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Avital Livny: Personal Testimonies from Israel

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On Day 6 of the Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples’ Court of Public Opinion, Avital Livny described the patterns of adverse effects from Covid injections that she was encountering as well as giving some personal stories of vaccine-injured people from Israel.

Avital Livny is the initiator of The Testimonies Project in Israel.  A project created to provide a platform for all those who have suffered adverse effects from Covid injections. A platform to ensure victims’ voices are heard because they are being ignored by the Israeli media.

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Livny began her testimony:

“When [the injection campaign] started in Israel, soon after, I think two months or three months after, I started hearing about people experiencing side effects, people that I know around me. The numbers went up as time went by. And I also started noticing people on Facebook posting posts talking about what happened to them after getting the shots. And the dozens became hundreds. And yet in the Israeli media, there was nothing – ‘everything is perfect, no side effects’.

“And also, I noticed that whenever somebody posted a post talking about what he experienced, the side effects he experienced, he immediately got comments like ‘fake news’, ‘lies of unvaccinated people’, ‘anti-vaccine’. And I knew right away that the only way to stop this and to bring the truth out is only with video testimonies. Because once you see the person’s face, speaking from his heart about his tragedy, in your guts you know when it’s not fake, you know.”

So, Livny messaged some vaccine-injured people who were posting on Facebook groups, introduced herself and told them about the Testimonies Project. At first, “almost all of them didn’t want to do it. They were too afraid to come out with their stories,” Livny testified.

“You have to understand that the atmosphere in Israel since the so-called vaccination started is so violent, so toxic, a lot of hate, fear, families are falling apart, getting divided between vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

Below is the video of Livny’s testimony and the transcript.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Bitchute.

Grand Jury Day 6: Avital Livny Testimony, 26 February 2022 (45 mins)

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Transcript Avital Livny

Hello, everyone. First of all, I’m very honoured to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

When the vaccinating, so-called vaccinating, I’m sorry, that’s the terminology that I’m using because I’m dealing with people that use it and I have to talk to them, even though I don’t think of it as vaccines anymore.

But when it started in Israel, soon after, I think two months or three months after, I already started hearing about people experiencing side effects, people that I know around me. The numbers went up as time went by. And I also started noticing people on Facebook posting posts talking about what happened to them after getting the shots. And the dozens became hundreds. And yet in the Israeli media, there was nothing – “everything is perfect, no side effects.”

And also, I noticed that whenever somebody posted a post talking about what he experienced, the side effects he experienced, he immediately got comments like “fake news,” “lies of unvaccinated people,” “anti-vaccine.” And I knew right away that the only way to stop this and to bring the truth out is only with video testimonies. Because once you see the person’s face, speaking from his heart about his tragedy, in your guts you know when it’s not fake, you know. But all the organisations that were involved at the time with the testimonies and with collecting the details and the data. And when I contacted them, they told me that it was impossible to get people to testify on camera since they were afraid. So, I waited. I was hoping that somebody will do it.

But eventually when I saw that the Israeli government is not stopping, they’re not going to investigate any of those reports. And on the contrary, they went full power ahead and started giving the shots to the 16- and 18-year-old teenagers. As a mother of two, I decided that I have to try and do it myself.

I went inside private groups on Facebook of people who got injured from the vaccine, this was the title at the roof [top]. And started going over it. There were already thousands of testimonies there, posts, comments. I went over thousands of them and contacted hundreds of them through messenger, introducing myself and telling them about the project that I was going to do. But almost all of them didn’t want to do it. They were too afraid to come out with their stories.

And Ilana mentioned it before, you have to understand that the atmosphere in Israel since the so-called vaccination started is so violent, so toxic, a lot of hate, fear, families are falling apart, getting divided between vaccinated and unvaccinated. And no wonder since, as Ilana told you, our own Prime Minister, the incitement against the unvaccinated is unbelievable. And he was caught on camera saying at the beginning of being Prime Minister, he was saying that the unvaccinated people are like people going on the street with a machine gun, spraying a dangerous virus all over.

