Has the Age of Hypersonic Nuclear Terrorism begun?

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By a concerned Reader

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The age of Hypersonic Nuclear Terrorism has begun. AKA The Great Tribulation of Matthew24. It began upon the last weekly Sabbath of Greek winter as Jesus predicted. This was Sunset Friday March18 to sunset Saturday.March19. 3:33 pm on Sunday March 20 is the vernal equinox, the start of Spring astronomically.

20 Keep praying that your flight may not occur of winter and not in the Sabbath (Matthew 24 LWT)
20 proseucesqe de ina mh genhtai h fugh umwn cimwnoj mhde sabbatw (Matthew 24 SinaiO)

21 For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. (Matthew 24 KJV)
21 este gar tote qliyij megalh oia ouk egeneto ap archj kosmou ewj tou nuҠoud ou mh genhte (Matthew 24 SinaiO)

On: Saturday around 9:00am UK time, Russia announced that it had used the Kinzhal Hypersonic missile system on Deliatyn, a village in the foothills of the picturesque Carpathian mountains, outside the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, to take out an ammunition dump there. These missiles go at Mach 12 and are unstoppable by any NATO anti missile system. 

“He could have used some other missile, and he chose a hypersonic one,” she said. “So the strategic messaging is that they’ve got this weapon. We don’t. But even more importantly, is because it’s dual-capable – it can be loaded with a conventional warhead or with a nuclear warhead.”

Koffler argued that using the Kinzhal missile loaded with a conventional warhead proved no more strategically useful for Russia than by using another long-range cruise or ballistic missile.

“He’s messaging to us that he has a high tolerance for nuclear warfare,” the former DIA officer said. “And that if pushed – if we continue pushing him in the corner – he will have no choice, in his view, but to do this.” –
Koffler said that while the threat of a nuclear strike has increased, she believes Moscow may have launched a hypersonic missile to “compel us to stand down.”

“It’s a game-changer in the geopolitical realm, not unlike in the military realm, because they’re trying to [send a] strategic message,” she said. “In my assessment, [Russian President Vladimir Putin] is climbing small steps in the escalation ladder on the trajectory to nuclear warfare.” https://www.foxnews.com/politics/russia-claims-ukraine-hypersonic-missile-expert-warns-putins-strategic-plan

The public are not yet in great tribulation over the launch of one (now two actually) kinetic hypersonic missile. But as Rebekah Koffler points out. This firing was a military and geopolitical game changer.

Hypersonic missiles travel at least 5x faster than the speed of sound. They are so fast that they are invisible: “No one will see the missile launch or its flight. They will only see when the missile hits the target,” said Igor Krokhmal, the captain of a frigate that fired one. 

The Russian Hypersonic Missile Arsenal

Kinzhal is a Mach12, 3000km range air launched nuclear capable missile.
Zircon is a Mach8 1500 km winged ship or ground launched antiship missile
Avangard is a Mach20 unlimited range ballistically launched manoeuvring glide vehicle MIRV nuclear weapon – WOOPS
Kh85 is a long range air launched hypersonic cruise missile – https://www.19fortyfive.com/2021/08/russias-hypersonic-weapons-arsenal-all-four-platforms-explained/ 

A Mach 12 missile goes at 12x the speed of sound which is 760 mph. So it goes at 760 miles per 5 minutes or 152 miles per minute or 2½ miles per second. So it is invisible, inaudible and unstoppable other than by another hypersonic missile, which missiles NATO does not possess. The writer was once offered a job at British Aerospace to calculate the probability of a Russian nuclear missile getting through UK defences to hit the mainland if the Russians fired X number of nuclear missiles and we responded with Y number of anti missile missiles. I did not accept that kind offer, reasoning that either my entire working life would be a waste of time (hopefully) or, I would be obliterated. 

However I am happy to report, that I can now perform that calculation for British Aerospace and indeed for the MOD itself. In fact due to my boundless generosity I will even do it for free. The probability of the UK mainland being hit if Russia fires ONE hypersonic nuclear missile at us is 100% because we do not have any hypersonic anti missiles.

Mutually Assured Destruction No Longer Exists

The principle of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, requires a balance of terminally offensive capabilities. The principle aims to ensure that if either side starts something the damage will be mutual. In other words any nuclear strike is suicide.

That principle no longer exists because Russia deployed its S500 hypersonic anti ICBM missile system in September 2021…

“Currently, no country has publicly demonstrated its ability to counter hypersonic missiles. However, the Russian Aerospace Forces have assured that the S-500 missile defense system will be able to intercept and destroy hypersonic targets, according to Sputnik. The S-500 has been in service with the Russian army since September 2021.” – https://militarycognizance.com/2022/03/15/what-missile-does-the-us-currently-have-to-counter-hypersonic-weapons/

So the Russians have an offensive hypersonic nuclear weapon for which NATO has no shield. And a defensive hypersonic shield which will easily stop a non hypersonic ICBM and also stop a hypersonic missile should NATO ever possess one.

