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Exclusive Interview with Dr Bhakdi – “Parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed if they allow them to have the Covid Vaccine”

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EVIL and ignorance is turning the world into a living hell where parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Expose, retired microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, a signatory of the group Doctors for Covid Ethics, says he hopes world governments will reverse their vaccination plans, saying if they do not, vaccines will soon receive full approval, meaning they can be released without the need for any risk-benefit analysis.

And he also hit out at the “ignorance” of Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi and Dr Chris Smith a Consultant Virologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, while sending a message to governments across the world, urging them to start dialogue with Doctors for Covid Ethics because they share a common cause – saving lives.

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By Stefan Schultz

According to the UK Government’s figures, more than 1,100 people have died due to an adverse effect caused by one of the vaccines currently being rolled out via Emergency Use Authorisation. But Dr Bhakdi reveals that worse is yet to come, with manufacturers, he says, creating a false sense of security.

“It’s so easy to manipulate the nano-particles,” he said. “All you need to do is take out one component, one lipid, and the vaccine will not be taken up by the cells any more. And then you have no side-effects. And you will have a vaccine that is well-tolerated.

Open Letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to German Chancellor Dr. Angela  Merkel – Athanassios
Dr Bhakdi

“That is what’s happening now with the mRNA vaccines, so the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik will be removed from the market. So there will be a monopoly of the mRNA vaccines, which are being backed by Bill Gates.

“This plan was conceived years ago. Once this vaccine gets legally, fully approved, not approved for emergency use, but fully approved, no more risk analysis needs to be done.

“Pfizer are going to submit an application for this in June. And the authorities have already released underground information that the approval will probably be given in October. When this happens, it means that every subsequent vaccine is automatically approved. They have to sign no more application, there will be no more trials, no more risk-benefit analysis. No more notification of side effects.

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“It’s such a nightmare. They can say, ‘well the care homes are overcrowded. India and South Africa…

“You know that with each subsequent vaccine the chances rise that you are going to kill people. That’s why they are starting to vaccinate children – they are going to show that the vaccine is tolerated by children – then they are going to use this wherever they want to.

“Once that has come through, these guys have a free hand to do whatever they want, wherever they want. And no one can do anything about it. It’s so horrible.

“How can people be so evil? How can people be so ignorant? It’s that combination of evil and ignorance that is making the world a living hell. And the only people who can do anything about it is us because we have to get the world around us to stand up and realise that they are being led to a living hell.

“It’s a devilish plan, satanic. But the very, very small chance we have is that they made a mistake, which was they thought that this vaccination programme would go through smoothly, as they were not aware that the adverse effects would be so severe and so widespread.

“This is where they may trip if we can force them to turn back on the vaccination programme. Now there have been legal charges brought against the EU, for nullification against all the vaccines.” 

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Further worrying developments across the globe is the apparent eagerness to vaccinate children against a virus they have little to no risk of severe infection or death from.

Dr Smith appeared on English TV recently to advocate the vaccination of children, saying he believes it is a good idea in the short term to give a “belt and braces” control of the virus, stopping them from catching it and passing it on, despite the fact that the vulnerable have already been vaccinated.

Dr Bhakdi said: “Children are dying. They are dying by the day I believe. Just three days ago a 16 year old boy died of a heart attack following vaccination.

“One thing that people simply have to start to understand is that antibodies will never ever be able to protect anyone because the antibodies in the blood are on the wrong side of the wall.

“So if we are sitting in this room, which is the bloodstream, that virus is not going to come into this room it’s going to come into the front door, from the outside, from the airway. And it’s going to enter the door which leads you into the hall of the house and that hall is the airway epithelium, the cells that line the airway. That is the essence of invasion of a respiratory pathogen, a virus.

“Now, people like this Dr Chris Smith, who obviously has no inkling of immunology, might say, ‘OK, but this guy Bhakdi doesn’t realise that certain antibodies are secreted out of the door to meet those viruses coming in’. These are so-called IgA secretory antibodies. True. However, Dr Smith, my dear colleague Smith, you obviously forgot – or maybe you never learned – that these IgA secretory antibodies do not protect against respiratory pathogens, they protect against pathogens that enter your stomach and they protect you against diarrhea but not against pneumonia.

“Dr Smith, did you never, ever learn that this is known that these IgA antibodies cannot and do not protect because there are too few of them out there in front of the door of your airway respiratory? There is a genetic deficiency called selective deficiency of IgA. It is one of the most frequent deficiencies in mankind. It occurs in a frequency of 1 to 500, which is a huge number. These guys don’t have the secretive antibodies but they do not suffer more often from viral pneumonia.

