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Globalists Want to Replace Children with Virtual Computer Fakes

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Artificial intelligence expert Catriona Campbell predicts virtual children will be commonplace within the next 50 years, which can help combat overpopulation.

The virtual children would only exist within the metaverse, and parents would interact with them using high-tech wearables like gloves that can deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations.

Climate change, overpopulation, transhumanism and the digitisation of human life are all part and parcel of The Great Reset agenda, which will not be complete until humanity is enslaved to the unelected few who will run the world through algorithms and AI.

World Economic Forum (“WEF”) founder Klaus Schwab wants to create a world in which humans are connected to the cloud, able to access the internet through their brains. This is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about — the merger of man and machine. This is how we know, without a doubt, that transhumanism is part of The Great Reset.

The technocratic, transhumanist cabal also wants to track your individual carbon footprint and dictate your diet. Meat consumption is to be cut by 90% and replaced with fake lab-created meats and bugs.

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By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Yesterday, I reviewed the claims of Google engineer Blake Lemoine, who is convinced an artificial intelligence (“AI”) chatbot program called LaMDA has achieved sentience or self-aware consciousness.1

Mere days before Lemoine set the internet on fire with discussions about the possibility or impossibility of AI singularity, another AI expert made the news with the prediction that virtual children could one day become commonplace. Come to think of it, it’s almost as if the news were rolled out by an AI running a predictive programming algorithm. The Daily Mail reports:2

Virtual children that play with you, cuddle you, and even look like you will be commonplace in 50 years, and could help to combat overpopulation, an artificial intelligence expert has claimed.

These computer-generated offspring will only exist in the immersive digital world known as the “metaverse,” which is accessed using virtual reality technology such as a headset to make a user feel as if they’re face-to-face with the child. They will cost next to nothing to bring up, as they will require minimal resources, according to Catriona Campbell, one of the UK’s leading authorities on AI and emerging technologies.

In her new book, ‘AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence,’ she argues that concerns about overpopulation will prompt society to embrace digital children.

“Virtual children may seem like a giant leap from where we are now, but within 50 years technology will have advanced to such an extent that babies which exist in the metaverse are indistinct from those in the real world,” she writes. “As the metaverse evolves, I can see virtual children becoming an accepted and fully embraced part of society in much of the developed world” …

Ms. Campbell believes that people will one day be able to use high-tech gloves that are able to deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations. This would allow someone to cuddle, feed and play with their digital offspring as though it were a real child.

It wouldn’t be exactly true to life, however, as parents would have the ability to choose the rate at which their digital offspring grows up. So, those who enjoy the baby stage, for example, could keep the child in perpetual babyhood, forgoing all the experiences that go along with maturing through the teen years into adulthood.

Baby X

There’s already a proof of concept for this idea. “BabyX”3 is a digital experiment created by a New Zealand-based company called Soul Machines, several years ago. The idea behind it was to facilitate the acceptance of AI by humanising it. Soul Machines explains it this way:4

By combining models of physiology, cognition and emotion with advanced lifelike CGI, we set out to create a new form of biologically inspired AI. BabyX was our first developmental prototype designed as both a stand-alone research project and as an expandable base to feed into commercial computer agents.

She enables us to explore human cooperation with machines and the foundations for creating a digital consciousness. BabyX was designed for research and ‘she’ allows Soul Machines to not only explore the models of human behavior but also to create autonomous digital beings.

BabyX provides a foundation from which we learn, experiment and continue to develop the world’s first end-to-end solution for dynamically creating, teaching, managing and deploying Digital People.

The Transhumanist Agenda

By now, many have started realising that climate change, overpopulation, transhumanism and the digitisation of human life are all part and parcel of The Great Reset agenda, which will not be complete until humanity is enslaved to the unelected few who will run the world through algorithms and AI.