Hypersonic Conventional Warfare

But as regards conventional war, NATO may have already lost. NATO is more powerful than Russia conventionally. But it has no hypersonic missiles. So that advantage will be short lived if Russia has several hundred of them. And it has already fired two at Ukraine.

The UK has two brand new really expensive aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince of Wales. These carry the Lockheed Martin F35B Swiss penknife jet, the contract for which destroyed McDonnell Douglas, by limiting US air force jet production to one jet and one contractor (Lockheed Martin). this was very good for the shareholders in Lockheed Martin and Boeing. But disastrous for the flexibility of US military research, design and supply. 

The purpose of a UK battle fleet is to protect these aircraft carriers which project the power of the F35B.

Neither aircraft carrier has any defence against the kinetic shock wave generated by a mach 12 hypersonic missile impact. These missiles were actually designed by the Russians to take out US and UK aircraft carriers.

“The U.S. military should consider buying a huge arsenal of long-range, hypersonic missiles instead of trying to maintain a large fleet of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.” That’s one idea that Mike Griffin, the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, proposed at a Washington, D.C. conference in September 2019. – https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/hypersonic-missiles-not-aircraft-carriers-are-best-military-weapon-199710

The US is budgeting in 2022 to develop a potential defence against hypersonic missiles. It presently does not have such a defence – https://news.usni.org/2021/06/14/mda-u-s-aircraft-carriers-now-at-risk-from-hypersonic-missiles

So these two Jewels in the Crown of the British Navy are already sunk. 

Serious Advice for the Royal Navy to Implement Today (not after a 4 year feasibility study with associated medal awarding ceremonies for all concerned)

1. Take all the F35Bs off the 2 aircraft carriers and put them all in Hypersonic missile proof bunkers in the UK and in the Countries which do not have a buffer zone with Russia. Put marine fish tanks in the bunkers if it makes you feel more at home!
2. Build Zircon proof bunkers for all missile firing frigates and destroyers and put them in those bunkers. Provide the bunkers with a roof window through which to fire the missiles (like in a submarine)
3. Build Zircon proof bunkers for the two carriers and fit them with some kind of hypersonic missile shield above the flight deck. That will require giving the kind of power, resources and prestige to engineers (you know – spanner twisters) that is normally reserved for our 13 rear admirals. You need to find some Elon Musks, pronto.
4. Every ship in the Navy of any military significance must have enough liferafts for all of its crew AND for its removable nigh value military assets. 

As of 9:00 am Saturday March19, the Royal Navy as it stands is obsolete. But it is not yet sunk. You have a few weeks to reimagine it before Putin gives all sea going naval crews the Order of the Bath.

Britain was the first country that landed a plane on a ship. We did it in typical British Naval fashion: The ship was sailed straight into a very strong wind, the plane was asked to fly as slowly as possible above the ship as close as it could to the deck. Then a crowd of seamen were instructed to ‘Catch the plane’ with their hands – which they duly did.. 

Now I am recommending that we become the first country to reverse that process and remove the jets from our 2 aircraft carriers.

The bottom line

In American parlance: Putin is a gunslinger with a gun which can fire instantly and which will pierce the bullet proof vest of Boris. Boris has a gun that takes 30 seconds to fire and may or may not pierce the bullet proof vest of Putin. So who will win the gunfight?

In Irish parlance: Boris has a bomb under his backside and Putin has the trigger. Whereas Boris has the capability to throw a bomb at Putin which may or may not hit him. Who will get blown up first?

The MOD is not fit for purpose

Putin has effectively been the president of Russia since 2000. From a standing start with a broken economy and an obsolete but practical military, and with a very limited budget (in military terms) he has overtaken the West and NATO definitively. He has done a better job for the Russian military and the Russian economy in this century than Hitler did for Germany in the last century. He has personally presided over a military superiority which was unthinkable when he first took office. He has also been as ruthless as Hitler with many of his adversaries

Putin has transformed his military at hypersonic speed. A speed which we have failed to match except perhaps in the scaling back of our armed forces. Our present philosophy for fighter aircraft appears to be to wait for the Americans to build something and then buy it at a greater cost than would have been incurred by designing and building it ourselves. It is this lazy reckless profligate and subordinating policy that has lead us to the present military catastrophe, wherein MAD has evaporated and Putin has a sword for which we have no shield and a shield for a sword which we are yet to build.

