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Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part Four

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We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, a lawyer for the elderly, who first spoke out about Midazolam and care home deaths in June 2020.

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Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison – Part Four

1st May to 30th June 2020

I spoke to a lady called Jaclyn Dunne at the back end of April after seeing a video she did on Facebook. She is the furthest from a conspiracy theorist you can get. I think she is a natural health provider. Her video resonated with me so much, and it was so good to hear someone say what I feel, in such a measured way.

I asked to speak to her as I was thinking about contacting a barrister called Francis Hoar who I had seen on youtube discussing the new regulations the Govt have put out. He seems pretty convinced they are ultra vires so I told Jaclyn I wanted to discuss the possibility of a Judicial Review with him.

To be honest I was nervous about this. I don’t know the guy and this area of law is way outside my knowledge. But speaking to Jaclyn gave me courage, and I bit the bullet.

When I called Francis it transpired he was already in the process of putting papers together for a JR on behalf of a guy called Simon Dolan. It is crowd funded so we agreed that myself and Jaclyn would give the case some coverage to bolster the crowd funding. Evidently it could cost as much as £1M. I was shocked to say the least.

I did say to Francis that my concern is around mandatory vaccines. He was dismissive of this. He said to me it is unlikely that anyone will have a vaccine as they have tried for years to make a coronavirus one, and never succeeded as the trials failed, and the animals died. I remain unconvinced, but didn’t push this further with him.


Work has been horrendous. The deaths have started piling up. I don’t believe any are of Covid and I have plenty of evidence that this is just being put on the death certificates as a guess. Apparently that’s “allowed” now.

On 1st May I got a call from a care home, PH, in the local area, to tell me that one of my client’s there, T”, had died at around 7.15am that morning. I spoke to a nurse called “K” and she told me that PH had organised to have T’s body immediately removed from the nursing home after death, (to the wrong funeral home I might add), as the death had been classified as “Covid 19”. I was so angry about the removal I was beyond words. How dare they!
I asked K if T had received a test before death to confirm the existence of Covid 19.   K said no so I asked if T had been seen in the week prior to her death by a Doctor who had diagnosed Covid 19. K said no so I asked who had confirmed the death as Covid 19 in view T had not received a confirmatory test and had received no clinical diagnosis of the same.  K said that a nurse at PH had confirmed life had been extinguished by Covid 19, and that this had been merely a “suspicion”. I raised doubts about the validity of the cause of death due to it being a suspicion only, but K told me that PH could class deaths in this way and were following policy guidance from Public Health England which had been passed to them. She ended by saying PH “were following government guidelines”.

I reminded K that only a week before T’s death I had received, as her advocate, an email from PH telling me that PH was Covid free. I also told K that T was 89 years old at her death. I had seen T at least 4 times in the year before her death, and on every occasion, I had noted and discussed with staff at PH that T had not been eating properly. T was also suffering from severe Alzheimer’s and several other complex health problems. I told K that I was deeply concerned about T’s death being noted as Covid 19, considering her other serious health problems, the Covid free status of the home confirmed by the email the prior week, and the absence of a test or clinical diagnosis for T. K repeated to me that PH were simply following procedure.

I spoke to Dr G of PF surgery a few days later as she was writing the death certificate for T to be sent over to the registrars on that day. She asked me if I had any queries or concerns. I said my concern was that T’s death had been classified as a Covid death, but that T did not have a test or a clinical diagnosis of the same. I said I had been told by PH that this was now the procedure to be followed, and that PH had told me that this was following advice from Public Health England. Dr G confirmed this was the case and that T’s death certificate would be marked as bronchopneumonia (suspected Covid 19) as the primary cause. She said that old age and infirmity would only be listed as secondary causes. I told her I was unhappy with this and that it seemed to me to be a fraudulent noting of the cause of death, as the true cause was not certain. Dr G told me that the noting of the death certificate in this way was allowed under standard operating procedure due to current measures put in place by the government. I made clear that I was unhappy with this and that the only way to truly know if T had died of Covid 19 would have been for her to have received a positive test and a clinical diagnosis of the same. Dr G ignored what I said completely and definitively told me this was how T’s death certificate would be marked. I was horrified.

After calling Dr G, as PH had moved T’s body without my consent, to the wrong funeral home, (Co op), I called the correct funeral directors to get things sorted. I spoke to D at the funeral parlour and he said he would get in touch with Co op to organise a “transfer” and call me back to confirm matters. He did indeed call me back and told me he had not been notified that T was a covid death. He said it was a joke and this happens all the time. The death gets marked as covid then they don’t get told anything and are not told to take any special measures when removing the body. As he said, and I quote, “so much for a deadly virus”.

D confessed to me that once they get the body and the medical certificate from the doctor, then they have to tell the family that there can be no viewing of the body due to “covid”. However he said he is aware of, what he called a “scam”, whereby some local doctors are willing to give some sort of other certificate to confirm a viewing is OK, (I’ve never heard of this before), but charging families £100 to get the certificate! I couldn’t believe it and we both said how can this be anything to do with a deadly virus if this is the case. I asked him if he was getting alot of deaths of different age ranges. He said he was getting alot of deaths, but 90% were from care homes and were the elderly or already vulnerable. He said he felt this was very suspect, as like me, he believed that deaths would be spread across all ages and sectors if this was a deadly virus. But the deaths are not. They are confined mainly to care homes at the moment. He said that he felt this was down to reasons other than the virus and that he had heard stories of lack of care, lack of food, and sedation leading to death.

I asked if he would go on record about it all and particularly the money making by the doctors, but he declined saying it would be more than his job was worth.

