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CDC plans for “Covid” concentration camps in the USA

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Hidden within the resources section of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s website is a document titled, ‘Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings’. And the information it contains is chilling…

The document which can be found here, details how the CDC could set up “camps” throughout America under the guise of shielding those at higher risk of developing severe disease. The CDC propose three levels of “shielding”, the household level, the neighbourhood level and the camp/sector level.

Within the household level the CDC describe how low risk household members should not enter the green zone, but if entry is necessary then it should only be done by healthy individuals after washing hands, using face coverings and keeping two-metres apart.

The neighbourhood level enforces the same as above but describes how high risk people would be kept in a designated shelter or shelters, within a small camp. Even going as far as forcing neighbours to swap households to accommodate high risk individuals.

The camp/sector level takes it a step further though. The CDC describes how high risk individuals would be kept in a group of shelters such as schools or community buildings within a camp sector. Only one entry point would be used to exchange food and supplies, and a meeting area would be used for residents and visitors to interact while practicing social distancing. However there would be “no movement out of the green zone”.

The document gets more chilling as it goes on to state how the CDC would monitor and evaluate the implementation of the shielding approach. They state how “dedicated staff” will need to monitor each “green zone” (concentration camp), ensuring adherence to protocols. They even go as far as to state a mole should be planted in the green zone who will minimise movement in and out of the camps.

So now we know what the CDC has planned for the people of the United States, and we wouldn’t bet against this coming to fruition within the first one-hundred days of “Creepy” Joe Biden’s presidency.

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