According to the technocratic cabal that has set the course for mankind over the last several decades, overpopulation is responsible for climate change,5 so to save the planet, we have to reduce and manage the population size. One way of doing this is to transition into a digital environment, the metaverse, where no actual physical resources are being used up.

On the extreme end of the transhumanist spectrum, you have people who believe we will eventually be able to upload our minds into a computer or synthetic avatar.6 We still don’t know if this is possible, and it seems highly unlikely, considering there’s more to a human than their physical brain and neuronal network. Your “mind” and “soul,” your actual “being,” are not localised in your brain tissue.

Transhumanism doesn’t acknowledge the reality of the non-local mind or soul, however, choosing instead to view the human being as nothing more than a physical platform7 that can be altered and augmented in any number of ways, equipped with a reproducible neural network that allows for thinking and intelligence given the correct electrical impulses and neural connections.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

WEF founder Klaus Schwab wants to create a world in which humans are connected to the cloud, able to access the internet through their brains. This is what the Fourth Industrial Revolution8 is all about — the merger of man and machine. This is how we know, without a doubt, that transhumanism is part of The Great Reset.

Of course, being connected to the cloud also means that your brain would be accessible to people who might like to tinker with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviour,9 and that too is part of the plan. They absolutely want to be able to control your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviours, from the inside.10

Transhumanism also involves the selective breeding of physical bodies, using artificial wombs rather than human beings. Already, Chinese scientists have used CRISPR technology to create the first gene-edited babies (born in 2018).11,12 They’ve also developed an AI nanny robot to care for embryos grown inside an artificial womb. As reported by Futurism:13

The system could theoretically allow parents to grow a baby in a lab, thereby eliminating the need for a human to carry a child. The researchers go so far as to say that this system would be safer than traditional childbearing.

To most normal people, a future of designer babies grown in artificial wombs, brain-to-cloud connectivity and uploading your mind to a computer sounds more like a purposeless nightmare than the utopia transhumanists try to portray it as. Schwab, however, speaks as though we have no choice in the matter. “The future is built by us,” he told the WEF insiders at the 2022 meeting in Davos.14 End of discussion.

The Rise of Anti-Humanism

Part of why Great Reset adherents seem so dissociated from human life is because they are. Most normal people believe humans are sovereign beings who are free by divine authority. Technocracy, on the other hand, views humans as a natural resource, no different from an oil deposit or livestock, and they are to be used as such.

Humans may be more or less efficient than a robot, for example, depending on the job at hand, and efficiency trumps humanity. To minimise problems within this human resource management system, there needs to be maximum compliance with minimal effort, and this is where social engineering through media propaganda (brainwashing), censorship and AI comes in.

For the most part, once fully implemented, the control system will be fully automated, with a direct connection to your brain. Beliefs may be switched from one day to the next with a simple software update, automatically downloaded and installed from the cloud. That’s their dream – and our nightmare.

They Want to Track Your Carbon Footprint

Many still have a hard time wrapping their heads around the extent to which the technocratic, transhumanist cabal intends to control the global population. In short, they intend to control every single aspect of everything you do on a daily basis. Not only do they not want you to exercise free will, but they also don’t even believe free will exists.15

They intend to control what resources you can use, where you can travel, your health and medical decisions, what you think and what you eat. Look closely, and you will find that all of these plans have already been announced and implementation is in the works.

So, they intend to micromanage your life through digital surveillance, facial and voice recognition through carbon credit scores and social credit scores, through digital identities and/or vaccine passports, through climate change countermeasures and biosecurity measures, through AI assistants, online censorship and social engineering.

They intend to control what resources you can use, where you can travel, your health and medical decisions, what you think and what you eat. Look closely, and you will find that all of these plans have already been announced and implementation is in the works.

For example, in August 2021, The Hill published an op-ed by libertarian analyst Kristin Tate, warning a social credit system is coming to America.16 Two years earlier, in 2019, Futurism17 wrote about how the US already has a social credit system that is very similar to China’s, we just haven’t realised it yet, because it was built by Silicon Valley rather than the government.

