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They said it was “safe and effective”; covid vaccine contracts with the South African government show it was a lie

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In August, a South African Court ordered the National Department of Health (“NDOH”) to release covid vaccine contracts and other related documents.  At the beginning of September, the first batch of documents was released.

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On Thursday 17 August 2023, the Pretoria High Court ruled in favour of the Health Justice Initiative’s (“HJI’s”) bid to compel the NDOH to provide access to all covid “vaccine” procurement contracts and other documents.  The Court ordered that all covid vaccine contracts (“Part 1”) and negotiation-related documents (“Part 2”) must be made public within 10 court days of the Judgment.

On 1 September, HJI issued a press statement saying that NDOH had handed documents for Part 1 to HJI’s legal team. NDOH has undertaken to share the remainder of the documents, Part 2, which it was ordered to disclose, and in agreement with HJI, by no later than 29 September 2023.

On 5 September, HJI held a press briefing after which they uploaded the Part 1 documents to their website HERE.  The Part 1 documents comprise:

  • COVAX Facility/Gavi Alliance – Committed Purchase Agreement (dated 11 December 2020).
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica – Advance Purchase Agreement (26 February 2021).
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica – Advance Purchase Agreement, Additional Doses (_ April 2021).
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica – Term Sheet (19 November 2020).
  • Pfizer – Manufacturing and Supply Agreement (30 March 2021).
  • Pfizer – Amendment to Manufacturing and Supply Agreement (4 June 2021).
  • Pfizer – Binding Term Sheet.
  • Serum Institute of India – Vaccine Purchase Agreement (18 January 2021).
  • Serum Institute of India – Term Sheet (7 January 2021).

It is worth noting that the HJI was launched in July 2020 in South Africa “to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable public health system, locally and globally, both during and beyond the pandemic.”  It was established using all the verbiage of the Globalist agenda.

The founder of HJI is Fatima Hassan, a South African human rights lawyer and social justice activist.  She is the former executive director of the Open Society Foundation of South Africa, founded by infamous globalist George Soros.

We can safely assume that HJI is under the influence, if not the control, of the Globalists.

Further reading: How the British Invented George Soros, Lew Rockwell, 19 June 2021

Pfizer Covid Vaccine Contract

In the March 2021 manufacturing and supply agreement (“vaccine contract”) between Pfizer and NDOH, there is a paragraph that admits the safety and the efficacy of Pfizer’s covid injection were unknown:

5.1 Purchaser Acknowledgement.

Purchaser acknowledges that the Vaccine and materials related to the Vaccine, and their components and constituent materials are being rapidly developed due to the emergency circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to be studied after provision of the Vaccine to Purchaser under this Agreement. Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known. Further, to the extent applicable, Purchaser acknowledges that the Product shall not be serialized. [Emphasis our own.]

Manufacturing and Supply Agreement Between Pfizer Laboratories Proprietary Limited and the Government of the Republic of South Africa Acting Through the National Department of Health of South Africa ( “NDOH” ), 30 March 2021

Janssen Covid Vaccine Contract

The NDOH contract with Janssen shows a similar lack of confidence in the “safety and efficacy” of its covid injection.

The Janssen covid injection was developed by Janssen Vaccines in Leiden, Netherlands, and its Belgian parent company Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of American company Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”).

The South African government signed two agreements with Janssen.  The first was an ‘Advance Purchase Agreement’ dated 26 February 2021, to secure 11 million doses, followed by a second for the supply of additional doses on an unspecified date in April 2021.

Additional Vaccine Volume

5.2 The Government Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that:

(b) the final total dosage and administration schedule of COVID Vaccine required to protect one (I) individual against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 has not been determined as of the Effective Date [xx April 2021] and, without prejudice to clause 5.2(c), shall be determined solely by Janssen based on data generated in ongoing clinical trials; Janssen shall be entitled to unilaterally adjust the definition of Vaccine Dose set out in this Agreement after the Effective Date based on data generated as part of its ongoing clinical trials. [pg.12]

(c) Janssen provides no warranty that a Vaccine Dose will be sufficient to protect one (I) individual against COVID-19, or that the COVID Vaccine is safe or efficacious [pg.12]

13.4 … Janssen disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by Law, all warranties … relating to the sufficiency of a single Vaccine Dose to protect one (I) individual against SARS-Co V-2/COVID-l 9 or the safety or effectiveness of the COVID Vaccine. [pg. 22] [Emphasis our own.]

