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Covid Truths: Tools of Indoctrination

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The designers of this pandemic anticipated a pushback by the public and that major embarrassing questions would be asked. To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the “fact check” scam.

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By Russell L. Blaylock, 22 April 2022

With each confrontation with carefully documented evidence, the media “fact-checkers” countered with the charge of “misinformation”, and an unfounded “conspiracy theory” charge that was, in their lexicon, “debunked”. Never were we told who the fact-checkers were or the source of their “debunking” information—we were just to believe the “fact-checkers”. A recent court case established under oath that Facebook “fact-checkers” used their own staff opinion and not real experts to check “facts”. When sources are in fact revealed they are invariably the corrupt CDC, WHO or Anthony Fauci or just their opinion.

Here is a list of things that were labelled as “myths” and “misinformation” that were later proven to be true.

  • The asymptomatic vaccinated are spreading the virus equally as with unvaccinated symptomatic infected.
  • The vaccines cannot protect adequately against new variants, such as Delta and Omicron.
  • Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity and is most likely lifelong.
  • Vaccine immunity not only wanes after several months but all immune cells are impaired for prolonged periods, putting the vaccinated at a high risk of all infections and cancer.
  • Covid vaccines can cause a significant incidence of blood clots and other serious side effects.
  • The vaccine proponents will demand numerous boosters as each variant appears on the scene.
  • Fauci will insist on the Covid vaccine for small children and even babies.
  • Vaccine passports will be required to enter a business, fly in a plane, and use public transportation.
  • There will be internment camps for the unvaccinated (as in Australia, Austria and Canada).
  • The unvaccinated will be denied employment.
  • There are secret agreements between the government, elitist institutions, and vaccine makers.
  • Many hospitals were either empty or had low occupancy during the pandemic.
  • The spike protein from the vaccine enters the nucleus of the cell, altering cell DNA repair function.
  • Hundreds of thousands have been killed by the vaccines and many times more have been permanently damaged.
  • Early treatment could have saved the lives of most of the 700,000 who died.
  • Vaccine-induced myocarditis (which was denied initially) is a significant problem and clears over a short period.
  • Special deadly lots (batches) of these vaccines are mixed with the mass of other Covid-19 vaccines.

Several of these claims by those opposing these vaccines now appear on the CDC website—most still identified as “myths”. Today, extensive evidence has confirmed that each of these so-called “myths” was in fact true. Many are even admitted by the “saint of vaccines”, Anthony Fauci. For example, we were told, even by our cognitively impaired President [Biden], that once the vaccine was released all the vaccinated people could take off their masks. Oops! We were told shortly afterwards— the vaccinated have high concentrations (titers) of the virus in their noses and mouths (nasopharynx) and can transmit the virus to others with which they come into contact—especially their own family members. On go the masks once again— in fact, double masking is recommended. The vaccinated are now known to be the main superspreaders of the virus and hospitals are filled with the sick vaccinated and people suffering from serious vaccine complications.

Another tactic by the vaccine proponents is to demonise those who reject being vaccinated for a variety of reasons. The media refers to these critically thinking individuals as “anti-vaxxers”, “vaccine deniers”, “vaccine resisters”, “murderers”, “enemies of the greater good” and as being the ones prolonging the pandemic. I have been appalled by the vicious, often heartless attacks by some of the people on social media when a parent or loved one relates a story of the terrible suffering and eventual death, they or their loved one suffered as a result of the vaccines. Some psychopaths tweet that they are glad that the loved one died or that the dead vaccinated person was an enemy of good for telling of the event and should be banned. This is hard to conceptualise. This level of cruelty is terrifying and signifies the collapse of a moral, decent, and compassionate society.

It is bad enough for the public to sink this low, but the media, political leaders, hospital administrators, medical associations and medical licensing boards are acting in a similar morally dysfunctional and cruel way.


Russel Blaylock, a retired American neurosurgeon, wrote the above in an extensive article, ‘Covid Update: What’s the truth?’, published on 22 April in the Surgical Neurological International journal.  We are republishing sections, more easily digestible portions, of his article as a series of articles titled ‘Covid Truths’. 

This article is the second in our series and covers the section titled ‘Tools Of the Indoctrination Trade’ in Blaylock’s article.

Although we have not included them, Blaylock’s article is well referenced. 

Read Blaylock’s full article – Blaylock RL. Covid UPDATE: What is the truth?. Surg Neurol Int 22-Apr-2022;13:167 – by following this LINK.

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Grasshopper Kaplan
Grasshopper Kaplan
4 months ago

I went to hear RFKjr speak today. And wrote about it in my KGRaS grasshopper radio service substack…if you wanted to check it out

4 months ago

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4 months ago

Well you will have to call me a psycho then [I’ve been called worse], but what do you want –

-mRNA shedders walking around on an approximate ratio of 5:1 (I have also had the occasional tingling in my feet courtesy of next door, who, incidentally had to quarantine AFTER taking the shot[s]).

-peer pressure, social policing, being alienated and ostracized by those very same people who are shedding.

-being seen as the dysfunctional minority with psychological problems [they always wheel the psychologists in to do their dirty work, managing decline e.t.c.].

-being beaten in any vote against any aspect that goes against vaccine implementation.

-showing remorse for a population that allowed the perpetrators to literally get away with murder in every aspect, nullify those efforts made by our ancestors to ensure our freedoms and now to sanction injections right across the board including the 0-5 year olds.

-being denied access to provisions, education, employment, travel, entertainment, food….

-allowing them to implement digital ID and total surveillance.

-showing compassion towards people who are capable of turning with a pack-mentality and whome also want YOU dead!!

Personally I am counting down the seconds for them to drop, THIS IS WAR and…..
“Unlike a normal war, in a war against A.I. the indoctrinated represent the corpses yet remain useful to the enemy” – geraldina.

Put the lentils down, stop the hippy-tripping ideological POV [they ruin lives like social workers!!!] and JUST CATCH YOURSELVES ON!!!

Those who still insist on solutions within the system and passive resistance [scared to disturb the furniture] are the secondary level N.M.E and you’ll come running to me even-tua-lee, more people need to die in order for them to panic-and-see.

The resistance [for all that it has achieved to date]:

Last edited 4 months ago by geraldina07
Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  geraldina07
4 months ago

THIS IS WAR – yep there is no better term for it.

4 months ago

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

[…] Read More: Covid Truths: Tools of Indoctrination […]

4 months ago

[…] Covid Truths: Tools of Indoctrination  The designers of this pandemic anticipated a pushback by the public and that major embarrassing questions would be asked. To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the “fact check” scam. […]

4 months ago

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