The plans for individual carbon footprint trackers were announced18 at this year’s Davos meeting for WEF members and invited VIPs. The trackers are being developed by the Chinese Alibaba Group,19 which makes sense, considering the Chinese have already implemented a social credit system20 and individual carbon tracking will be an added facet of that.

In a June 3, 2022, article, RAIR (Rise Align Ignite Reclaim) commented on the WEF’s plans for global control:

After a quietly held WEF and United Nations General Assembly summit in Switzerland on “sustainability,” they released several shocking videos21 showcasing a glimpse into life after The Great Reset.

From people without possessions, pumped full of pills, eating laboratory-created meat in hyper-technical, digitally networked “smart cities” and clothing. They created short, bizarre, feel-good videos highlighting how people will help them redesign the world.

The videos range from cows that no longer burp methane thanks to tablets, starfish created in test tubes to fight climate change, drones for reforestation in Africa, enzymes from human blood to stabilise concrete, and poor hygiene to save the environment.

The WEF also promoted new mRNA vaccinations against various diseases. In addition, they celebrated 24-hour surveillance, digital IDs for clothing, and artificial food and coffee.

They Want to Control Your Diet

The technocratic cabal also intends to radically transform the food system and is now busily working on ways to eliminate meat from our diet22 and convince us to replace it with synthetic lab creations and fake meat, which by the way is loaded with the worst kind of fat imaginable — industrial seed oils.

To this end, the WEF has partnered with the EAT Forum, which will set the political agenda for global food production. The EAT Forum was co-founded by the Wellcome Trust, which in turn was established with the financial help of GlaxoSmithKline.

EAT collaborates with nearly 40 city governments across Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia, and maintains close relationships with imitation meat companies such as Impossible Foods, which was co-funded by Google, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.23 (Gates has also been gobbling up farmland, becoming one of the largest private land owners in the US24)

EAT has developed a “Planetary Health Diet” that is designed to be applied to the global population and entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90%, replacing it largely with foods made in laboratories, along with cereals and oil.25 Not surprisingly, Gates is on record urging Western nations to stop eating real meat altogether.26

Bugs — It’s What’s for Dinner

Forcing a transition to fake meats is bad enough, but it gets worse. Perhaps you’ve seen the odd article here and there over the past few years suggesting we should consider eating bugs and weeds and drink “reclaimed” sewage?27 Well, those were part of the predictive programming to prime the pump, so to speak. Now we’re entering the real indoctrination phase.

Four primary schools in Wales, UK, recently conducted a real-world trial to see how children would take to eating mealworms, crickets, beetles and other insects, while simultaneously being indoctrinated to think they’re becoming “ethical citizens” who are saving the planet by ditching meat. According to RAIR, which reported the novel lunch experiment:28

… the unelected self-anointed global elitists at the WEF have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs … ‘Would you give edible insects a try to help save the planet?’ …

Two years ago, the European Union (“EU”) classified insects as “novel foods.” In other words: the preparations for insect food have been underway for a long time. As a result, edible insects are increasingly sold across the EU.

The UK Food Safety Authority (FSA) will provisionally allow trade in edible insects in supermarkets and retailers starting in June [2022], with full approval expected next year. Evaluation is currently underway for crickets for human consumption; mealworms are also expected to be submitted soon.

Being able to see the globalists’ plan as clearly as we can see it now, we have an obligation to future generations to resist, denounce and refuse any and all implementations of the technocratic agenda. We can win, for the simple fact that there are more of us than there are of them, but we have to be vocal about it — we need to join forces and present a united front. We need to peacefully resist and say “No thank you” to everything they try to roll out.