In short he is at least two steps ahead of us in this chess game. We are sitting ducks for his missiles and our military intelligence, armed forces and MOD have never failed us more spectacularly than they did on Friday/Saturday March18/19. But was it a failure or was is deliberate?

Because I write this article as a Patriotic Brit, who knows our armed forces to be the most effective and professional and well trained and least trigger happy in the entire world, and who still clings naively to the notion that our government are likewise patriotic Brits. But this is the age of globalism. And our real enemy is not only Putin with his instant destruction devices. It is those whom both he and our own corrupt government are in league with, the globalist demons of the great reset. For before they can build back better, they have to destroy what is presently built. And there is no more effective destruction mechanism than war.

I have nothing but admiration for the men and women of our armed services (except when they kill innocent civilians). So I hate to see them compromised, as they so often are, by a self serving and corrupt MOD. It is corporate corruption and greed on both sides of the Atlantic and WEF globalist influence which has destroyed our military capability with woke ideology, with toxic femininity, with alphabetology (the debilitating intrusion of sexual preference as some kind of major priority into every military protocol), with critical race theory, with political correctness, with years of under investment, with the scrapping of entire regiments for reasons of “cost cutting”; and with our retirement from the hypersonic arms race in circumstances where we invented the scramjet upon which hypersonic missiles are based. How can the nation which invented the jump jet and Concorde, have nothing to compete with Kinzhal and Zircon? At least the Russians had Concordski!

If we get into a fight with Putin, I fear we will lose that fight. Not so much because he has the military advantage through his invisible unstoppable and invincible hypersonic weapons, but because even though we have commanders smart enough to find a way around anything, to match his every chess move, they will not be encouraged or permitted to do so by the globalists who have infiltrated our establishment. Or putting this more positively. If we wish to win WW3, we have to recognise who all of our enemies are. both without and within, both foreign globalist and domestic. For the most dangerous and damaging enemy is the one who poses as your friend and the most dangerous killer is the one who poses as your saviour. We need a commission set up immediately to investigate and remove all WEF types from public office. For what they have done to the NHS with their controlling profit driven protocols, they will also also done and be doing wholesale to the MOD.

The British are a very ingenious and creative race. The control of the MOD necessary to stop us from competing in the hypersonic missile race will be substantial. We may only have weeks to fix that before we are competing against the very missiles we refused to develop, which run on the very engines that we invented.

Plainly speaking. Whilst we should be sanctioning the Russian economy, in order not to fund their war effort and make even more refugees, we should not be sanctioning and evicting Russian Oligarchs. Because that is theft. Having a warmongering Russian president does not entitle anyone to steal the money or the assets of ordinary Russian citizens, however rich they may be and wherever they may happen to be domiciled. For if it did, then the Russians could have taken our money under Blair and Americans’ money under Bush. But our government for all its woke posturing, is devoid of morality. It is self exposed as a common thief. Also we may need the Oligarchs to help deal with or remove Putin. What we should be doing is evicting all WEF trained globalists and their groupies from public office and from political positions in the private sector- because they are enemies to the state and to the people and to democracy itself.

Putin’s Legacy

Putin’s political life’s work has been the establishment of Russia as the pre-eminent world military force. He has now achieved that goal. His window of hypersonic superiority will be closed in 2023 according to US Defence secretary Mark Esper. The incompetence of the non Biden administration in Afghanistan, may well be reversed if and when Trump is returned to office either in a few weeks or in 2¾ years depending upon what the Durham investigation has found. Putin is now 69 years old. What will he do with his life’s work in this window that he presently has? What really was behind his successful drive to make Russia the top dog militarily? This is the argument that the mainstream media is presently having with much of the alternative media, who regrettably are turning into a reverse echo chamber for the MSM on this issue. Will he invade Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania with a battle plan not dissimilar to the one screened on Russian State TV last week? Or will he settle for part or all of Ukraine? How ambitious is he? 

I am afraid that is the wrong question. How ambitious are the globalists? is the right question. And the answer is. Well, of course, being globalists, their ambition is global. It is not limited to Ukraine. 

Putin and Klaus Schwab go way back, having first met in 1992, 8 years before Putin became president – https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/putin-and-the-wef-cause-for-concern-are-we-being-played-yet-again/

Vladimir Putin: And when can a vaccine for children appear already in civilian circulation? Will there be registration now, but when will it go into civil circulation?

Tatyana Golikova [Deputy Prime Minister – Sounds like it too!]: I think that with a favorable outcome it will be the end of December.

Vladimir Putin: Good… As the experts told me, in some other countries, in particular in the People’s Republic of China, they have already begun to work on a vaccine for children from the age of TWO, right?

Tatyana Golikova: So, Mr. President…

Vladimir Putin: We also need to think about this. I repeat once again: in general, in general, I believe that vaccinations should be voluntary, especially for children. https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russia-to-start-injecting-kids-with 

Any world leader who advocates vaccinating 2 year olds with spike proteins is a globalist, however voluntary he represents his vaccination program is.

