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The number of FIFA Footballers who ‘Died Suddenly’ in 2021 was 300% higher than the previous 12-Year Average

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Extensive research has revealed that deaths of professional football/soccer players due to cardiovascular issues doubled every three months in 2021, with the number of footballers who ‘died suddenly’ in December 2021 equalling the annual average over the previous 12 years.

Meaning as many players died suddenly in one month as had previously died on average over 12 months. In all, deaths among professional football/soccer players in 2021 were 4 times the average rate recorded between 2009 and 2020.

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The following table shows the total number of listed Fifa football match deaths and male cardiovascular football match deaths to have occurred every year since 2009.

The data within the table was obtained from the following –

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The data shows that professional football/soccer players died of cardiovascular problems during games (match or training) at 4 times the average rate recorded between 2009 and 2020.

It also reveals that there were more than 15x as many deaths due to cardiovascular issues in 2021 than there were in 2020.

But what’s most concerning is that there were 3.5 times as many deaths in December 2021 than there were in the whole of 2020, and there were almost as many deaths in December 2021 (7) as the annual average rate over the last 12 years (7.8 per year).

And the real problem is this…

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Cardiovascular deaths among professional football/soccer players are doubling every quarter. So by the end of 2022, they may have risen to 320 per quarter (40, 80, 160, 320). The advice given to footballers who collapse but survive is that they should cease all strenuous activity for 3 months. These figures reveal that all athletes who are Covid-19 vaccinated should do the same thing.

Our investigation of available data shows that worldwide professional football/soccer match cardiovascular deaths in 2021 were 300% higher than the 12-year average, with the number of deaths occurring in December 2021 alone equalling the 2009-2020 average.

Will the relevant authorities also investigate this further before it is too late?