And as she said, he was saying when they started giving the shots to children in schools, “I want the parents of the vaccinated children to fight with the parents of the unvaccinated children.”

So, no wonder people were afraid for their jobs, of what their colleagues and friends will say. And they didn’t want to come up with the stories. So, in order to give them a sense of confidence and safety, I gave them my word that I will not publish anything before I have at least 40 testimonies. Three and a half months later, the project was ready. It became a heart-breaking documentary of an hour and seven minutes. It was released five months ago, already translated into 15 different languages, just on our website, it got more than 2 million views. And still, on the Israeli media – nothing.

The majority of the Israeli people never heard of the testimonies project. You get the feeling that they want to shut it down. They want no one to know of the side effects. As Ilana said, there was this post of the Israeli Ministry of Health – they deleted thousands of comments from people saying what happened to them instead of reaching out to them and checking the information.

And not a lot of people know, but in Israel there is no normal system – until not long ago – there was no normal effective system to collect data and reports of side effects. Unlike the American VAERS. Most of the people don’t even know that they should or are supposed to report. And the people from my project, when they tried to send in a report, they told me it was impossible. At the time you had the limitation of words and you could only choose from several side effects. So, if you had something different, you couldn’t put in the report.

And the most important thing, no transparency. So, you have no idea what happened to your report. You cannot see other reports and compare data. The whole idea of the transparency in the American system, the VAERS, is that researchers, doctors, scientists, they can go inside the data – they can do their statistics and see if there are patterns in some of the side effects that can indicate that this is probably from the vaccination, from the shot. In Israel, we are the laboratory of the world, but we don’t have a system like that.

And in the American VAERS, it’s mostly doctors who send in their reports. In Israel, a woman from my project, her name is Esty, she got heart problems. She asked her doctor, “are you going to report this?” He told her: “it’s not my job to report. If you want, go ahead and report it.”

Most of the doctors are not willing even to write on the same page of the injury, where they’re supposed to put all the data, that this person two days ago had also got the Pfizer shot. They’re not willing to write it down. As I said, you have the feeling that they tried to shut it down.

A few months ago, it’s amazing, one very famous media guy, is a kind of celebrity, he’s not politically correct. He’s saying whatever he wants. He was interviewed by one of his colleagues and he told her: “come on, let’s speak honestly. You and I both know, that as media people, we got instructed from the beginning not to say anything against the vaccines.” He was saying it out loud. They were not allowed to talk against it. And the doctors again. And this whole atmosphere, the first thing that the people on my project felt they need to tell me when I started taking testimony, the first thing they told me “First, let me tell you that I’m not anti-vax,” which is the most absurd thing because they got the shot inside our body. How can anyone suspect them to be anti-vaxxer? But the atmosphere and the incitement are so terrible that they get the need to defend themselves.

And as I said, in the American VAERS the transparency is to get the statistics. I don’t have the American VAERS. But only from my project and from the people I spoke to – I am not a doctor and as a regular person – I could see patterns. I could see clear cut to different side effects. And this is, by the way, how I edited the documentary. At the end, I have seven side effects. I have the heart problems, the neurological problems – these are the most the two major ones – vaginal bleedings and miscarriages, skin problems, blood clots, infections and the burst of disease, usually autoimmune disease.

And as soon as it was released, I saw that nobody’s going to stop and investigate. And they are going to go on to the ages twelve to 16. So, I soon after, started another round of testimonies until today when I tried to focus on the younger cases – unfortunately, now I see cases of teenagers and also on people who got hurt after getting the booster. And I was talking about the patterns. I can tell you of a few of them. I’m sure people, viewers that listen to us, will see a few of the things that are similar to people they know with the heart problems.

You have many disorders, pressure in the chest and strong heartbeat, irregular heartbeats. But the major severe side effects that I see is one, heart attack and cardiac arrest, and myocarditis.  And the cardiac arrest is mostly with people in their 40s. Every two or three days you hear in Israel about someone who went to sleep and never woke up. But of course, no connection to the shots.