But that then leads to the critical question that writing this article has enabled me to formulate.

Why did Russia not cite the 12+/26/32 US run Hunter Biden negotiated Biolabs as their reason for invasion?

They cited denazification. They cited their supposed need for a buffer zone from a NATO which is not prepared to engage them. They cited the security of the Russian speaking people of Donetsk and Lugansk which security was negatively impacted by the Russian 2014 invasion of Crimea and parts of those Donbass provinces. They cited a faux history lesson implying that Ukraine never has been a separate country from Russia and by implication does not today deserve to be one. None of these come anywhere near justifying an invasion of a sovereign nation, especially when the Russians had already invaded the same sovereign nation in 2014 more on the pretext that the majority of the inhabitants of those parts were ethnically Russian, which is again a non justification. Just because they are ethnically Russian does NOT mean they want Putin as their president. Romania could invade most of London on that pretext and we could invade Germany. 

My personal belief is that since any man or woman can divorce their partner on any grounds these days, so any part of a country which seeks independence should be given that divorce. Perhaps we should come up with an international divorce court for that very purpose? I would include Palestine, the Kurds, the Basques, the Scots, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc in that category. The more national cells that the body of mankind has the better in my opinion. Trouble arises when one man controls too many people. That is one reason I was against the EU. The more power there is in one person’s hands, and the longer he has it, the more dangerous the world becomes. In fact right now the battle is on, in fact the war is on, to determine which person or group of persons becomes ruler of the entire planet, which is the worst possible apportionment of political power for mankind. 

But if any area of Russia sought independence from Putin they would be brutally put down, even if it meant bombing them into the stone age as was the case with the Chechen separatist struggle. My opinion is give them a vote and let them decide for themselves. Bombs should decide nothing- however fast they can travel.

But what is beginning to annoy me the most is the tribalism that is developing between the Main Stream Media and the Alternative media, which is beginning to resemble the Democrat Republican divide in the US. I will not have my thinking bashed into the MSM paradigm and neither will I have it bashed into the fast emerging and equally unpalatable Alternative Media paradigm which is that every bad thing that Putin does is the fault of the West or is justified because the West has done worse. Just as I lean to Trump in US politics but take Al Gore’s position on Global warming and loved visiting America under Clinton but hated the place under the 911 phobia of Bush. Yes I know the globalists will use global warming for their nefarious reasons because that is what politicians do. But that does not mean ocean temperatures are not rising. I write for the expose because they are the most Voltairean news source, I have yet had the good fortune to discover. Yes folks. One can be alternative even to the alternative media! 

The FSB absolutely knew that there were 12+/26/32 biolabs in Ukraine. Izvestia covered 8 of them in an article dated 2020May26:

American biological laboratories have been discovered in Ukraine, which contain samples of especially dangerous infections to “prevent the development of bioweapons,” Ukrainian News writes on Tuesday, May 26, citing data from the country’s Ministry of Health.

8 laboratories based on regional laboratory centers were built and modernized with the participation of the US Defense Special Weapons Agency (DTRA) as part of the Special Biological Engagement Program between 2005 and 2014. Laboratories were built in Vinnitsa, Dnipropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Lvov, Kharkiv, Kherson, Ternopil regions, as well as on the basis of the republican laboratory center of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. 

The Expose covered this on March 9th and subsequently: https://expose-news.com/2022/03/09/russia-to-the-u-s-we-have-found-your-biological-weapons/ 
Yahoo has a good history of the story and the attempted coverup

But the biggest coverup of them all was the failure to justify the invasion with the invasion justifying biolab cause. Had they adduced that as the reason for invading the country, especially as these labs may have been working on ethnically specific pathogens, they would have had a very good case for invasion. A case as valid as the Cuban missile crisis. How could that history lesson have gone missing on Putin. Really?

I suspect that Putin did not adduce that valid justification because first of all that was not the reason he invaded and secondly because his handlers have sold out to the globalists and they did not want to bring further attention to the existence of these labs. Sure they will use them to score points politically. But I predict that there will be no revelations as to the the true nature of their work from Russia. Also the US trust the Russians in this regard or they would have demolished those labs more speedily. Putin did say to Megyn Kelly in 2018 although I cannot now find it on the web, that when you become president of any country, a bunch of men in suits appear and tell you what you can or cannot do – or words to that effect – I was quite amazed at his candour. I think he liked Megyn. I have rarely seen him smile at all. But for her he managed some broad smiles. He was referring to the latitude that Trump had at the time. But being KGB/FSB himself, he knows the rules. His handlers are globalist.

