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Zinc Inhibits Influenza Virus, Covid and Helps Our Body Detox from Graphene

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Your immune system is your first line of defence against all disease, especially infectious disease, and there are many different ways to boost your immune system and improve its function. One nutrient that plays a very important role in your immune system’s ability to ward off viral infections is zinc.

The anti-malarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are synthetic forms of quinine, a naturally occurring compound found in plants.   Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine act as a zinc ionophore as do the other natural compounds quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate (“EGCG”). 

Zinc may be a vastly underrated player in the Covid pandemic. It is vital for healthy immune function and a combination of zinc with a zinc ionophore – a zinc transport molecule that facilitates zinc absorption in your body – was in 2010 shown to inhibit SARS coronavirus in vitro or in “test tube experiments.”  In cell culture, it also blocked viral replication within minutes.

Note: Interestingly, one of the authors of this 2010 study was none other than Ralph Baric, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who is one of the four people intrinsically linked with the creation of SARS-CoV-2 and its pandemic, the others being Shi Zhengli, the “Bat Woman”, Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci.  According to Dr. David Martin, Daszak and Fauci being the architects of the pandemic.

In the video below, Dr. Roger Seheult reviews compelling evidence suggesting the reason the anti-malarial drugs appear so useful in the treatment of Covid is in fact because it improves zinc uptake into the cell.  Bear in mind that this video was made in March 2020.

MedCram: Chloroquine & Zinc Treatment Combo, 10 March 2020 (16 mins)

Covid and zinc deficiency share many symptoms.  As noted by Bill Sardi, a majority of the symptoms of Covid – 18 symptoms in all – are near-indistinguishable from those of zinc deficiency. Symptoms shared by both include but are not limited to:

Studies on Zinc and Zinc Ionophores:

The symptoms associated with Covid also match symptoms of EMF radiation and graphene oxide poisoning.  For example, a study published in October concluded there is a substantial overlap in pathobiology between Covid and wireless communication systems exposure.  And La Quinta Columna, who has publicised a lot of research in connection with graphene found in face masks, test swabs and injections, stated in June:

“Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the [glutathione] reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm … In short, graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new coronavirus provoked before the disease called Covid-19.”

Graphene can be flushed out of the body naturally.  An enzyme found in our blood, myeloperoxidase, degrades graphene oxide.  Alcohol (ethanol) or tobacco (nicotine), for example, can help to increase this enzyme. But there are healthier options to support our bodies in breaking down the graphene that gets into our bodies.

In the video below, La Quinta Columna explains that every antioxidant, especially the master antioxidant glutathione, degrades graphene oxide.  Included in the list of food supplements La Quinta Columna suggests are zinc and it’s ionophore, quercetin.

Orwellito: La Quinta Columna informs on antioxidants that degrade graphene oxide, 20 July 2021 (12 mins)

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Zinc Inhibits Influenza Virus, Covid and Helps Our Body Detox from Graphene
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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
4 months ago