The myocarditis you have it, especially with young men and young boys. And for the young boys, the teenagers, it’s days after getting the shots, days after getting the shots. I have two cases of 15-year-old boys who got myocarditis a few days, less than a week, after they got the shot. Their parents are not willing to testify. They are afraid for their jobs.

But one thing that I did manage to shoot a video is about a 14-year-old boy who had a heart attack less than a week after he got the shot. And by the way, he was forced by his school to get the shot because he’s in a special education school and they told the parents that if he will not get the shot, he will have to leave school.

Speaking of the green passport and all the mandates. The majority of the people in Israel, there was the questionnaire [survey], I think you spoke about it, Ilana, the majority of the people, I think six months ago, they did a questionnaire and around 65% of the people said that they got the shots only because of the green passport. Most of the people in my project said that they got threatened by their bosses that if they will not get the shot, they will be fired.

The most mind-blowing testimony is about a green passport. I shot the testimony eventually he was too afraid to let it out. A 28-year-old man, listen carefully, he chose to take the shot because he was afraid they wouldn’t let him in his own wedding. His own wedding, yes. And as a result, two weeks before the wedding, he got myocarditis and he spent the whole wedding sitting on a chair. You see, it’s unbelievable.

Patterns, neurological. Most of the people that got it, they say it started from something around the face like ear infections, sinuses, terrible headaches. You have also a lot of cases of tinnitus – I hope I’m saying it correctly – and then it spread out down the spine with terrible aches. One of the women in the project, her name is Nirit. She said it felt like she’s going into labour, the pain was so unbearable. And then it’s going to the arms and legs when they say it becomes very heavy, almost numb. Going up the stairs is impossible. Some of them became almost paralyzed. I have a young mother in her 30s. She spent five months in bed because she couldn’t move. Her children fed her and gave her drinks because she couldn’t lift her arm to hold the cup. Five months, unbelievable.

And almost all of them complain about numbing sensation in their fingers and toes, electric sensation in their veins, all of them. Actually, most of the people in the project, even if they get heart problems or skin problems, they complain about severe fatigue. How severe? I have a young mother, Oled is her name, she’s in her 30s. I asked her what do you mean by severe fatigue? She said, “I can’t take my young boy out of the tub. I can’t lift him up to the swing.” They say that a simple activity like washing the dishes makes them they have to lie down for 2 hours after that to recover from it.

Vaginal bleeding, this is the clearest patterns. The majority of the women got strong bleeding hours after getting the shot, sometimes even just the first shot [within] hours, a day, two, after. Strong bleeding, usually two weeks with blood clots with crunches. Sorry, excuse me for the details. I think it’s important. And then they get divided into two different groups. One group, that every time they get the period it’s strong, strong bleeding. And some of them even complain that it becomes earlier and earlier. A few weeks ago, I shot a new testimony on our website, Leora. She now gets her period every two weeks. Every two weeks, strong unbearable period. And the other group is the opposite. They get the first strong bleeding and then, as they describe it, they get dried up – once in five months for two, three days. They say they feel like they lose their fertility. Some of them even get their blood tested as if they are going through menopause, young ladies.

And the most amazing thing is that all of these side effects in the beginning of this so-called vaccinations, many doctors were trying to warn people and say, “listen, there’s going to be certain side effects from this from what we see. We think it’s going to hurt fertility. I think you will have a lot of heart problems, myocarditis, et cetera, and also autoimmune disease.” And immediately the Israeli Ministry of Health was saying “fake, fake, fake.” But now they come to see that everything is becoming reality. I don’t know if it’s all in Israel, but we have a saying that the difference between conspiracy and reality is six months. This is what they say.