I cannot forget that according to Max Blumenthal and Jimmy Dore (14:15 into the video), Yeltsin got the OK from Clinton before he rigged Putin’s first presidential election against Nemtsov whom Putin most likely had assassinated in 2015 outside the Kremlin. He was shot in the back by a Chechen Assassin whilst having dinner with his Ukrainian girlfriend.  The world would have been a very different place had Clinton chosen Nemtsov. Clinton is a globalist of course. Yes. Rather than the Russians interfering in American elections as charged by Democrats, the Democrats directed the determinative electoral interference that gave Russia to Putin these last 22 years. 

So let me attempt to tie this all together. WW3 is the means for enforcing the Mark of the Beast, which is the Chinese style social credit score linked vaccine passport system. The globalists need martial law in order to achieve their sick unsustainable goal of controlling all of mankind and enforcing a brainwashed conformity upon us  through the new global reset digital currency, the image of the Beast. Now if you refuse to bow down before that image you will be thrown into the fiery furnace of WW3, by which is meant you will be cut off from all protection shelters and from all war time rations etc. But none of that can occur without WW3. So WW3, the ride of the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse, will have to occur. Now that does NOT mean that WW3 is Russia’s fault necessarily. Both sides are capable of false flag events.. WW3 will be the globalist’s fault. They want the war. They need the war. They will corrupt manipulate and leverage what is happening in Ukraine to cause it. Putin is normally pretty surgical. He may not want WW3. But that may well be irrelevant. Because in war you rarely get what you want. You normally lose what you want. And those who control the money, the globalists, do want WW3.

Bush 43

If you read the Megyn Kelly 2018 Putin Interview, which I absolutely recommend, you will see that these hypersonics came into existence  not merely  due to the brilliance of Russian weapons designers but actually due to the arrogance, warmongering incompetence, heartless myopic incuriosity of the neo cons in the Bush 43 administration, who pulled out of the ABM treaty because they believed that they had the capability to build effective anti nuclear missile systems whereas the Russian economy was so defunct that they had no capability to respond with such systems. Putin made the same calculation and therefore at that time was ready for a full compromise and offered to work together with the US with full disclosure to keep the balance even.

Putin’s post 911 idea was that rather than the Russians and the US trying to out nuclearize each other, they should cooperate strategically and combine forces against radical Islam and other terrorists. That was indeed in their common interest as both of their independent episodes in Afghanistan demonstrate. But Bush43 who handed his administration over to the Neocon globalists and went off to play golf instead of running the country, rejected the most important strategic partnership offer of the 21st century. 

Putin, being unable to afford better anti missile defences, decided instead to make a missile for which there could be no defence. Since that was all he could afford to do. He never would have made these hypersonics if Bush43 had had any depth to his character or his thinking. But of course he was chosen precisely because he did not have that depth. He was another puppet like Biden. Most likely to the same intelligence service handlers.

A Biblical Perspective (if you are interested)

It seems, in this world, that behind every master manipulator, there is an even more masterful manipulator. And behind every conspiracy, there is an even greater conspiracy. But the greatest theory of them all must offer an explanation for all those biolabs in Ukraine. These surely must be to do with the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, who has the charming name of death, and who rides a chlorine coloured horse. Mustard gas was the first WMD ever used in a World War. Whatever they were making in Ukraine, looks like being the last WMD to be used in a World War, the plague of Revelation 6:8. 

That was the bad news. The good news is this. For those of us who are awake, the apocalypse precedes the war and carries on progressively throughout the war.. Indeed the war is the demonic response to the apocalypse. That is how close it is. For the first horseman, who starts the uncovering of all deception, rides before the 2nd horseman, who is war. So to misquote the famous phrase: It will get worse as it gets better.

Without going into detail, the 10 horns who are 10 kings of Revelation17 have now given their power and authority to the globalist beast (represented by the WEF). Russia is one of those horns (military powers) as is the UK. That is why I say it does not matter what Putin’s ambitions are. He or his handlers have sold out as have we. He is a direct or indirect traitor to the Russian people just as Boris is to the British people. Both may be trying to do some good in a bad environment. But they are both now first lieutenants to Satan through the beast (the global corporate shadow government). That is what makes them bad. They or their handlers have both committed treason with our sovereignty already. This makes the war almost completely meaningless from a nationalist standpoint. I do not know their motivation. I do not know if they are possessed. But we shall know very soon as a part of the apocalypse. 

