Office of National Statistics says – “UK Deaths are Below the 5 Year Average” – Is The “Crisis” All Over?

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Deaths in the most recent week for which data are available were 9.3% below the five-year average in England and Wales, The figures from the ONS show that in the week ending January 28th, 2022, there were 1,269 fewer deaths registered in England and Wales compared to the five-year average.  Also, of the 1,385 deaths involving COVID-19, 71.2% (986 deaths) had Covid recorded as the underlying cause of death, Is the crisis being brought to a close?

The ONS Figures

This figure uses data from 2016-19 and 2021 as the five-year average, missing out 2020 as a pandemic year. However, deaths in January 2021 were very high, so this skews the five-year average upwards. Nonetheless, compared with the 2015 to 2019 five-year average, deaths in England and Wales were still 2.8% below average (359 fewer deaths).

Hospitals & Care Homes

According to the figures, the low mortality is also reflected in excess deaths in hospitals and care homes which were running well below average at 17.9% and 20.1% below respectively.

Deaths in Private Homes

Sadly, deaths in private homes continue to run high, being 17.8% (557 deaths) above the five-year average.  Although the figures could be attributed to the displacement from hospitals and care homes, it may also be because people are continuing to avoid them. The full circumstances around this ongoing issue need to be properly investigated.

COVID Deaths

Notably, the figures also show that almost a third of what have been deemed to be “Covid deaths” by the ONS did not have COVID-19 recorded as the underlying cause on the death certificate in the most recent weeks.

Of the 1,385 deaths involving COVID-19, 71.2% (986 deaths) had Covid recorded as the underlying cause of death (compared with 72.9% in the previous week).  Meaning that 28.8% of deaths officially counted as Covid deaths were registered as from another underlying cause.

We could argue, that what we are seeing are the deaths that are being falsely classified as “COVID” are gradually occurring less, in order to bring the pandemic to what will be perceived to be a natural end.

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Does this mean the “crisis” is coming to an end? In countries such as Denmark, it would seem so, due to the reclassifying of COVID-19, repealing pandemic laws, and lifting the state of emergency.

Ross Clark in the Spectator noted that “as of February 1st COVID-19 will no longer be classified by the country as a ‘socially critical disease’ and the legal framework for the restrictions is also being lifted, removing the Government’s power to impose further measures without new legislation.”  

“Tonight we can … find the smile again. We have incredibly good news, we can now remove the last coronavirus restrictions in Denmark,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a press conference, following recommendations from the Epidemic Commission and with all the main political parties’ support. The last restrictions will be dropped on February 1 (source)

It Was Never About A VIrus

The announcement came despite the fact that Omicron, BA.2, infections were up, with 46,000 new COVID-19 cases recorded just days before. In a real pandemic, this would make as much sense as a country not ending a crisis despite their declining figures.

But then we must remember the “crisis” is not about a virus, and the figures are simply manipulated to control the public perception. So no, we’re not nearly there yet, we are merely approaching the next stage of the plan.

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'UNN Unity News Network (UNN) @UnityNewsNet BOMBSHELL... UK Government just signed a £320 million ad contract for Covid 19 related ads till March 2022! We are being SCREWED Industry GOV.UK Contracts Radio services 79341000 ennices 92200000 contract United Kingdom Value fcontract Mar channelIsland BETA This new service your feedback will E320.000.000 Procurementrefference CCCS21A03. impr Home Search results COVID 19 Media Buying Services Closing date COVID 19 Media Buying Services March Closing time Cabinet Office Cabinet Office Published date: 30 April2021 12am Awarded opportunity- This means that the contracthas been awarded supplier, May Watch his notice Twitter for Android'

The COVID advertising should stop next month as the government contract for the media buying service comes to an end, making way for the technological and digital identity promotions coming in April (source).

The Status of COVID-19

Every nonsensical, disproportionate, harmful to health restriction and rule enforced by the government came after the “novel virus” was not considered to be a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID).

In summary, due to consideration of the UK criteria about the virus and that more was known about it, the information was reviewed finding low mortality rates and COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

SAGE Psychologists

A fact that did not deter the behavioural psychologists who were the scientific advisors to the UK government, SAGE led by communist party members, from releasing a document titled “Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures” just days later.

Negating the fact that the public was well aware that there was no pandemic and that the “novel virus” was not of a high consequence, SAGE stated that “a number of people were not sufficiently personally threatened” and “are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group.”

The advice to the government was that the personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.

Strangely, the Document seemed to have had the same “role-playing” tone similar to that heard in Event 201, exercise in plandemic preparedness, as if they were not dealing with real people.

Their role was successful as the masses were not complacent, they felt the risk and the fear. The game of Simon Says with Whitty et al, commenced, with too many individuals not seeing that the emperor was in fact, naked, but also almost seeing that his clothes were made of gold silk, and embellishing the lies.

The Emperor's New Clothes

This continues as individuals still refuse to see that the last two years were not about a virus, and those that now see, are reluctant to admit they were wrong.

Since 27th January 2022, all measures under Plan B were lifted, meaning face coverings are no longer mandatory in indoor venues yet some people are still wearing the cloth of compliance and demanding that others do too.

There will be no “I told you so’s” as the masses will continue to comply with the rules as if it is the natural order of things, allowing the next stage of the plan to be ushered in.

The ONS figures, therefore only alert us to the fact that they are almost finished in the priming and prepping of the masses who are sufficiently helpless and ready for their next commands.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
1 year ago

The crisis has to start before it can finish. Governments across the world colluded to create a false crisis with misinformation, false statistics and downright lies. Now the real figures are coming out and more and more people are beginning to realise that they have been duped. A false pandemic created so that they could shut down economies until they were destroyed. A so called vaccine which does not prevent infection or prevent the infection being passed on, with the hidden ‘benefit’ of causing death, severe illnesses, still births, miscarriages, reduced fertility in order to reduce the world population to usher in the Great Reset. Those responsible for this need to be fully held to account.

1 year ago

In 2015, Dr Satoshi Omura was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work that led to the development of Ivermectin, a drug that has helped millions of people. CommieTube deleted a video of him speaking about the benefits of Ivermectin because he doesn’t understand the science of Ivermectin!! Are you AWAKE YET? You can get your ivm by visiting

Last edited 1 year ago by Purebloodpatriot
1 year ago

Why does it state 19th of March 2020 in the Status of Covid declaration? Assume 2021 was meant?

1 year ago

Funny, it reminds me an article at the beginning, parents didn’t take their infants for the scheduled vaccinations, because of the lockdowns and their mortality dropped with 20%.
I guess the clot shots already killed many elderly and fragile in clusters, many didn’t visit docs but looked for alternative cures and the death rate dropped. According to US data their health care system is the biggest killer.