And now, just two weeks ago, Ilana I’m sure you’ve seen it. Two weeks ago, the Israeli Ministry of Health, it was in the newspaper, they did a questionnaire and they found out that after getting the booster, one out of every ten women complained about problems in her cycle – 10% of the women. And I’m sure the numbers are higher, but let’s say 10%. And now you publish it? What are the hundreds of thousands of young ladies, teenagers and five-year-old girls are supposed to do with this information now?

They say all the heart problems, no connection to the vaccination. But surprisingly, now you start to see the defibrillator, the thing that gives you electric shock to the heart to resuscitate, in places they were never there before, like gyms, playground, schools, but “no connections to the shots.”

And even if you don’t look at the patterns, on their own, at least, the testimonies on my project themselves are mind blowing. You have Ali, in his 40s. He used to be a boxer, very athletic. After getting his second shot, it was on his birthday, he got a “very nice present for his birthday.” Hours after getting the shot, he had a very severe ear infection that got him admitted for five days in the hospital. After he was released, a few days after, he got a stroke. Seven months later, another stroke. And after the project was out, I’m still in contact with a lot of them – he got a third stroke. He’s on wheelchair today. He has a five-year-old daughter. His whole left side is not functioning. Terrible headaches, none of the pain relievers is helping him – nightmare.

And I was talking about the autoimmune disease. Alona, a young woman, 34 years old. She got the shot only because she had to go back to the gym. Sports was her life. She was running 10 km every day. To make the long story short, she got autoimmune disease. The body is attacking her muscles, dissolving them. She was eight months in the hospital, two weeks ventilated and unconscious. And the doctor said she’s 100% handicap. And she’s 34 years old.

And we were talking about the Holocaust. Not long ago I shot a testimony of; I think 87, [sound dropped] and she survived the Babi Yar. I don’t know if, you know, her whole family was murdered, her whole family. And now after the booster, it might seem minor, but it’s not – I’m sorry for the details – but she has diarrhoea all the time. She lost 7 pounds and she’s a very small woman. She now weighs 39 kilos. She cannot leave her house. She was very active, giving lectures about the Holocaust.  She’s amazing, she controls all the technological things – Facebook, zoom – she’s an active passionate woman and now she cannot leave her home because she has to be close to her toilet and she’s losing weight every day. And she needed to take a CT test. And they told her, yes, we have available appointment in three months from now. She had to do it on her own expense.

And there is, by the way, a difference. Even though I have those patterns, I see one big difference between the testimonies of the documentary and the new testimonies. In the documentary the testimonies were of one person injured. In the new testimonies I have a few people injured, like somebody’s saying about himself and also a few members of the family that were also injured. Yes. One of the most amazing testimonies, Estelle, her husband, her brother and another woman from the family, all three of them died from stroke. Statistically, how can it be possible?

And speaking of statistics, when they wanted to start giving the shots to the five- to eleven-year-old kids, the Israeli Ministry of Health started making Zoom sessions to parents in schools in order to tell them how safe and good it is. I got inside one of the Zooms. And once the doctor finished her presentation, I asked her how many cases of myocarditis do you know of under the age of 16? And she told me in the United States, according to the VAERS – where they already had a shot, I think at the time it was 1 million or 2 million children already under the age of 16 – we know only of eight cases of myocarditis. So, I told her I’m a little bit confused. Can you help me understand how can it be statistically possible that in all the United States, you have eight cases? And I myself am not a doctor, I know personally three cases of two 15-year-old boys with myocarditis and one 14-year-old boy that had a heart attack. She changed the subject rapidly and since that moment there were no more questions allowed. But you see, you feel like they don’t want anybody to know about it.

And we were talking about the green passport – but I’m sorry, I have to make the correlation to the Holocaust. For me, in Israel, the most heart-breaking thing as a society, is to see that Holocaust survivors cannot go into a Holocaust Memorial ceremony because they don’t have a green passport. In the Israeli Center Museum for the Holocaust, there is a sign that you can go in only with green passport. I can’t understand it.

And I’m coming to the end of my testimony.