We predicted on February25, on twitter, from Matthew 24:20 that the Great Tribulation would start on 2021VeAdar10 (2022March18/19). Because it was the last Sabbath of Greek Winter, which was also not a Sabbath by virtue of the Biblical lunar calendar treating 2021Adar10 and 2021VeAdar10 as the same day. We got that one right with the first successful war time use of a Hypersonic missile. We have got it wrong hundreds of times previously. But decoding is an iterative process and we are getting a bit better at it now. We predict the Great Tribulation to be 96 Biblical Lunar Calendar days (90 Gregorian days) long. So it ends on 2022Sivan16 (2022June16/17), which is the appointment of the Kingdom of God over its citizens. It is also the end of all nuclear war, but not the end of all conventional war. That ends on 2022Tishri29, which is 2022October27/28 and was John Lennon’s dream, and the prophecy of Isaiah 2 that we shall beat our swords into ploughshares and the prophecy of Psalm 46, that God will break our arrows, cut our spears in two and burn our chariots. and we shall be glad beyond words when he does it. For this business of remote killing has gone on long enough and has now reached its inevitable conclusion with a missile which hits the target before it is launched in temporal terms, if fired Westwards (being several times faster than Concorde)..

WW3 lasts for 7 lunar months, because the fiery furnace of Daniel3 was heated up for 7x, a month for a time. So it starts on 2021VeAdar29 (2022April6/7) due to a false flag event in the UK or in the US (probably the US). There is an earlier false flag event in the UK (or the US) on 2022March28-31). Both of these false flags produce a mushroom cloud over the sea of 1Kings18:43. We have been predicting them as the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 for 17 years totally unsuccessfully. We have got it wrong something like 700 times. But there again Windows7 took 7000 builds before Microsoft got that encoding right. So we have taken 700 before we may have got our decoding right. Recently some secular experts predicted a possible nuclear warning shot over the North Sea…

Experts warn Putin could drop a nuclear ‘tactical‘ weapon over ‘the North Sea’ in a show of force
written by Mark Fitt Political Journalist 1st Mar 22 4:45 pm–  

Experts are warning that Vladimir Putin could use a nuclear “tactical” device at sea between the UK and Denmark. Patrick Bury a lecturer in Defence and Strategic Studies at the University of Bath, told the New Scientist there’s around a 20% chance that Putin’s warning over Ukraine will almost certainly lead to an actual nuclear detonation. Bury added the Russian President is likely to use a small “tactical” nuclear weapon against Ukrainian troops or detonate a larger nuclear bomb out at sea.

Pavel Felgenhauer, a defence analyst based in Moscow, echoed the warning as he told the Scottish Press and Journal, “An option is to explode a nuclear weapon somewhere over the North Sea between Britain and Denmark and see what happens.

That could well be a setup for the UK false flag. We were 17 years ahead of that game predicting a mushroom cloud above the Hudson in Manhattan and above the Thames around Dartford first in 2005 and wasting a load of money with expensive adverts in Newspapers at that time. In fact I effectively bet the Lords Witnesses church on that prophecy 700x and lost each time. 

42 And Ahab proceeded to go up to eat and drink. As for Elijah, he went up to the top of Carmel and began bending to the earth and keeping his face put between his knees.
43 Then he said to his attendant: Go up, please. Look in the direction of the sea. So he went up and looked and then said: There is nothing at all. And he went on to say, Go back 7 times.
44 And it came about at the 7th that he got to say: Look! There is a small cloud like a man’s palm ascending from the sea. He now said: Go up, say to Ahab, ‘Hitch up! And go down that the downpour may not detain you!’ (1 Kings 18)

The small cloud is like a man’s palm, because it is man made. It is an explosive mushroom cloud because Elijah is doing a mushroom when he instructs his attendant to look for the cloud, by sticking his head between his knees. He is also kissing his backside goodbye because the bomb may be nuclear.

So here is my best secular-sacred interpretation. Putin does not want WW3, He just wants Ukraine. He would like his legacy to be not merely a rebuilt economy and a rebuilt military but also a reappropriated Ukraine. But these two mushroom cloud above sea fire signs of 1Kings18, which are the false flag fire signs from heaven of Revelation13, are designed to force NATO to attack him, which will force him to respond. He is warning us not to attack him by using a first and a second hypersonic missile. With Putin, words mean little, actions mean everything. He said as much to Megyn Kelly in March 2018

Vladimir Putin: It is important not to project strength, but to show it. It is also important how we understand power. It does not mean banging the table with a fist or yelling. I think power has several dimensions. Firstly, one should be confident that he is doing the right thing. Secondly, he must be ready to go all the way to achieve the goals.