Advance Purchase Agreement for SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 Vaccine (Additional Doses), Janssen Pharmacuetica JV and the Government of the Republic of South Africa Acting Through the National Department of Health (the “Government Purchaser”), April 2021

Notably, on the ‘Additional Doses’ purchase agreement’s title page is an EMEA document reference. EMEA refers to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, a geographical grouping used by global corporations to define regional business activity.  Does this mean that Janssen used the same contract for all countries in the EMEA region?

According to Wikipedia, South Africa began its mass covid injection campaign on 17 February 2021.  This is not true. It is more than a week before NDOH signed its first contract to purchase injections on 26 February.  The date Wikipedia gives is, in fact, the date when the trial for Janssen’s vaccine in South Africa began.

The trial participants were healthcare workers, whether they realised they were taking part in a trial or not. In the week ending 21 February, nearly 15,000 people had been injected as part of J&J’s Sisonke covid vaccine trial.  By the end of the following week, 28 February, more than 71,000 healthcare workers had been injected as part of the Sisonke trial.

Enrolment in the Siskone study began on 17 February 2021 and as of 12 April 2021, a total of 288,368 healthcare workers had received J&J’s Ad26.COV2.S vaccine, among whom 5898 (2%) reported adverse events.  Fifty of the trial participants, in other words, healthcare workers, had serious side effects including 12 people who had allergic reactions and six who had neurologic conditions, including a case of Guillain-Barre syndrome and another with Bell’s palsy.  The majority (85%) of participants experienced mild to moderate effects.

In April 2021, South Africa suspended the use of J&J covid injections as a “precautionary measure” and J&J delayed its European vaccine rollout following an FDA decision to pause the jabs while blood clot cases are examined. A few days later, South Africa announced it had resumed its J&J vaccination rollout.

The trial’s early safety data was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in June 2021.  The authors noted that no cases of the blood clotting condition, known as vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (“VITT”), were detected in the South African study. Although, around 28 cases had been identified in vaccinated people in other countries. However, five participants in the Sisonke study did develop blood clots – four of the five cases were linked to the vaccine, while one case was possibly linked.

In June 2021, there was a delay in the South African rollout of the J&J vaccine after it was found that there was a lack of adherence to proper standards at a manufacturing plant in the United States, News24 reported.  The J&J injections intended for South Africa were suspended following a US ruling that ingredients for the country’s doses may have been contaminated during production in a plant in Baltimore.  The US Food and Drug Administration said on 11 June 2021 that some batches of the J&J “vaccine” were not fit to use.

Did the Government Fully Inform the Public?

Did the South African government fully inform the public about the lack of safety and efficacy? No.  In fact, the Government did the opposite.

On its website, the South African government assured the public that the injections were “safe and effective.”  There is no indication of the date the webpage was uploaded or when it was last updated, however, it is clear it is before the public had been subjected to any of the injections:

The first doses of the vaccine are from Johnson & Johnson as its vaccine has proved effective … The country has secured 11 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. [The ‘Advance Purchase Agreement’ with J&J is dated 26 February 2021.]

Vaccines undergo rigorous trials to ensure they are safe and effective. All vaccines go through a comprehensive approval process by medical regulators to ensure that they are safe. Pharmaceutical companies hand over all laboratory studies and safety trials to validate that the vaccine does work.

South Africa reached an agreement with the COVAX Facility to secure 12 million vaccine doses. This will be complemented by other vaccines that are available to South Africa through the African Union’s African Vaccine Acquisition Task Team facility. Pfizer has committed 20 million vaccine doses commencing with deliveries at the end of the first quarter. Government continues to work with various pharmaceutical companies to ensure we immunise 67 per cent of the population.

COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine, South African Government

We don’t know what Part 2, the remaining documents given to HIJ, may reveal, but from the vaccine contracts alone it is apparent that the South African public was lied to.  They were told the covid injections were “safe and effective” when the Government knew they had no basis to make that assertion.

As of 4 September 2023, more than 39 million doses had been injected into the population – 8 million people had been injected with J&J and 14.7 million had been injected with Pfizer.  The vast majority of injections were administered during the 12 months between May 2021 and April 2022.

By now, there should be at least 23 million very angry South Africans.

Featured image: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa receives the Johnson & Johnson covid injection in South Africa on 17 February 2021.  Source: Sowetan Live

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Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
14 days ago

Hopefully, Andrew Bridgen will have the same success as the Health Justice Initiative.

Chris C
Chris C
14 days ago

The only reason that the evil cult are getting away with this global genocide (now three and a half years in) is that the mainstream media (MSM) are perpetuating it and censoring the truth, simply because the wicked cult OWN ALL the MSM collaborators.