But I have to say that now in the new testimony there is another new thing that I see more and more cases of tumours and cancer maybe because it takes more time. I think two months ago I shot a testimony, a young woman in her 30s, her name is Hadel. A few weeks after getting the second shot, she started feeling a lump on her neck. When she went to test it, she found that she had a tumour, three and a half centimeters, on her thyroid. A few, I think two weeks, later she came to do a check-up again and it was already four and a half centimeters. And the doctors told her that it’s growing in a rate of about 4 mm a week. And when she calculated it backwards, she saw it started exactly after she got the second shot. And in the end, they had to cut half of her thyroid to get rid of the tumour. And on the same testimony she said that also, a few weeks, ago her grandfather died also from a tumour in his lungs. It was huge, around 5 centimeters, tumour. And the doctor said that this kind of tumour, it takes years for this kind of tumour to grow. But they had a CT exam from eleven months before that, and before he got a shot, and in this CT exam his lungs were totally clear. So, I don’t know what kind of other explanation the doctors and the Ministry of Health would like to offer us, but it’s amazing.

And in the end, I have to say that besides the testimonies on the side effects, from all the testimonies I got a lot of very disturbing other sides and very disturbing information that raises a lot of questions. Other questions. For example, many of the people in the project – you can see it in their individual testimony on our website – they said that when they got to the hospital with the side effects, the first thing that the doctors were trying to do is to admit them in the Covid section, even though they had no Covid, especially the older ones.

There was one man, 85 years old, his name is Gilad. He was left in the hallway for hours. It was winter time, freezing. They told him: “listen, we’re not giving you any exam until you go inside the Covid section.” Why? Why is that?

And since we’re all here trying always to connect the dots, I’m also trying to do that in the last six months to try and understand this horrific situation and things that I see. The only thing that I can connect it to, in my opinion, is, for example, a few months ago in Israel there was a young teenager, 16-year-old boy, I think his name was Eden. He died from cardiac arrest. He got two shots. And on the media, they wrote that, of course “he didn’t die from the vaccine. He died from a post Covid syndrome.” But his father was saying everywhere that he was never sick.

I think that concludes – of course, I have a lot of stories and a lot of things to tell you, but we have a limitation of time. I encourage everybody to go into our website and to see it’s in English in other languages. And if you have questions, I will be happy to try and answer it.

Reiner Fuellmich: Thank you very much, Avital. That’s disturbing. Now, if what you’re telling us and we know that what you’re telling us is it mirrors what all the other countries are experiencing after vaccination. Now, to me, it seems like they created a problem with the help of the PCR test and with the help of the vaccines. And now they’re trying to create the solution by calling everything that happens after the vaccinations, Covid related or long term Covid, or whatever. I wonder what the next solution will be.

But my question is we have heard from other experts that this problem, the side effects – even though many people are trying to ignore it, the mainstream media and the governments are trying to ignore it, are trying to play it down – it is slowly but surely seeping into the main stream. How is that happening? Through, sounds ridiculous, but through, for example, the insurance companies. Because all of a sudden insurance company, at least in the United States but also here in Germany are experiencing something terrible is happening. Their actuaries are telling them you have to get rid of that risk and some of them are trying to get rid of that risk. Is that happening? Is at least that happening in Israel or do you not know any of the companies acting like that?

Avital Livny: I heard about it a long time ago when it started. I thought that maybe the insurance companies will save us because they will have to give the data away, outside because they are losing money. But personally, I don’t know of anything. I don’t know if Ilana knows, but I’m sorry. But I can tell you that many specialists said, I think that gives you the biggest … since they’re not releasing any information, not about vaccinated or unvaccinated – even if you look at the total picture, of the whole picture, if you look at the total number of deaths in Israel you can see that it’s in correlation with the time of the vaccination. So, if you had like a peak of giving the shots, a peak in, let’s say, December 2020 / January 2021, and now also we had in August, the booster – you can see a peak in the total number of dead people in Israel. But we don’t get the information. Any question that you ask. Now, a few weeks ago, I think they got data about quiet [still] births and miscarriages in one of the hospitals, I think it was Rambam, that they indicate a really high rise in the number of miscarriages. But they don’t give you the information of how many of them it was vaccinated women or any data. You just have the total number. It’s very difficult to get information.