On 4th May 2020 the son of  “M” phoned me to let me know that M had died. I asked what M had died of and M’s son told me he was very confused and upset as M’s death certificate had been noted as myocardial infarction and Covid 19 as a joint first cause of death.

I asked M’s son if M had received a Covid 19 test before his death and was told he had not. He had also not been seen by a doctor before his death and neither had he been clinically diagnosed with Covid 19. Yet his death certificate said he had covid.

M’s son told me that he had queried the cause of death with the registrar when completing the telephone death registration process and had been told that procedure was being followed which allowed for the noting of the death in this way. I asked M’s son what he understood by that procedure and he expanded that the registrar had told him that it was government policy to deal with the noting of deaths in this way, at this time.

M’s son asked me how his father could have died from 2 primary first causes of death and I said he could not have, as this is impossible. There can be only one primary cause of death and all other factors are secondary. I told M’s son that in my 20-practicing years as a lawyer I had never seen a death certificate marked with 2 primary first causes of death and M’s son remarked that he felt the whole thing did not make sense.

These 2 calls followed the same pattern as the first call I had about a death on 27th April 2020. That day the daughter of one of my clients “C” informed me that C had died on 27th April 2020. C was in fact also a resident of PH. When I asked what C had died of C’s daughter told me they had been told by PH, that C had died of Covid 19. This is even though in that same week I had received an email as T’s advocate informing me that PH were Covid free.

Again, I had asked C’s daughter if C had received a Covid test before his death and a clinical diagnosis of Covid 19. C’s daughter confirmed he had not received either. But again the death certificate said covid. How can this be right?

During the period 27th April to mid June I have been notified of 15 deaths of my clients and they have all followed this pattern. That is 15 deaths in 49 days. 7 weeks. That is 2 a week. There are too many deaths to write about here, but I can say that the vast majority of the deaths have been residents of care homes. Of the few that have not, they died in hospital or at home. NOT ONE received a covid test before death, but all but one had Covid on their death certificate.

This has to be the biggest scam going. The funeral directors know it. The care workers know it. The bloody doctors know it and are making money out of it. My fellow professionals working in this field must all know it. Yet ALL BUT A FEW are not speaking out? How can that be? How can these people live with themselves knowing the families of their loved ones don’t know the real reason their relative died. How is that honouring the dead?

After having made a couple of short videos on Facebook about my thoughts on these things, I have been contacted by 2 whistleblowers connected to care homes.

The first “K” confirmed to me that it is absolutely the case that care homes were told they had to take patients from hospital at the outset of lockdown. She told me that the care homes didn’t want to do this as they were worried about their existing residents and being understaffed if they took in more people. She said her partner is a care home manager and she herself overheard the management meetings as her partner was working from home. Worryingly, she also saw some documents, and her partner discussed with her, that the home were told that if they didn’t take the hospital discharges, they would be denied their local authority funding for the residents that are not privately paying. She also said that the home was given some sort of financial incentive to take the hospital discharges. She thinks this funding was for around 6 weeks.

So effectively it was blackmail. Do it and get funds, or don’t do it and get penalised financially. I couldn’t bloody believe what I was hearing when she was telling me. I asked K to get copies of any paperwork she could and send it to me. She said she will try, but she is obviously limited to what she can get from her partner. She said her partner will not go on record about this. In fact its really sad as she and her partner have now separated because of it all, as she cannot accept that her partner won’t speak out.

The other whistleblower “G” told me some absolutely horrendous things. She confirmed my worst fears about residents not being fed and the lack of GP visits.

In the home where she works, the GP does not come in at all, and does everything remotely. G said she is disgusted as the GP has, at will, been diagnosing that residents are at risk of aspiration without ever assessing properly for this. The effect of this is that the resident is then taken off all normal by mouth medication, including pain meds, due to the spurious risk of aspiration. They are also put on nil by mouth, so denied food and water, given a DNR and the staff are told that the resident is not to be admitted to hospital.

Due to the withdrawal of regular meds and lack of food and hydration, the residents become agitated, understandably. This is where it gets really nefarious, as G said the residents in question are then given midazolam and morphine to sedate them, and this is given in increasing doses. These drugs depress respiration, and G said the residents concerned pass away shortly after. She believes their death certs could be marked as covid, but cannot be sure as doesn’t see these.

G said this is murder in her opinion. I agree. There is no reason these people should have their usual meds withdrawn without proper assessment and to withdraw food and water is just unconscionable. This is the supposedly defunct Liverpool Care Pathway in my opinion.

G said she believes at least 2 residents have been murdered in this manner at the care home. It’s so bloody shocking. G said she and one other colleague are trying to keep a 3rd resident alive who is now being denied food, and heartbreakingly they are feeding her baby food that they are personally bringing in, and which she is eating after they have explained to her, “her risk of aspiration”.

To say that what I have been told is traumatising is an understatement. It confirms all my worst fears and I now cannot stop thinking that this is really how MY clients in homes have died. What a disgusting vile world we live in where so many can go along with this and keep silent about it.

I for one will not keep quiet about this. I am going to the police about G’s information and I pray they do something.

I am also going to make the info public, in the hope it might save more in care from dying like this.

I don’t know what I’m going to do to make it public, but I AM NOT just going to sit here and say nothing. The country and indeed the world needs to wake up to what is really going on with the elderly in care and their deaths. The people of this country need to know this truth. However, will they listen? And will they care?

In part 5 read about – “going public, protesting and hitting brick walls”.

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Below are some photos of articles posted in the months following the above journal entries, which support what was written.

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[…] November 8, 2021Extracts from “Pandemic Diary of a Frontline Lawyer for the Elderly” – Part Four […]