Covid-19 Patent Horrors
By Dr. Ariyana Love
In my latest interview with Stew Peter’s, we discussed how the “Covid-19 vaccine” ingredients listed in the patents, reveal that all these poisonous death shots are deleting genes and genetically modifying Humans for patentability.
The Hydrogel patent US8415325B2 is listed in the Moderna patent, here. Hydrogels are also mentioned in a second Moderna patent, here. Hydrogel is listed in the Johnson & Johnson patent, here. Hydrogels are made from Graphene Oxide. Nobody can deny the evidence that Graphene Oxide is in the shots.
All the Covid-19 “vaccine” patents mention gene deletion. All the patents except one, mention “complimentary DNA” (cDNA). cDNA is a chimeric mRNA cocktail that’s being coded into Human cells using artificial genetic sequences in cross-species genomics.
According to the US Supreme Court ruling in 2013, altering Humans with cDNA makes them patent eligible. The court documents show that cDNA is made using modified bacterium and Supreme Court judges ruled it patent eligible. This means that a plant, animal or Human, could be patented and owned if first genetically modified with cDNA.
Mark Steele summarized it perfectly by stating:
In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (without natural people), but “trans-human”, so a category that does not exist in Human Rights. The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost. This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law.
Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNAs are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.”
The court document says scientists added 4 plasmids to a bacterium. I already documented in my article entitled, “EPIGENETICS: Vaccines Are deleting Human Genes & Transfecting Cells With Ebola/Marburg,” that E. coli is the base for all these chimeric bioweapons, not viruses.
I found E. coli listed in most of the patents. Mind you, these are genetically enhanced, antibiotic resistant bacterium, made to be them more lethal. They are then transfected into GMO parasites and Hydras. These parasites are more difficult to kill but they can be killed using specific natural protocols.
You can eliminate the entire species with CRISPR-Cas-9 technology or completely remove genetic traits in the Human race.
I previously wrote about the Fauci-funded chimeric bioweapon called the Lentivirus mRNA vector in my article entitled, ” Transgenic Hydras & Parasites A Biological Weapons System For Rapid Human Cloning.” The Lentivirus bioweapon was developed in Wuhan and contains the HIV 1-3, SARS, MERS and the AIDS inducing SRV-1. It can be found in the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, AstraZeneca and Oxford patents.
The HIV-1 Bioweapon, which contained within the Lentivirus vector, is patented and owned by Anthony Fauci. He is a mass murdering war criminal responsible for this “Vaccine” Holocaust.
The Pfizer patent mentions gene 69-70 deletion and mutation.
Thermo Fischer produced a study revealing that gene deletion mutations is the cause of “vaccine” induced variants. This company is not only profiting from this “Vaccine” Holocaust but Thermo Fischer has a scientific report clearly stating that gene deletion is responsible for the Lambda, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta variants.
SV-40 vector is a chimeric Bioweapon found in the J&J patent. It’s known to cause rapid cancer growth. The SV-40 vector is provided to J&J by Thermo Fischer. SV-40 contains Human cells, Bovine Growth Hormone (Mad Cow Disease), E. coli, and Herpes. This would explain the Herpes outbreaks after “vaccination”.
The Pfizer patent also mentions gene 144 deletion which causes rapid cancer growth.
I also found a patent for a “Combo kit PCR” that mentions gene deletion! So the PCR is not a test at all but implants the mRNA technology without Informed Consent, into your brain.
The Pfizer patent mentions X / Y Chromosome inversions. Inversion of sex genes cause sterility. Since this is a depopulation/extermination and cloning agenda, the transgender Psyop begins to make sense. They want to sterilize our kids and cross-sex hormones will achieve that.
The Moderna patent mentions folding protein and mutations (thus variants) that result in rapid aging and genetic diseases. The patent literally says this is a “Loss-of-Function” and thus, a gene deleting Bioweapon.
Moderna’s patents are listed on their website, here.
The Moderna patent says it’s using the Bovine Growth Hormone which comes from a cow disease known as Mad Cow Disease. Moderna is cloning Humans with a cow disease that becomes deadly when coded into Human cells. This is an animal disease that does NOT even affect Humans so why is Big Pharma transfecting Human cells with Bovine Growth Hormone when it’s known to induce neurological degeneration, dementia and death?
Here’s a PCR kit patent that “tests” Humans for Mad Cow Disease. Or, does it actually transfect Humans with Mad Cow Disease using the Hydrogels?
The Moderna patents makes “add and delete” references to RNA using cDNA templates. It also has starts codons or Open Reading Frame (ORF. These are no stop codons which means there’s no stop to the gene mutations. The variants will continue on indefinitely, passing through the Human race just as Geert Vanden Bosche said would happen.
Without stop codons, an organism is unable to produce specific proteins. The new polypeptide (protein) chain will just grow and grow until the cell bursts or there are no more available amino acids to add to it.
Moderna’s patent also mentions “induce triple helix formation”. This is the third strand that’s being synthetically added to Human DNA. This study shows more about how scientists are creating the triple helix formation in Humans. Here’s another study revealing the artificial triple helix.
The Moderna “Protocol” says one in two of their shots is a Saline. So that’s a 50-50% Russian Roulette chance with your life and your health. The patent also states that Moderna is “encoding HIV-1“. Once again, that’s Fauci’s bioweapon.
The AstraZeneca patent states an E1, E3, E4 gene deletion. As I documented earlier, these gene deletions induce AIDS, unless you get the Saline. Later the pharmaceutical cartel will be removing all Saline shots.
The Novovax patent mentions gene deletion.
The GlaxoSmithKline patent mentions gene deletion and says it uses H1N1, which is the same chimeric bacteria that was used to kill 500 million people in the 1918 Democide, dubbed the “Spanish Flu”, as this study reveals.
“The trimerization domain (foldon) of T4 phage fibritin, a trimeric beta hairpin propeller, was first used in crystallization studies of the 1918 H1N1.”
Bill Gates said to expect a Smallpox Bioweapon terror attack. Smallpox is made from the N1H1 chimeric bacterium proteins. I documented that previously.
The patents back up what Dr. Pablo Campra’s said in his Stew Peter’s interview, that these death jabs contain Nano-biosensors. I’ll be revealing more about this from the patents very soon!
This is not a weapons system of one country against another. This is a weapons system of the NWO against the entire Human population. The only way this ends is when we stand together as one.
Here’s the World Freedom Alliance Notice of Liability. Any regular citizen can serve anyone with a notice of war crimes, if they are mandating or coercing you to take this poisonous shot which is in violation of your basic Human Rights and Nuremberg Codes. Since this is an international case, the Notice of Liability is served in English, country-wide.
See original interview with Stew Peters and Dr. Ariyana Love on Rumble, here.
PLEASE SEE: Dr. Ariyana Love: Graphene Covid Kill Shots, Let The Evidence Speak For Itself
Follow Red Voice Media, here.
Follow Stew Peters Show, here.
December 8, 2021 by Dr. Ariyana Love
Link Here: HUMANS

