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The legacy of censorship on Twitter

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For more than two years, scientists and freedom activists have been silenced under the pretext of a “pandemic.” Brave journalists have been muzzled for asking legitimate questions that threatened the deep state and those profiting from its existence. 

These are the words of Dr. Simon Goddek who in a Twitter thread summed up what Twitter users saw and didn’t see due to the practice of censorship.  Dr. Goddek has a PhD in biotechnology and over the last few years has consistently spoken out about the anti-science the world has been subjected to.  For his efforts, like many others, he was censored in an attempt to silence him.

Below is Dr. Goddek’s thread.  The numbers at the start of paragraphs indicate the number of the tweet within his thread.

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My name is Simon Goddek and I’m a scientist

By Dr. Simon Goddek

1. My name is Simon Goddek and I’m a scientist. I was banned from Twitter 538 days ago for stating that mutations usually make viruses less harmful. Although this is scientific consensus, the Ministry of Truth saw an opportunity to silence me.

It’s good to be back! 2. Prior to my permaban, I have been temporarily banned for making the following statements. None of them was misleading or even potentially harmful. I provided Twitter Support with scientific evidence supporting my arguments but they refused to reactivate my account.

3 & 4. I wasn’t Twitter’s only victim. Prominent censorship victims were (and still are) @Thomas_Binder, @naomirwolf, @boriquagato, @NickHudsonCT, @TheChiefNerd, @P_McCulloughMD, @TexasLindsay, @EWoodhouse7, @molsjames, @JesslovesMJK, @CeliaFarber, @MichaelPSenger, @DocBrandenburg, @VigilantFox, @MdBreathe, @KanekoaTheGreat, @stkirsch, @RWMaloneMD, @btysonmd, @ZelenkoZev, @RealJoelSmalley, @KLVeritas, @drcraigwa, @abirballan, @LynnFynn3, and many others. I recommend following all of them.

5. For more than two years, scientists and freedom activists have been silenced under the pretext of a “pandemic”. Brave journalists such as @tracybeanz have been muzzled for asking legitimate questions that threatened the deep state and those profiting from its existence.  

6. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that masks aren’t effective against pathogens. Fauci and Christian Drosten, for instance, stated until 2020 that masks “won’t stop the virus” and shouldn’t be used in case of a pandemic.

Source: Dr. Simon Goddek on Twitter

7. However, these allegedly corrupt pseudoscientists flip-flopped and suddenly fact checkers declared the truth as fake news and potentially dangerous. Social media platforms consequently banned those who insisted on settled scientific facts.

8. The same applies to the Covid vaccines. Asking simple questions concerning the approval procedure or potential adverse effects got many of us banned. Again, Christian Drosten and his Team Science Minions discredited those who raised questions using the principle of FLICC.

9. Another example of Twitter’s totalitarian behaviour was the suppression of the truth regarding Ivermectin and Vitamin D. Those who deliberately ran smear campaigns against these life-saving substances got blue-checked while those posting supportive studies got suspended.

10. It is remarkable that scientists who were doing their job (i.e., raising questions) were banned for doing so but those who created and spread pseudoscientific nonsense such as the Swiss Cheese Model (i.e., Ian Mackay) were allowed to stay on Twitter and even got blue-checked.

11. As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, TeamScience™ even has discovered that unvaccinated people are to blame for adverse reactions among vaccinated people. No punchline! That paper passed the peer review process. [See below.]

Read more: Covid 19 vaccines and the misinterpretation of perceived side effects clarity on the safety of vaccines, Raymond D Palmer, 1 September 2022

12. Unfortunately, journalists amplified such unscientific statements, pharma shills such as @erictopol, @DrEricDing, @florian_krammer and @peter_hotez made. The latter called for the same tactics against anti-vaccine groups as terrorist organisations. [See below.]

Read more: Covid vaccines: time to confront anti-vax aggression, Nature, Peter Hotez, 27 April 2021

13. No single mainstream journalist opposed these misanthropic defamations made by these alleged scientists or creepy vaccination campaigns that, for instance, glorified kidnapping and intentional bodily harm. Shame, @Stadt_Wien!

14. This may never happen again, and this global scandal must be fully clarified in every country. It is of utmost importance that the censors and fact-checkers never get the chance to do such damage again.

15. It is obvious that these “current thing” chaps are all very anxious to continue with their climate change narrative. They will not stop until the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is a reality and the Social Credit System is implemented.

16. Those who are currently stirring up panic about global warming are the same players who have advocated the social exclusion of the unvaccinated and the introduction of compulsory vaccination mandates.

17. It is up to us to fully expose this scandal of global proportions and bring the perpetrators to justice. They will do it again and again if we won’t stop them now.

18, 19 & 20. And let’s get some things straight once and for all:

  • A real pandemic wouldn’t require a 24/7 marketing campaign.
  • Gaslighting the general public is a crime and should have serious consequences.
  • The vaccine doesn’t prevent the transmission of “the virus” although the opposite was claimed.
  • The measures were a crime against humanity. Those who are responsible for pushing for them knew this all along.
  • Fauci, Farrar, Drosten, Koopmans, Andersen and Co. knew about the lab leak since the beginning but are still covering it up.
  • It’s still unclear how Drosten’s PCR test made it through peer review within one day. This needs to be investigated. [See below.]

Read more: How Scientific Fraud took the World Hostage, Dr. Simon Goddek, 25 September 2022

21, 22 & 23.

  • Testing healthy people is irrational and should never happen again.
  • Masks are potentially harmful. Their only function is to (1) remind us that we’re in a “deadly pandemic”, (2) silence critical citizens, and (3) force children into obedience for future ‘pandemics’
  • A PCR test is no diagnostic tool.
  • A healthy diet, sufficient sleep, exercising and avoiding alcohol should have been promoted by public health experts just like Fauci did before 2020.
  • If it were really about our health, governments would regulate refined vegetable oils, sugars and drugs (i.e., nicotine and alcohol).
  • It was illogical that one could take off the mask while sitting in the restaurant, but had to put it on to go to the bathroom.

24. Instead of getting upset about censorship, I’ve made good use of the last 18 months. For example, I moved to the Brazilian jungle and I am almost 100% self-sufficient. I generate my own electricity and grow food in my greenhouse. My 20 chickens lay more eggs than I can eat.

25. Also, since June I have my own podcast called “Dr. Simon meets”. So far, I talked to freedom fighters such as @naomirwolf and @FatEmperor. Video: Audio:

26. I’ve started a Telegram channel ( that currently has more than 70,000 subscribers. I recently also got on Substack where I publish longer articles. You can access them freely via

27. Since my motto is “don’t talk, do!”, I invested in a business that will launch a superb vitamin D supplement in January. Follow @sunfluencer and also my account (@goddeketal) to stay updated.

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10 months ago

Elon started off well but this last week I was locked out twice for opinions the “fact checkers” didn’t agree with, even though my comments were verifiable. Either they sneaked back in or he has backed off from his promise.

10 months ago

It has been proven that most of the esteemed blue checks were followed by bots. This is just as fake as anything else in this world of lies. I am surprised that the shareholders of twitter have not filed lawsuits. This is a classic example of fraud. But, as we all know with the two-tiered justice system, some cases cannot be disputed. Their “intention” was pure so all should be forgiven. I’ve seen this movie several times.

10 months ago

[…] Simon Goddek is a scientist silenced for two years. In this column he recaps what they’ve done to you as a preview of what’s ahead. It would be a good idea to review it so […]

10 months ago

[…] Simon Goddek is a scientist silenced for two years. In this column he recapswhat they’ve done to you as a preview of what’s ahead. It would be a good idea to review it so […]