Sources and References

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1 year ago

[…] Go to Source Follow on Telegram […]

1 year ago

I often feel sick at the proposals of these quite obviously mentally deranged and quite sadistic people who have designed every minute detail of our lives. But this idea about how to substitute for not having real babies actually caused me to be sick. I heaved. It was the very idea that somebody even thought it’s OK to design something so artificial to replace human feelings so natural. “Parents would interact with them using high-tech wearables like gloves that can deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations.” No! No! They would not replicate the sensations! That is just very twisted and sick and against human nature.
When will somebody go to one of their sycophantic meetings and stand up and shout, “STOP! ALL OF YOU! You haven’t a clue about what is right for people. You do not have the right to create the world this way. The world is not a big toy for you to play with like a child who has a large train-set in the attic. You have no rights at all! You are all deranged and disgusting murderers, the spawn of Satan.”
Please tell me how, when, are we all going to get organised and STOP them?

Reply to  truthshouldnothurt
1 year ago

For God’s sake, why aren’t more of us saying this? How can we stop this? Who will help us? Is this what all the ‘elites’ really want? For their children and their grandchildren and generations to come? Is it really? Are they all drunk on money and power and lies about overpopulation. These satanists have been engaged in eugenics and human culling for over a century. How many of the ‘elite’ are being fooled that resources are running out. No they are not. The only damage being done to the planet, the only decimation of food, the only threat to wildlife on the land and in the sea is being caused by these satanic, psychopathic monsters. The real reason for this: they want immortality and to be gods. They want to control what the ‘human’ race evolves to be in the future. They want to conduct the sort of abominable science that we would never allow them to do, without us being there to stop them. Please don’t enough people realise that we are nearing the end of humanity? Wake up, please everyone. It is almost already too late.

Reply to  Kintaro
1 year ago

You ask, how can we stop this?

We just say no, and mean it. Do NOT comply.

My sister declined experimental gene therapeutics when the Queensland Government demanded it of their teachers. Having been stood down without pay since January, she and others start back at work, sans the clot shot, next term. A big enough minority stood up to them and they’ve backed down.

My ex-wife gave up working in age care and is now working in another field, even though they’ve now dropped mandates for certain therapeutics. My brother was a registered nurse and likewise, is working in another field. There are alternatives that will manifest when you stand up to being bullied.

I too, am GMO free. I have some jobs I can’t apply for, but I’m still making a living. I didn’t install their tracking apps. I made typos on trace apps entering stores etc. I have never been contact traced.

At times, I didn’t shop at stores, cafes etc when tyranny was heavily enforced. I was declined treatment at a hospital because I lived in the “wrong” area. I have never had one of their dodgy covid tests.

Know the law, the regulations, your rights, and any loopholes you can exploit. Have the name and number of a good solicitor in your wallet, should you need one.

During lockdowns, go out and give a credible BS excuse if challenged.

Turn up at demonstrations and rallies, they’re great fun, build courage and the more the merrier, to show the sheeple there are other points of view.

Get an exemption if you can from masks. Do not wear them if at all possible. When challenged, I tell people they make me light headed – they always backed off when I stood my ground. Not wearing them encourages others and shows support for other unmasked people, that we are not alone.

Shame police officers when they’re attempting to enforce tyranny, support others by filming such encounters. Queensland police were forced out of cafes by customers and staff chanting and shaming them.

Do everything you can to subvert their systems. I’ve heard of people putting dots on QR codes with black permanent markers and other acts of sabotage.

When you can, vote for parties that are anti-globalist and support them with your money.

Drop thought bombs in the minds of the sleeping masses as and when you can, just simple questions that challenge the narrative and make them think.

Ridicule the narrative and the wannabe globalist leaders.

Do not merely stand up for freedom of speech, but have your say and express your two cents worth even when it may not be well received.

Noncompliance can mean getting beaten by the cops, as thousands were in Melbourne and elsewhere. It can mean being harassed on trumped up charges as is happening now to Monica Smit.