4 months ago

There is an ivermectin panic on the big tech and MSM right now. Massive articles from MSM on Ivermectin trying to push a danger narrative and also negative press on Americans Frontline Dr’s, again, to keep the Covid narrative alive. Just go to the Goog and type ivermectin then look at all the panic news articles. We are over the target. Big-Pharma is panicking. This medicine has been widely used by humans without any problems for 40 years. It’s inventor won a Nobel Prize after 20 years of successful use and after 100 million people were cured of a broad spectrum of problems without any side effects.
Get your Ivermectin while you still can

Last edited 4 months ago by Purebloodpatriot
Reply to  Purebloodpatriot
4 months ago

Soon they will ban it and make it impossible for anyone to get. Just you watch.

Reply to  yeahyouknowme
4 months ago

As long as you can have lemon and grapefruit you can make HCQ, the natural form. Info came from Dr. Christine Northrup, was part of a webinar they held with Dr. Madej, Dr, Tenpenny and sorry I forgot the doc name (a man) who hosted it. You can find the recipe on the internet if needed. I admit I would be rather careful with it, but if there is no other option I probably would try in need.

Reply to  Purebloodpatriot
4 months ago

Wormwood (Artemesia Annua) works like IVM.

4 months ago

Please educate yourself properly before using supplements, they are not toys. If you take zinc without also adding a multivitamin to balance it against your other vitamins and minerals, you will do more harm than good. Specifically, make sure you are getting a small amount of extra copper to balance the zinc. The “magic formula” is zinc+copper+a balanced multivitamin. Please don’t just overload on zinc alone, you will end up regretting it.

4 months ago

The info in this document is extremely interesting. Mainly from page 3-4 (if you short on time). I hope Rhoda will have a look, too.

Covid – 5G connection and more.

Last edited 4 months ago by GundelP
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
4 months ago

Firstenberg’ book is good. Honestly I googled only because I remembered (maybe wrongly) that Firstenberg mentioned Zink in connection with EMF sensibility and that the opposite is true? For them Zink is not good – but take it a HUGE pinch of salt, my English is not so reliable and I should find that part again. But while was googling I stumbled into this statement? of Claire Edwards, she was the first to warn us about the danger of 5G and the plan of the elite, also she was who started an international appeal against 5G. But in this document she basically called Firstenberg to being a ‘traitor’, a controlled opposition. But the real points are what are in that doc, the different kind of harms and tech – a ‘nice’ extra knowledge. It looks that Claire Edwards ‘on the side of’ / ‘in agreement’ with Dr Barrie Trowel and Mark Steele – they are both experts of this weaponry system and so far they were reliable.

Firstenberg’s book The Invisible Rainbow has a shortened version which can be easily found on the net. Even the long, full book can be in the net archive.

Happy New Year Rhoda!

Last edited 4 months ago by GundelP
4 months ago

Tons of additional info about what is covid, how it works and why and how Ivermectin, HCQ works and vit C, D, Zink and the rest. It also explains why some ‘got covid’ while others not. The short summary is that it is not a virus (I told you -all- so. 🙂 ), but a kind of neurological damage.
Excellent article, I wish I have been read it much earlier, many questions are explained. The author is a curious Italian doc who wrote it based on his experience and studies while treating covid cases.

There are a group of medicines which made the symptoms worse, also in young age, those who use opioids or marihuana, sport a lot, vegetarians or have a poorly functional adrenal gland. For the elderly, many drugs they usually ate.