However the Ukrainians outside of Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea do not want what Putin wants. And nobody knows what these 3 ribs from the body of Ukraine in the mouth of the bear want because they are between its teeth (the Russian military) in Daniel 7:5. In fact the Russian military is divided over these 3 ribs of Ukraine. And like the rest of Russia, public opinion is suppressed in favour of state opinion. Although the 3 ribs do say to the bear: Get up eat much flesh. So they do want the bear to assimilate much of Ukraine. The lion is the UK, the Eagle is the US, the Bear is Russia, the 4 headed Leopard is China, South Africa, India, Brazil, the rest of the BRICS nations, which are all refusing to condemn the Russian invasion. The final 4th terrible beast of Daniel7 is the WEF globalist shadow government. The 10 horns of Daniel 7:7 are the 10 horns who are 10 kings of Revelation 17 (the UN Security Council Permanent members + the BRICS, nations + Germany + ??) , and the little horn is the EU. 

Divine law is that God is not to be mocked, whatever a man sows, this he shall also reap (the spiritual version of Newton’s 3rd law that action and reaction are equal and opposite). If Putin thinks he can get away (before God) with destroying Ukraine in order to increase the security of Russia, he is totally mistaken. Likewise if the Brits and Americans think we can get away with destroying the security of Iraq, we are mistaken. And if the globalists think they can get away with conquering the world by deception, they are likewise mistaken. We all reap what we sow. The trouble is, there may not be much time left in which to reap it. So justice will be almost instant, these days. 

So my advice to all parties would be. Do not fall for the false flags. See them for what they are. Do not start WW3 because of them. My advice is that Russia does not want WW3 and NATO does not want WW3, but the globalist money people do want WW3. Be aware that having a large amount of money to spend is completely useless if you have no time left in which to spend it. And financial security is completely useless in the presence of hypersonic nuclear insecurity. Because a proximal nuclear strike will really mess up your ability to receive or spend your capital or your pension.

Vladimir Putin2

Here I am complaining about Biden and Bush43 being puppets and ignoring the scriptural reality that all the 10 Kings of Revelation 17, the 10 horns of Daniel 7, the 10 deep state administrations who run the globalist administration that we are now under, will also not so much be puppets but actually be possessed by demons at various levels. The wonderfully named Condoleezza Rice said recently that Putin is acting out of character compared to the person she knew. It is highly likely that he is demon possessed. In which case all bets about his past character are off. This leads me to my next conclusion – which was actually my first conclusion which I arrived at from my understanding of how total control freaks work. It is this.

The coming false flags designed to force the UK and the US into WW3 with Putin, may occur not because Putin does not want WW3. But because he does not want WW3 until he has conquered Ukraine and the Ukrainians are putting up a much better defence than he imagined they would. So Putin is not ready for WW3, but the globalists need it now due to their ghastly pathogen release and gene corrupting vaccination response program. If this is true then we should attempt to stop Putin in Ukraine militarily when he does not want us to. Rather than waiting for when he is ready to fight us. Because he is never going to stop until he is stopped. 

But surely the original Putin would not have underestimated the reaction of his Ukrainian brothers so disastrously? His calculations were normally pretty accurate. This new Putin, Putin2 shall we call him? is nothing like the guy who put on a cowboy shirt and proposed a level of cooperation with the US that might have eradicated both radical islamic terrorism and the nuclear arms race. 

Let me be very clear. Putin2 says if any NATO country officially defends Ukraine that will mean WW3. That may well be a lie. If NATO successfully defends Ukraine and Putin2 is not prepared to start WW3 until he has conquered Ukraine, then defending Ukraine will prevent WW3. I am not advocating attacking Russian assets outside of Ukraine. But if he brings in Syrians and Belarussians without causing WW3, he cannot logically object to the Ukraine bringing in a few pals of its own without causing WW3. There would need to be clear rules of engagement. Also the longer he has before WW3 breaks out, the more unstoppable hypersonic missiles he can make.  

But in war, the rules of engagement book often goes out of the window fairly early on in the proceedings. In a conventional war, one Russian submarine or guided missile firing frigate in the North sea could hit any target in the UK fairly quickly and Putin’s longer range hypersonics could do that same thing from Russia .Whereas we would need a very large number of such platforms all around Russia to achieve the same thing and they will not work if he has substantial S500 hypersonic defences around the targets we choose. The only platforms we have which are protected against hypersonics are submarines or covert ops people. 

Going nuclear is no longer even an option because we would lose in 2-3 minutes, the time it takes a hypersonic missile to reach London from a Russian submarine in the North Sea..

So here is my last conclusion (for today anyway). It would be extremely difficult for the UK to beat Putin even if we joined the war today before he is ready to take us on. Our military would need brilliant leadership and almost supernatural military personnel and special forces. Our armed services have been cut and emaciated to such a degree that we would be asking far too much of them. I fear we have already gone one services cut too far. And the MOD has already lost the war to wokeism and failed to protect our military from gene corrupting vaccination. So I am afraid I just cannot see this working. Furthermore even if we did by some miracle defeat Putin in a conventional war, such a victory would lead to him going nuclear and we would then lose absolutely everything..

