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Dr. Tess Lawrie calls for doctors to hold the GMC to account

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Who watches the watchdogs? Well, we all must of course, says Dr. Tess Lawrie.

“It is time now for those running the GMC to explain why this organisation has let doctors and the public down so profoundly, what they intend to do by way of reparations for the harm that they have caused, and how they will ensure that the covid-19 human rights violations committed in the name of ‘the science’ never happen again,” she said.

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The General Medical Council (“GMC”) is a public body that maintains the official register of medical practitioners within the United Kingdom. Its chief responsibility is to “protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public” by controlling entry to the register, and suspending or removing members when necessary. It also sets the standards for medical schools in the UK. The GMC is supported by fees paid by its members, it became a registered charity in 2001.

Last week Dr. Lawrie sent a letter to the GMC’s CEO, Charlie Massey, informing him that she is withholding her GMC subscription until the GMC has rectified its breaches in its contract with doctors, patients and the public.  She encourages other doctors to do the same:

“I suggest doctors in the UK and other countries do the same until the GMC (or the respective country equivalent) is willing to reaffirm its commitment to, and respect for, the fundamental rights of doctors. It is only by protecting and ensuring that such rights are respected that patients’ interests too can be protected.”

Dr. Tess Lawrie is the founder of the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development International (BIRD International), Director of EbMCsquared CiC and a member of the steering group of the World Council for Health

Below is the letter she wrote to the GMC on 2 October 2022.

In a Substack article, Dr. Lawrie summarised some guarantees that doctors electing to withhold their GMC subscriptions should be seeking:

  1. The GMC must refrain from supporting any political decisions that attempt to interfere with or manipulate the appropriate response to any declared pandemic.
  2. The GMC must also abide by doctors’ constitutional right to petition the king (enshrined in the Bill of Rights of 1688). This right is unqualified and gives doctors the legal right and, arguably, an obligation to dissent publicly regarding political health measures brought in by HM Government.
  3. The GMC must recognise doctors’ human and legal rights and obligations to protect patients. In particular, it should agree: not to intrude on doctors’ professional judgment; not to interfere with the doctor/patient relationship; and, to uphold the right to free; informed consent; to respect and uphold patient confidentiality; and, to speak out if public health measures from government seek to interfere with any of the aforementioned.

By aligning with the failed government and World Health Organisation covid-19 strategy, Dr. Lawrie wrote, the GMC has not acted either in the doctors’ interests or in accordance with the needs of the public. “Instead of being supportive, it has opened investigations into doctors who have upheld their Hippocratic Oath in direct breach of the above principles,” she added.

“As such the GMC and those working in this organisation may be complicit in the unprecedented harms inflicted upon the public through unscientific, inappropriate and dangerous interventions and covid-19 policies dictated by the supranational entity that is the World Health Organisation.

“Instead of doing their duty as the watchdog that doctors and the public needed and expected amidst the regulatory and political chaos of covid-19, GMC enabled the repeated violation of free and informed consent.

“Ethical doctors should no longer stand by to be ‘investigated’ by the GMC for acting in the best interests of their patients and the public, and for sharing their professional opinion and experience, or for upholding informed consent.”

Read Dr. Lawrie’s full article with her letter attached HERE.

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raj patel
raj patel
1 month ago

That’s an interesting avenue to explore, and if you can get a reasonable minority to participate then others will follow.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
1 month ago
They have taken the money to kill us.
When do we get our time in court.

1 month ago

[…] Read More: Dr. Tess Lawrie calls for doctors to hold the GMC to account […]

John Steeples
John Steeples
1 month ago

You will not get the doctors to come together because they get too big a kickback. from the drug companies. Even they made an oath. but they don’t do anything to with the oath They are crooks half of them all. And they ought to be struck off. But that won’t happen, of course. They are not honest. and decent people when they take money from the drug companies or new cars or holidays.