In a God-run World, the war declared on us by the conspirators in the cult would be over in three and a half weeks.
Thanks to parts of the alternative media such as The Expose, many people have woken up and spread the truth, but the majority of humans are still brainwashed and could drag us enlightened ones down into a dystopian nightmare; that’s how communo-fascism works using “majority rule” etc.: this time the evil is off the scale.

So we need a new internet based on truth, and Mike Adams of Brighteon is describing 2 schemes that are up and running to achieve internet freedom.

Also We the People need to stop bowing down to Ofcom etc. and stop respecting the idea that only the cult can print newspapers or use the airwaves for propaganda.
Pirate radio in the 1960’s was eventually removed or jammed, but this is war and we need a strong army of strong people to protect new radio stations, PRINT OUR OWN NEWSPAPERS etc.
Surely if the 8 BILLION of us focus some funds on creating a TRUTH MEDIA, then the truth will become part of our collective consciousness, at which point we can deride, ignore and laugh at the sick globalists with their “safe and effective” nonsense.

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
Reply to  Chris C
14 days ago

“Thanks to parts of the alternative media such as The Expose, many people have woken up” – when I mention The Expose many people sneer and say “conspiracy theory”.

I point out that The Expose backs up what it says with links to sources such as Pfizer’s own documents, government sites, ONS data and suchlike, so the The Expose prints conspiracy facts. (As a side note – I have criticised a few of them for what I thought was slanted writing, but that was probably only three or four out of hundreds.)

Back to dealing with people who cry “conspiracy theorist”. I remind them of all the so-called conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, they are now officially admitted.

Remember when the existence of The Bilderberg Group was denied and anyone who talked about it was called a conspiracy theorist. Alex Jones exposed it. Another conspiracy theory that turned out to be true.

Hunter Biden’s laptop tuned out to be true.

Refined sugar is not good for us – in his book,”Pure, White And Deadly”, John Yudkin told the truth about sugar and he was savagely attacked for telling the truth,

For decades, anyone who said that smoking causes lung cancer was a conspiracy theorist (although the term “conspiracy theorist” hadn’t yet been invented, but they had other names)

The British government’s secret chemical and biological tests on the public were denied, but not now.

From July, 2015 – “How British government carried out secret biological warfare tests on London Tube passengers in 1960s during Cold War”

“How millions in the UK have been exposed to germ warfare by our own government”

The deaths at Slapton sands in WW2 (two incidents) were an official secret, but now admitted.

I could go on with many more, but to get to something more relevant.

That the coronavirus came from a laboratory was denied for ages, and anyone who said it was character assassinated, but it is now admitted by the authorities.

Saying that Ivermectin was a safe and effective treatment for Covid got you labelled a conspiracy theorist and the FDA said it was only a horse-worming drug, but the FDA has now officially admitted that it is safe for humans, as it always was.

Here is a “conspiracy theorist”, back in September 2021, telling the truth about the so-called vaccines – that they were never properly tested, that the makers had evidence of harm and much more – and he predicts a huge rise in all-cause mortality to appear in the year ahead (from Sept 2021). The rise in excess deaths proves another “conspiracy theory” to be true.

“The most important article on mRNA vaccination you will ever read”.

“Conspiracy theory” is a term used by people who are either in denial of the evidence of truth or or wish to suppress it.

Reply to  Watcher Seeker
14 days ago

paul craig ought to get Whitney to update that article – it’s now shown to be much worse that shown in 2021

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
Reply to  Chris C
14 days ago

About three hours ago I replied to your post Chris, but mine doesn’t appear.

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
14 days ago

In that case Rhoda, I do not expect see another of Richard Noakes’ extremely long posts. I’m fairly sure I have the right name of someone who regularly posts very, very long posts.

Chris C
Chris C
Reply to  Watcher Seeker
14 days ago

Time is about 6pm Sunday and your comment IS here, unless I’m imagining things!
Everything you say is true and rock solid; the oldest conspiracy theorist of us all is David Icke, who initially toured to an audience of 8 people, he says, but amazingly he’s been proven correct about everything: this month his tour is a sell-out.

I think of myself as a conspiracy exposer.

14 days ago

All masked identities concealing the reality behind a facade constructed with intentions to deceive the world .Names that might as well be anonymous .But with a whole raft of legislations in place to respect the” privacy ” of the true innovators .

14 days ago

[…] – They said it was “safe and effective”; covid vaccine contracts with the South African government… […]

John Steeples
John Steeples
14 days ago

The trouble is with governments they think. of the money before what they do. they’re not interested in people They’re interested in how much money make. and how many lies that they tell they don’t care.

They’re not bothered. They think they’re the most Powerfulest people in the world.

Our president said this, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool the People all the time.

14 days ago

[…] They said it was “safe and effective”; covid vaccine contracts with the South African government… […]