So actually the better our armed forces would perform, the closer to hypersonic nuclear annihilation we would come.

War with Russia is a no win situation, if they are prepared to go all the way. And Putin1 stated to Megyn Kelly that he was prepared to go that far and Putin2 will most definitely be so prepared. 


It is quite ironic that Bush43, the war criminal that Blair conspired with, is responsible for motivating Russia to out class the UK military completely. 

I am afraid that in the game of warfare, Putin is as close to checkmate as you ever get. I am afraid he knows it. And I am afraid that he is demon possessed. The only way we survive this is by refusing war and the only way we win this is through the power of the heart of the Russian people – whom our government is busy demonising. One of them recently said upon leaving his homeland: I do not want to be part of a larger North Korea. I doubt that many Russians do.

The West has conquered the heart of the Russians, who have become very westernised and that is not going to go away. They have had a taste of Western style freedom as have the people of Ukraine. Indeed they are giving up their lives for it every single day. We must learn from their sacrifice. Putin must be defeated. But not by conventional or nuclear military warfare means. Not by a military war, but by the unstoppable invincible hyperemotive weapon of individual freedom, rather than slavery to the state which is slavery to the globalists above the state..

We must show the Russian people that we do not want to kill them in a war. We just want both them and ourselves to be free. Because that is what they want too. The globalist intelligence people who control facebook, youtube and twitter are now permitting hate speech targeting Russians. because they recognise this weakness in their defences. Do not fall for it. Putin does not represent the Russian people. He represents the globalists.

Hypersonic nuclear weapons do actually make war obsolete. The wise nation will realise that and not therefore engage in conventional war and therefore provide no pretext for the use of such doomsday devices. But that does not mean such a nation will not fight. We should fight for freedom and the truth. We should fight for the hearts of the Russian people not demonise them. We should do everything possible to help them remove him and we should work together to help each other remove all the other globalists and warmongers. And the best place to start that fight would have been through the Russian Oligarchs whom we stole from and demonised. There will be another Nemtsov. We must help the Russian people to empower him.

Putin has won the battle militarily. Our job is to make sure he loses the battle politically, by supporting those in Russia who understand that having a faster gun does not give you the right to rule over another nation (although through much of human history it has). We will not achieve that by demonising Russians. Putin is already demonised and inhuman. We have to expose that to the humans in Russia whom he claims to represent. 

These people like Yoko Ono, Bobby Brown, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tony Fauci, Chris Whitty, or Vlad the hypersonic Impaler, who in my estimation put their personal advancement above the happiness of millions of other people, need to be exposed. Then the human heart and God’s spirit will do the rest. And I personally cannot wait until they reap what they have sown. 

There is a surprising biblical confirmation that Putin is acting on globalist instructions in his invasion of Ukraine which was perfectly timed to distract from the failure of the vaccines and from the Revelation that Moderna holds 5 patents on the one principle difference between Covid-19 and Bat Coronavirus RaTG13, which was discovered in the very same year (2013) that Moderna filed its first patent disclosing the double CGG codon furin cleavage site PRRAR. and that is Daniel 7:5 which says…

5 And, see there! beast, other second [it was], being-like/resembling/similar to a she-bear[Mother Russia]. And to one side it was raised up [It is raised up against the West but not against the East. Its hypersonic missiles raise it up above NATO in military capability] and there were 3 ribs in her mouth [The Donetsk, the Lugansk and the Crimean ribs of Ukraine. A rib is what remains over after the flesh has been licked off and consumed. Israel consisted of 12 ribs which are 12 tribes, but also 12 administrative regions of the country. These are 3 administrative regions out of 26 of Ukraine which have now been occupied by Russian forces and are therefore in the mouth of the Russian bear – dividing its teeth, its military as to what should be done next] [they were] between/separation of/separating teeth of her; and rightly/like this they were saying to her, ‘Get up, eat much flesh

So it is NOT the Russian bear’s idea to get up eat much flesh beyond the 3 ribs, the 3 provinces (Ukraine has 26 provinces, 26 ribs). The bear is TOLD to do that both by the ribs actually who wish it to conquer the rest of Ukraine (not by the teeth – the Russian military – who are a divided over the issue of the ribs, not really wanting to kill their Ukrainian brothers and sisters and children) and by the Globalists. Because Putin does not answer to Donetsk or Crimea. He answers to the WEF.

By a concerned Reader
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The Great Tribulation of Matthew24 ? You would probably have said that in 1945 about Hiroshima and Nagaski.

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Not really because those bombs were dropped in the Summer of 1945, in August, which is not a winter month.

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[…] March 25, 2022Has the Age of Hypersonic Nuclear Terrorism begun? […]

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