There are worse things that can happen to you than going to jail; it ain’t that bad and once they’ve done that, the fear of it is gone forever. Hey, if it’s good enough for Gandhi, it’s good enough for you.

Do not be intimidated by authority and what seems to be insurmountable pressure now. It will pass over like a breaking wave and you will still be there after its power is dissipated.

In the words of Tom Petty:

No, I’ll Stand my ground
Wont be turned around
And I’ll keep this world from dragging me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I wont back down

Remember, there are far more of us than there are of them, and their biggest fear is us not complying. Time is on our side if we stand our ground and tough it out.

John Hart
John Hart
Reply to  truthshouldnothurt
1 year ago

To stop ‘them’ one must know what ‘they’ are. Satan is real, has a plan and is smarter than us. ‘They’ are its minions, humans turned into neurons for its mind because they fell victims to its lies. They literally don’t know what they’re doing, just like those who nailed Christ to the cross. Christ exists in children as they are formed and suffers the pain of their dismemberment when they are ripped apart inside their mothers womb. Satan is a predator out of its domain. Sin (error) gave it a way into Reality, which is an information process set in motion and sustained by God. And it will be driven back to the hell it came from when enough people turn back to God or if God’s Reality becomes barren.

Sex is God’s greatist gift. It enables men and women to be co-creators with God. Shame of sex is the key to Satan’s power, and control of reproduction is its goal. To stop them good people need to recognize that suppressing sex isn’t the answer. Ignorance creates the vacuum perversion fills. The ‘in your face” exhibition of Leftist victims and their extreme addiction to sex with no regard for the lives of the children they create, is a cancer that will destroy society just as surely as it destroys human life. God didn’t design children to mature early so they’d be tempted to sin. God intended for families to be extended for generations, not starting when people were forty and their parents were dead.

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

HA! Might be more easy. But no! Not enough time left to
develop those. Besides, sadly, they are too busy now killing the younguns’. I post publicly on MeWe.

A Truth About Vaccines.png
1 year ago

[…] Globalists Want to Replace Children with Virtual Computer Fakes Artificial intelligence expert Catriona Campbell predicts virtual children will be commonplace within the next 50 years, which can help combat overpopulation. The virtual children would only exist within the metaverse, and parents would interact with them using high-tech wearables like gloves that can deliver tactile feedback to replicate physical sensations. […]

1 year ago

Hmmm, virtual baby? What leaps of technology will be required to induce the joy of the virtual oder of a soiled virtual nappy?

Will your virtual baby be programmed to start screaming for a feed at 2am?

Will it grow into a tiny tyrant in 3 years, throwing tantrums when you decline to indulge its every whim at the virtual shops?

Will you have to spend a virtual fortune to raise it to virtual adulthood, forking out for virtual school fees, uniforms, toys, food, accomodation, university fees etc?

Will your weekends be commandeered to ferrying your virtual dependent to virtual games/lessons/activities?

Will you have to spend another fortune on virtual child minding services to look after your virtual child when you’re not online?

Will the virtual social services come after you for the slightest rumour of virtual abuse of your virtual thing?

Can you change the gender of your virtual thing as fashions change?

Will the virtual police come after you if you press the delete button on your virtual pest when you get bored with the whole thing or just want an upgrade to MS Baby 2030 ™?

A real child comes with all these “features” and far more. He/she is a blessing from God, and we owe it to them to have at least two, so that when we, their parents are dead and gone, they have each other, their siblings, for mutual care, love and support.

Why would anyone pay real money for a fake child? The joy of the real thing is that it is a created being in a semblance of its parents, to make one’s life work to raise and cherish the little darling and hopefully, one day see it produce offspring of its own.

Should the globalist transhumanists ever actually achieve the technologies of their dystopian nightmares, the humans on this world will destroy them, just as our ancestors destroyed the neanderthals and every other competing humanoid species.

1 year ago

[…] BY RHODA WILSON ON JUNE 27, 2022  […]