Now they want to kill the kids.

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2 years ago

People have a responsibility to themselves to their families and lived ones to be informed and to think analytically and critically as independent people equal to any other ,and not as a sheep or an idiot who needs some “expert”to guide them as if brainless lost souls .

Reply to  Anonymous
2 years ago

Thinking people would march on parliament and burn it to the ground. The rich I’m-all-right-jacks do nothing.

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Realistically, if you kill all of the adults, you don’t want gangs of their kids running around like wild dog packs, so if you end the problem before it begins, that solves that problem, right:

Pfizer vaccine contracts with governments strangle people’s rights with no recourse for obvious malfeasance
Aug 4
Cybersecurity Expert Ehden Biber has legally obtained copies of the Pfizer contracts with Albania, Brazil, Israel and the EU.
He discovered the first one on an Albanian website, where it was published on January 2021. Its veracity was confirmed when he was able to see Brazil’s Pfizer contract, which is virtually identical on that country’s health ministry website, with a signature that was verified by DocuSign. He has since seen virtually same contract with the EU and heard the details of Israel’s Pfizer contract.
The contract, which exposes Pfizer to zero liability for anything and places the liability for everything on the government, which is called the “Purchaser” in the contract.
The deal is a criminal shakedown of epic proportions, the likes of which it is hard to even fathom. Why would anybody sign it?
Reading the contract’s language sheds some light on the inexplicable behavior of the government authorities of the world and on the true nature of this whole COVID operation.
It also may shed light on the untimely deaths of two African presidents and the Haitian president, who all very understandably refused to sign this contract!
In his blog, Biber wrote, “If you were wondering why #Ivermectin was suppressed, well, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID19, the contract cannot be voided.”
And here’s a shocking clause about supplying the product:
“Pfizer shall have no liability for any failure to deliver doses in accordance with any estimated delivery dates… nor shall any such failure give Purchaser any right to cancel orders for any quantities of Product.
“Pfizer shall decide on necessary adjustments to the number of Contracted Doses and Delivery Schedule due to the Purchaser … based on principles to be determined by Pfizer … Purchaser shall be deemed to agree to any revision.”
So Pfizer can breach its own contract but their hitmen will kill you if you refuse to sign it!
You can really see how this Globalist entity that is Pfizer hates nation states and will not recognize their laws but it acts like a “government that dictates to other governments around the world,” as Biber says. If we look around at the complete lawlessness and the meltdown of once-solid institutions all over the world, you can see that Big Pharma is being used like a massive battering ram against the national laws and national sovereignty of all nations.
The contract forces the “Purchaser”, which is how they refer to the nation that is contracting with them to defend Pfizer’s interests and not those of the citizens they’re supposed to be representing and defending – and whose taxpayer money they’re using to pay Pfizer these billions of dollars.
As Biber tweeted, Israel has turned into a pharmaceutical #BananaRepublic, where the priorities of a multinational supercedes the priorities of its citizens.
Not only is Pfizer held completely harmless from all claims, the “Purchaser”, ie, the national government is responsible for Pfizer’s legal defense against any and all claims!
However, “Pfizer shall have the right to assume control of such defense… and Purchaser shall pay all Losses, including, without limitation, the reasonable attorneys’ fees and other expenses incurred.” Pfizer makes sure the country will pay for everything.
I really don’t get why governments across the world have signed this. What’s in it for them? Did they sign this voluntarily? It really seems like a colossal shakedown and a complete abdication on the part of these governments to protect their people. It’s malfeasance on a scale that beggars belief.
THE ONLY WAY to get a product recall on these shots is if you can prove fault in Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), which is regulated by the FDA.
However, CGMP will tell you NOTHING about mRNA, because we don’t have CGMP for an mRNA vaccine, so you cannot prove CGMP malpractice.

Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Exactly my thoughts as well. One explanation for why the governments went along with such a lopsided deal is this: let’s say that in order to control a government, you really only need to be able to blackmail 10 key people. Now if we have 190 countries, 10 * 190 = 1,900.

Keeping dirt and compromising info on 1,900 individuals is a small database indeed. Any intelligence service worth the name could do it.

Now think Jeffrey Epstein. Then AG of Florida Acosta was told hands-off because Epstein belonged to ‘intelligence’.

I am sure he probably wasn’t the only one operating in the world, and Europe must have its own Epstein-like network, which compromised most European key public figures and bureaucrats.

If that is the case, you now see why they all have zero incentive to do the right thing. It is the fundamental flaw in the psyche of a nilihist and individualist whose cynicism holds nothing sacred anymore and trumps even the most basic imperative of a healthy conscience.

If you want to find out more about how deep the rabbit hole goes, at least in the USA, search for the MEGA GROUP. An American journalist in exile in Chile wrote a series of very good articles detailing how it all started when mob boss Meyer Lansky was able to compromise then FBI director J Edgar Hoover.

The articles are, of course, censored. But you should be able to find them on the Internet Archive.

Goodnight and goodluck.

2 years ago

The 16-year-olds won’t worry about helping their granny. They know that most granny’s are fine; the world is not folding around them because most have a few thought processes. What they will think is that their social lives will diminish if they don’t get the jab–the most important part of your average 16 year old’s mental processes. That option should not be offered to a teen.

2 years ago

[…] killed the Grandparents, now they want to kill the Kids… – by Dr. Vernon Coleman – – “If you’re a human and not a zombie this will fill you with rage. If the squaddies […]