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VIDEO – UK Gov. say “Covid Vaccines are 100% safe for Pregnant Women” – They’re lying and this is criminal

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Here’s some of the things the authorities demand you avoid when pregnant – smoked fish, soft cheese, wet paint, coffee, herbal tea, vitamin supplements, processed junk foods… the list is endless. But the UK authorities have announced that it is now perfectly acceptable for every single pregnant woman in the United Kingdom to have one of the experimental Covid-19 “vaccines”. This is an absolute outrage.

Watch ‘Denty and Shaz’ dispute the authorities criminal statement that the experimental Covid vaccines are 100% safe for women in the video below…

You can find more great videos from ‘Denty and Shaz‘ via their Twitter page here.

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

At what point in time do you start thinking for yourselves and not believe everything you see on TV.
Ultimately, if you are a race of sheep, then you can expect the farmer (Boris) to round you all up and treat you like cattle, giving you the shots he decides are best for you, much like they do cattle, with a dip and a shot, whether you want it or not.
There are 2 schools of thought now, about the ways you can go about dealing with Coronavirus, wait 10 to 14 days for it to become Covid and transfer itself in the 1 liter of mucus (snot) we each produce daily (the engine oil of the body) into your body where virologists will treat it with their experimental test vaccines, only available since 8th December 2020, with no idea what the longer term effects might be – or my simple salt water cure which costs nothing and has kept me safe these past 26 years plus, I am never ill.
True, a lot more billionaires have arrived since Covid first struck from China, thanks to those test vaccines, which begs the question, have they given themselves their test vaccines, or are they using all of you who have had the test vaccines, as experimental laboratory animals instead, while growing their personal wealth on the backs of you all, without any legal comeback on them at all – must be like Valhalla to them, with the money pouring in to their private bank accounts and no risk factor for their vaccines and any damage they might do – at all.
We don’t know what the long term of these vaccines might be.
We can speculate, but we don’t really know, when the next flu season comes in or you get a flu or coronavirus from someone else, without realizing it and if the Covid vaccination you got will keep you safe from getting Covid – you will get Coronavirus or the flu anyway, because test vaccines are to stop you getting Covid they don’t protect you from flu symptoms at all, which Coronavirus is.
You can’t catch Covid, you have to catch a particular strain of flu which “they” call Coronavirus first and how your body deals with it, predetermines if you get Covid or not..
Coronavirus is after all, another term for the flu, just a scientific one.
If your experimental test vaccine does not stop you getting Covid, then you were one of the unfortunate ones, on whom the test vaccines did not take, but how can you tell how many people get Covid after 2 shots are really safe, statistics are just manipulated numbers and how can you be sure they are correct, or accurate, in respect to you personally?
You can be sure, that if you die, your body will be cut up and examined to see how Covid affected you and where the Test Vaccine did not protect you, like the test animal you are and if that brings you comfort, after death, well, sooner you than me.
You get what I’m saying.
Seems you will have to have another shot soon anyway (number 3) and this extra shot each year will continue just like the flu shot every year, to keep you safe from Covid, but at what point in time does your body say enough and pack in, from these never ending Covid test vaccine shots, each shot, stronger than the last one, to keep ahead of new variants on a roundabout, you never get off?
If you have a yearly flu shot, how do you know it is not a Covid shot, after all, the flu of the moment is Coronavirus and can you trust anyone about which shot you get?
So my simple salt water cure vs test vaccines which are offered as the ONLY way you can beat Coronavirus and Covid, which now, simply is not true.
All said and done, if my salt water cure does not work for you (highly unlikely) then you still have your test vaccines to fall back on, but you have to choose, one or the other, but not both , because that defeats the whole purpose of avoiding test vaccines in the first place.
Going to see my Doctor later this morning, he is a believer in test vaccines, have to see if he says he has had the AstraZeneca one or not – I told him about my salt water cure and he looked at me, like I had 2 heads – perhaps the last laugh will be on him after all.