Reiner Fuellmich: Are people in Israel aware of the fact that the trials, the Pfizer trials, because that seems to be the most used vaccine in Israel, BioNTech-Pfizer. Are people aware that these trials are a gigantic fraud, as we have learned from a whistle-blower and from scientists who took a closer look?

Avital Livny: Unfortunately, I don’t think the majority of the people think it’s a fraud. But the majority of the people, I think, look at it as if “we tried and it’s not working, okay? It’s not working.” Since everyone in Israel is sick, everyone got the omicron, everyone. Everyone is sick. It was amazing. The streets were very empty. People myself, my family, a month ago, we were me and then my child, of course, I don’t know what it is because I’m not getting tested because it’s useless. But it’s a kind of a flu anyway. But since everyone is sick in Israel and they see it’s not working. And still, you see the celebrity going on Facebook with a photo of themselves feeling very bad in the state: “I don’t know. I did everything. I wore two masks. I hugged my children only from the legs and still I got Covid. Go put your mask, go vaccinate yourself.” Amazing. And some people still go on. But the good news, I think, is that the numbers are rapidly going down. The vaccination of the children, in the terms of the Israeli government, it’s a total failure, in their eyes. Because not a lot of parents were rushing their children to get the shots.

Reiner Fuellmich: They don’t want to sacrifice their children, obviously.

Vital Livny: Yes. But they saw that they’re not willing to do it. So, what they have done, in the beginning of this “vaccination” of the children, they set a new rule that when a class gets exposed to somebody who is positive, the vaccinated children can go back after one day to school, with a negative test. But the unvaccinated have to stay, even if they are negative, they have to stay at home for another week or ten days. So, parents were pressured to go and vaccinate the children only in order for them not to stay at home, so they can go to work and the children will not be again isolated at home. It was amazing. So, I think people are starting to be aware. I think because of the numbers of the percentage of people going to get the shot, now.

Reiner Fuellmich: You alluded to Professor Desmet who is probably one of the best-known experts, in the meantime, on the theory of mass formation. And he describes totalitarianism as an inherently self-destructive kind of government, if you want to call it that. And that’s what seems to be happening. The system seems to be collapsing. Are people beginning to see that the promises that were made are without any substance whatsoever? I mean, that is what vaccines are about. They’re supposed to give you immunity and these vaccines, or so-called vaccines, don’t do that. Do people understand that or do they not even know that that is what vaccines are about?

Avital Livny: I think that I saw this interview that you made about the psychological part. So first of all, they’re trying to give excuses to everything. So, at first, “no, we have to do the green passport because we are less likely to get the disease and infected.” And then they see that they get infected and then they say, “okay, no, no, so the vaccination is good against complications of the disease. It will protect you from getting hospitalised.” But they have no idea if it does work or not work. But this is what they’re saying. And I think that what I heard in the interview that you made with him, if I remember correctly, he said that surprisingly the most intellectual people are going with the narrative and the more simple people are starting to see the truth before them. And it’s true. I went to a marketplace, open marketplace, two weeks ago. And everyone there selling vegetables, clothes, they told me “Everyone is lying, everybody is liars and this is all nonsense.” They know it, but they put their mask here just in case.

Reiner Fuellmich: So, it seems to me that the only reason why this system, not just in Israel but in other countries as well, why this system has still not collapsed is because people buy into the lies. The system is held up by lies. That’s the only thing that props it up. But it does seem to me that, even in Israel, people do begin to understand that they have to ask questions. Is that true or am I mistaken?