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7 Jan 21Alex Apolinário24AlvercaOn 3 January 2021, went into cardiac arrest at the 27th minute of a league match. He was revived after several attempts and taken to the hospital, where he was put in an induced coma and died four days later. – Wikipedia List
8 Mar 21Abdul Rahman Atef23Al QanayatDied while playing a league match against El Rowad.- Swallowed his tongueWikipedia List (Excluded)
11 Apr 21Dejan Oršuš24NK OtokCollapsed during a league match against Radnički after suffering a cardiac arrest, died in the hospital later that same day. Wikipedia List
18 Apr 21Tremaine Stewart33Portmore UnitedStewart collapsed while playing football the morning of the 18th in Spanish town, and despite being rushed to the hospital he died later that day. Wikipedia List
1 Jun 21Giuseppe Perrino29ParmaItalian Footballer Dies Of Heart Attack During a Memorial Match For His Late Brother Wikipedia List
22 Jun 21Viktor Marcell Hegedüs18Andráshida SCCollapsed during a training warm up. Defibrillator was used. Wikipedia List
16 Jul 21Imad Bayumi45RetiredSuffered from a circulatory collapse during a friendly match Wikipedia List (Excluded)
23 Jul 21Tim Braun27SV Hamberge (Schleswig-Holstein)Collapsed and died after a football tournament. –
12 Aug 21Lee Moses29Palmerston North Marist FC New ZealandHe suffered chest pains during practice at the central energy trust arena in New Zealand, and died after an unexpected heart attack, leaving behind his partner Tori Batley, 26, and two young children.  –
16 Aug 21Samuel Kalu24BordeauxPro footballer suffers cardiac arrest during a game  News Story
28 Aug 21Alexander Shishmarev23Krasnaya ZvezdaAlexander Shishmarev, 23, was playing as goalkeeper in a Russian training match when he collided with an opponent, being treated for ‘more than an hour’ before passing away – He swallowed his tongue and suffocatedWikipedia List (Excluded)
2 Sep 21Dylan Rich17West Bridgford ColtsA young footballer who died after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest during a match. Wikipedia List
4 Sep 21Jens De Smet27FCC FilosoofDrama on Dutch football field, amateur player Jens (27) collapses and dies. Wikipedia List
10 Sep 21Frederic Lartillot25Association of football veterans of Nurieux-Volognat.Collapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game.
25 Sep 21Guillermo Arias31Camaguán FCIn the quarterfinals of the third division tournament Arias collapsed on the field and died of cardiac arrest. Wikipedia List
1 Oct 21Bruno Stein15FC An der Fahner HöheYoung goalkeeper and amateur angler Bruno Stein from FC An der Fahner Höhe passed away at the age of 15. Wikipedia List
3 Oct 21Nils de Wolf27Belgian football club White Star SombekeSuffered a heart attack after playing against the Verrebroek. Underwent CPR using a defibrillator, but died at the hospital three days later.  –
4 Oct 21Alexander Siegfried42VfB Moschendorf GermanyCollapsed suddenly and died. –
8 Oct 21Benoît Sabard49SC MassayWith 20 minutes to go before the end of the game, Benoît collapsed. Wikipedia List
9 Oct 21Benjamin Taft31Captain of SC GroßschwarzenloheCollapsed from a heart attack after a game and died.
15 Oct 21Christophe Ramassamy54AS Saint YvesChristophe Ramassamy, a 54-year-old footballer, suffered a fatal heart attack. Barely after 20 minutes of play, he collapsed on the pitch. The emergency services could do nothing to revive him, Wikipedia List
17 Oct 21Joao Santos Alankar38FC Bruski BrazilSudden cardiac arrest in Blumenau in the Santa Catarina Championship and died.
29 Oct 21Mohammad Islam30Raqiz, PakistanRaqiz were playing Millat in the Balochistan provincial commissioner’s cup tournament in Chaman. He collapsed during the game due to a heart attack and died on the way to hospital –
7 Nov 21Neslon Solano21March1 Club St Antonio, ParaguayMarch1 club in Candida Achucarro neighbourhood of San Antonio in Paraguay. Solano played the first half then was taken off for the 2nd but went out to celebrate on the pitch with his team mates at the end of the game when he collapsed. He was taken to Nemby Hospital where he died –
12 Nov 21Jony López16Sol del Este ParaguaySuffered a fatal heart attack while playing football – Wikipedia List
17 Nov 21Adonis Villanueva27Deportivo del EsteMidfielder – “During a training session at Club Deportivo del Este, Villanueva received an impact in the skull. He retired from training, but a little later, while the player was having lunch, he suffered a heart attack for which he was admitted to a nearby medical center. According to various sources, the footballer’s incident was not due to a blow, but to a heart attack in the left middle cerebral artery, something strange in such a young player”.
17 Nov 21Aleksandar Krsić30FK RadnickiFootball player from Ratkov collapsed with a cardiac arrest during training He died in the ambulance en route to Novi Sad Clinical Centre –
26 Nov 21Guimbala Tounkara34AS PoliceWe started the workout at 8am and finished at 10am at the end of the training session he said: see you tomorrow coach. He died one hour later. Club AS police –
17 Dec 21Karol Setniewski13Znicz PruszkówHeadache and death after the game – Wikipedia List,nId,5715824 only 13 years old (Excluded)
22 Dec 21Ahmed Amin23Al Rebat & Al Anwar SCGoalkeeper Ahmed Amin collapsed in the team locker room due to having suffered a sudden cardiac arrest after a training session. Immediately, attempts to resuscitate the player failed. The player was then rushed to a hospital nearby but it is reported he died along the way – Wikipedia List –
22 Dec 21Taufik Ramsyah20Tornado FC PekanbaruGoalkeeper suffered a fractured skull after colliding with a Wahana FC player in a Liga3 Riau game. Taufik succumbed to his injuries after being in a coma for several days as well as undergoing surgery for his fractured skull. Wikipedia List (Excluded)
22 Dec 21Adrien Sandjo18Piedmont and Valle d’AostaU19 Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta regional team footballer collapsed on the pitch with a cardiac arrest, declared brain dead after six hours of observation in Molinette hospital. – and
23 Dec 21Mukhaled Al-Raqadi29Muscat ClubCollapsed during the warm up, for the game vs Suwaiq Club in the Omantel league – Wikipedia List .
23 Dec 21Marin Ćaćić23NK NehajDied in hospital, after a cardiac arrest on 21 December 2021 during training – Wikipedia List.
25 Dec 21Sofiane Loukar30MC SaïdaCollapsed in the middle of a match and died instantly – Wikipedia List
30 Dec 21Alioune Badara Wade28Dakar University ClubFootball striker with Senegalese second division club Dakar University Club. He collapsed during training with cardiac arrest and could not be revived.
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