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Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part Two

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We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, a lawyer for the elderly, who first spoke out about Midazolam and care home deaths in June 2020.

You can read Part One here

If you want to read the damning first hand evidence about the failures of the care, medical and legal sectors during the last 18 months, follow Lawyers of Light channel here and The Expose here.

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison – Part Two

Wednesday 1st April 2020

It’s been just over a week since I started home working. I have completed everything I can and now have nothing to do. Because there is no one contacting the office. Its like everyone has gone into hibernation.

I got an email from the Red Cross last week saying they wanted me to help with food deliveries. Then the next day I got another email saying I had been stood down as demand is NOT high enough??? Says it all. I now feel sure this “Covid 19” is not what it seems.

People are ridiculously going to clap for the NHS now on a Thursday, like a bunch of morons. It’s like a bloody ritual.

I’ve been out as usual to the shops for food etc also going out for a bit of exercise. I haven’t had any problems but I’m hearing stories from some friends, and indeed seeing them on line, that the police are stopping people asking if they have a legitimate reason to be out and checking their shopping. WTF???? I don’t remember any new laws to cover this! Surely that is not a criminal matter for the police, either.

We have set up a family zoom time. Of course I shared the above about the police and got told I was crazy and lying. What’s the betting it comes out as true soon?

We have also set up a family what’s app. I’ve sent them some stuff I’ve been researching from doctors, one called Andrew Kaufman and one called Sukarhit Bhakdi, (I think that’s his name). As said above I’m now convinced there is something nefarious going on.

When I check death stats they are nothing like what I would expect to see. I think we are being lied to and they are talking already about a vaccine! What a bloody surprise. Money money money. No coronavirus vaccine has ever worked. The animals in the trials all died when they came into contact with the wild virus. Doesn’t bode well.

This stinks of control to me. Why would you be talking about a vaccine whilst at the same time removing the need for autopsies of anyone who has supposedly died from this? Surely an autopsy would help reveal what this disease has done to the body and how best to treat it? Also it seems a lot of doctors are being censored when they are talking about what they are seeing, if this doesn’t fit with the mainstream news. This doesn’t make sense either. Wouldn’t you want all doctors to work together as that helps people? Surely a debate of different ideas and views is helpful, not unhelpful?

Of course my family think I am mad if I mention any of the above. Its always been the same. I wonder all the time how I’m actually related to some of them.

I’m going back to work on Monday. I’ve had enough of being stuck at home now and I want to see what’s going on.

Monday 6th April 2020

Went back to work today. Its very quiet so I made a few phone calls to care homes and clients I know are alone.

The care homes are all closed. I wanted to get info so I decided to play a bit dumb rather than be forceful. I called XXXXX first and spoke to XXXXX. She told me they have no Covid at the home. She was rather proud of the fact and I just went along with it, asking how the staff and residents were doing.

She told me that staffing is an issue and they have a number of staff off isolating as some of them have a runny nose etc. Apparently the advice is to isolate for 14 days and she said they haven’t got very much support for the staff shortages. She said something about a few district nurses being diverted to them but it’s not enough.

XXXXX mentioned that staff that are in are working longer days as a result, and are really tired. They don’t have the right aprons and other protective equipment, and they don’t know when they will get them.

I asked if the residents were OK and XXXXX said that because of staff shortages they have to keep them in their rooms longer. My blood ran cold when she said this and I imagined them using “measures” to do this. I started to push XXXXX on this and she then clammed up a bit and said that she meant the residents were not congregating in the main residents room. I don’t believe her.

It was a knee jerk reaction from me, but I blurted out that I needed to come down and see Mrs D. There is no reason I do, aside from the fact I am how exceedingly worried about residents being locked in their rooms after what XXXXX said.

She started to go on about being locked down, and that visitors are not allowed. She said they were having WINDOW VISITS ONLY and then only if the resident was DYING. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I felt sick.

XXXXX then started going on about wearing protective equipment etc, and I said stop! Solicitors are exempt from all this and we don’t get given protective equipment. She just accepted it. I couldn’t believe it! So now I am to go down next week on Thursday to see Mrs D.

I made calls to the rest of care homes locally where I have clients and the story was the same everywhere. When I spoke to YYYYY I asked if the GP was still going in, given lockdown. He said no, the GPs were doing Zoom or remote appointments! I made sure he knew that I thought that was RIDICULOUS. How can they assess a person with complex needs remotely? YYYYY agreed with me to a large extent. He said they are really under a lot of pressure as they had to take alot of people from the local hospital in March, so that the hospitals were clear. He said they had no choice in this!!! He also said that they feel somewhat abandoned now as they don’t have in house GP support, or any other support from the speech and language therapists, or physios etc.

I really feel worried. I can’t sleep as I’m churning over how all my clients in care homes are going to survive this if they can’t see a doctor when they need to. It also begs the question, what if they need new glasses or a hearing aid. This care home situation is turning into the perfect storm for disaster in my opinion. I’m arguing with myself about whether to go public with this and what I am seeing. Would anyone even listen or care? I’ve gone back on Facebook for this reason and said a few things already. But I don’t think anyone is listening. I have noticed though that there are some others on there saying they think this is all a lie…

Read Part Three here.

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desiree stokkel
desiree stokkel
1 year ago

twitter sabotages health = remove pictures that bring Solution against Mad cow disaease in Covid vaccins,D66.png
1 year ago

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1 year ago

Very interesting diary entries. Thank you. What the Government and we as a society did to older and vulnerable people last year was a stain on all our consciences.
Allowing people to die without their relatives present, without even a GP or a nurse present, and imposing the ‘chemical cosh’ of Midazolam, was truly shameful.

1 year ago

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