Avital Livny: I think it’s true, but I think if we’re talking about the psychological, I said because of the size of the victims. I think, that they are in a stage where they start to realise that something is really wrong. But if they say they agree that there are side effects and there are problems in it, they will be in a very difficult state because they have to live. First of all, they feel like they were fooled, which in Israel is a very difficult feeling. Israelis, they consider themselves to be really sharp and no one will fool them. And first of all, to feel that you got fooled it’s very difficult for Israelis.

And the second thing is that once you understand what’s happening with those charts, you get into a true fear of death. You feel like you have a time bomb in your body. You don’t want to admit it. They say, “okay, I already did it. I don’t want to know about it.”

That’s why, I think in my perspective, it’s so important that we will find a kind of a cure or something to help, because if you have a cure and you have the whole people, it will be easier for them to admit that it was a mistake. This is what I feel. As long as there’s no hope, they put their head in the sand and they say, “I don’t want to know about it.”

Reiner Fuellmich: So, we need a real cure for the fake cure.

Avital Livny: A real cure for the damages over the fake things. Yes.

Patrick Wood: I’d like to throw something in at this point, Reiner, if you don’t mind.

Reiner Fuellmich: Go ahead.

Patrick Wood: I think Avital’s work is absolutely the most important work that we have here now, because, as you know and the lawyers know that are listening to this, we must be able to show an actual damage before you can even make a complaint. There has to be damage. It has to be documented. And it has to be emotional if you’re going to present it to a jury. Her website has that.  It can’t be a sale – it’s not her testimony, it’s their testimony. Those are the people who have been injured.

The other thing that’s interesting, and I think that’s just so critical. I thank you for your tenacity, Avital, I appreciate your tenacity and I know that’s often a characteristic of people from your country, and it’s a good thing that you have that. So, I’m glad to keep it up. Do not give up under any circumstance, and I expect that you won’t.

But the other thing is that the propaganda that’s been pushed down from above your country level, that trickles down to you. We’re getting the same propaganda you’re getting. If this propaganda were all of a sudden stopped, the whole thing would fall apart in a matter of weeks. The propaganda [sound dropped] just like in a war, has to keep coming to pump up that deception in people’s minds. If the propaganda chain is ever broken, the whole thing will fall apart in just a matter of weeks, and people will wake up one day and say, what on Earth just happened? We’ve seen this in other countries and other situations, but I offer that as a key thing.

The other thing is we can’t blame a doctor, individually, for what’s happening, but the people who are controlling the top of the pyramid have created a culture of abuse that has trickled down into every hospital and to every doctor’s office, into every health clinic and every emergency clinic in the world. Now, there’s a few exceptions. We know that. A few doctors are still practicing, they just don’t buy it. But, by and large, the whole thing has trickled down. It’s a culture of abuse that’s been created. I haven’t seen this really brought up anywhere in our country yet. Who created the culture of abuse in particular, that it would end up with testimonies like what you are showing on your website? That’s what I want to know, ultimately. Who created the culture of abuse? Knowingly created, this can’t be an accident. There’s no accident here. I don’t believe it at all. But somebody at the top, we’ve been talking about a lot of them I’m sure, we need to make that connection – here’s where the pattern, here’s where the culture of abuse was intentionally started and passed out to all the countries in the world. Every country has somebody like we have an Anthony Fauci, the director of all things medical to dictate policies. Where did this stuff come from? Did it come from the World Health Organisation? If so, who? No, that’s not a pun. Individually, who is the individual? So, you’re bringing out your really surfacing critical questions here, I think. And your explanation of how people are being deceived is only evidence that propaganda has done its work. That’s the nature of propaganda. It’s done its work. It’s intended to deceive people.

Avital Livny: Yes. Israeli Ministry of Health, I think it was published somewhere, they spend 250,000,000 shekels. How much is it in dollars? Ilana? I think around, let’s say 100 million. It doesn’t matter. That’s a lot of Israeli money in advertising this thing. And it’s our money, by the way, it’s tax payers’ money. Okay? And if you also connected to what I said earlier, that this media guy, he said out loud that they were instructed not to say anything about vaccination. And it’s daily, all the time. Every show, doesn’t matter what they speak about – singing, eating – “go vaccinate yourself, go vaccinate yourself” all the time. But I have to tell you that, surprisingly, in the last few weeks, you see signs of truth coming out. Of course, I’m very suspicious. I’m trying to understand what’s behind all that, why suddenly doctors are speaking out. But you had the manager of the Covid section in the biggest hospital in Israel. He was on the news, he was saying “75% to 80%, the majority, of the critical and severe cases of the Covid in my section in my hospital are vaccinated with booster or more.” He said that the most critical cases, 75% to 80%. He was saying out loud, this vaccination does not stop the complications of the disease. And vaccinated or unvaccinated, it’s all the same. This is what he was saying out loud.

Also, there was a document of the Israeli Ministry of Health that was published some time ago that, it was written there, that the masks have no medical logic. It was meant to educate the people. But I think most of the people are so busy, the everyday survival, children, bringing in the money, especially after one year, I think we hold the medal for the most days in lockdowns. I think we had four and a half months in total. In the first year of lockdowns. Very, very strong lockdowns. Thousands of businesses went bankrupt. People lost their way to put food on the table. So, they have no time to think about anything. They just did it because everybody did it. And they don’t have the time to look for the information that will tell them that it was a mistake. Yes.

Reiner Fuellmich: Well, thank you, Avital.

Avital Livny: Thank you.

Reiner Fuellmich: This is like taking a magnifying glass, looking at Israel and realising that this is what’s happening to the entire world.

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1 year ago

[…] !! Avital Livny: Personal Testimonies from Israel   BY RHODA […]

1 year ago

I don’t care what any ‘israeli’ says — let’s hear from the palestinians.

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Reply to  notaj
1 year ago

You don’t get the point. This is a grand jury testimonial because the grand jury needs the evidence of wrongdoing from any victimized country, not from an ethnic group…

Regarding the Palestinians, I think they were VERY lucky and I have said that on many boards before, to have being refused “vaccines” deliveries by the Israeli PM since December 2020, especially Gaza.

It was actually a way of exposing them to death and it turned out to be the opposite – saving them from the spike protein (bio-weapon) and graphene oxides used to MAC Address the vaccinees.

The electric sensation that Avital is reporting in her testimony is in fact related to graphene oxide nanoparticles used to build self-assembled nano-sensors in the vaccinee’s cells. You can download a Bluetooth scanner app to monitor your neigborhood. If “vaccinated” people are nearby, you’ll be able to detect their MAC Address which is used by the masters of the universe to control their new transhumans. For Pfizer the MAC address contains “Pfizer bog” at the beginning.

Last edited 1 year ago by Novus Ordo Seclorum
Reply to  Novus Ordo Seclorum
1 year ago

No, you don’t get the point. Having your enemy ‘testify’ is a waste of time.

> Regarding the Palestinians, I think they were VERY lucky

No luck in it at all. Decades of being genocided by the j’ws has left them with zero trust of all j’ws — a trait that you’ve apparently yet to acquire.

> This is a grand jury testimonial because the grand jury

No, this is another pointless waste of time designed to distract people so that they don’t do the one thing that will save them.

Shirley W Anthony
Shirley W Anthony
1 year ago

I reside in Florida USA and your podcast is not working it just keeps spinning saying ‘Working on it” I have tried from several locations here and several devices and same out come. I think your site is being censored over here.

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Reply to  Shirley W Anthony
1 year ago

That’s how it works in Western democracies. Censorship = Democracy.

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
1 year ago

“Israelis, they consider themselves to be really sharp and no one will fool them. And first of all, to feel that you got fooled it’s very difficult for Israelis.”

But, a zionist called Albert Bourla was able to fool them big time!!!

At Schizer, we make sh$$t!

Thanks Avital for your hard work..

Last edited 1 year ago by Novus Ordo Seclorum
1 year ago

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Please tell me how you feel about Palestinian People?