“And that’s why when I taught many years ago I would always tell people the secretory IgA plays no role in the respiratory tract, it plays a role in the intestine. So you can jab as much as you want. You can buy antibodies and put them in people – they will never protect people against the virus which is entering through the front door. It’s incredible isn’t it, that the whole world believes that they have to get the jab to protect themselves.

“You see the doctors like Smith are actually ignorant. They’ve forgotten their immunology. They’ve forgotten the fact that viruses that enter via the respiratory tract are not…we don’t defend ourselves against them via antibodies, we defend ourselves against them via lymphocytes and this has been known for 40 years now.

“These viruses, the coronaviruses, they enter via the nose and the mouth and the first thing they do is they attach to the cells lining the nose and the throat. And this is OK. They can even replicate and what people don’t know is that about 0.5 to one per cent of the world population, the healthy population, has coronaviruses in the nose and throat, they are healthy carriers of the virus.

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“The virus will replicate and, after a few days, it will go away again and you don’t notice this because the cells of the nose and throat renew themselves every few days, they’re gone and the virus goes with them. And this is the essence of peaceful coexistence between viruses that have coexisted with us since the beginning of evolution.

“The coronaviruses belong to these and they do not want to kill us, not even if Neil Ferguson thinks they do, it’s not true. And Smith, it’s not true. They just want to come and then they’ll go away again.

“So this business of healthy carriers is an old story. And don’t go around looking for them because if you do you will find them. And if you find them don’t start thinking you will have to exterminate them because you never will – you can’t.

“I went to a British school and was taught the meaning of honesty and courage and you have lost all of those things. You have lost everything. The British are following in the past and present footsteps of the Germans. How absolutely shameful. Don’t you have any pride?”

Professor Ferguson, author of several catastrophic models for Foot and Mouth Disease, Bird Flu and Swine Flu, and who resigned from Sage after breaking lockdown rules to see his married lover, is still advising the Government on its Covid-19 response.

He believes booster jabs will be essential adding that it was “much better to be vaccinating people than shutting down the whole of society”.

But Dr Bhakdi was scathing in his short and sweet response, saying: “Neil Ferguson has been around for ages doing the same thing over and over again. He is such an evil person. He is a criminal.”

And Dr Bhakdi was equally quick to dismiss Vaccine Minister Zahawi, who said recently that the current roll-out has “saved millions of lives”.

“Of course he doesn’t know this, it’s a lie. It’s a blatant untruth,” said Dr Bhakdi. “In the first six months of this damn episode last year, there were about 60 million Germans under 60 years of age. How many lives were lost of this 60m, without pre-existing illness, in the first episode? 52.

“Give your damn minister these numbers; vaccinate the 60m and save their lives, you would have saved 52 lives. Now the AstraZeneca vaccine was tried out on about 10m below 60 years old. How many were lost for blood clotting? 10. At least 10 lives were lost.

“If you had vaccinated 60m, how many lives would you have lost because of clotting events? 60 – which is already 10 per cent more.

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“Now those 10 lives that were lost were the tip of a huge iceberg, because those guys with Cerebral venous thrombosis [CVT] had the symptoms that thousands of people had; splitting headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, loss of hearing, they couldn’t speak properly, they were losing consciousness, they were getting paralysis, in the face, limbs, everywhere.

“These are the cardinal symptoms. If anyone young has these symptoms you have to take them to the emergency room to find out if there is a blood clot forming in his brain because, if you don’t, he may die.

“This event is very rare. It is one in a million per year. It is so rare that the people, the doctors in your country, Great Britain, have forgotten it. Thousands have been going to the emergency department with these symptoms and they say nothing to do [with the vaccine]. I get so furious with my so-called colleagues who are so imbecile, so stupid, so ignorant.

“They have forgotten all their medicine and they send the people home. These people who have the jerks, that is typical of CVT as this is the one thing that can cause all these symptoms. I saw these symptoms coming out in December and January and said the one thing that would put the lid on all these symptoms is CVT and that is why we wrote this letter to the European Medicines Agency saying guys you have to think about this, you are killing people, murdering them. That’s what’s happening and no one is stopping them.

“Your stupid Government, Neil Ferguson, who has no idea what’s going on in medicine, never studied anything that would allow him to…why don’t people listen to doctors? Because they are corrupt. Science is corrupt and the scientists are corrupt.”

Despite all this, there remain millions who are ready to believe anything and everything that their politicians say. Many who are still calling for further restrictions and a delay to the scheduled further reopening on May 17 and June 21.

And it is to these people, those all too eager to dismiss arguments against the official narrative as conspiracy, that Dr Bhakdi talks to directly, along with governments across the world, when he offers something of an olive branch, an opportunity of official talks he hopes will be accepted.

He said: “The word conspiracy always has a negative touch. People who are conspirators want to do something that is bad. What I would tell them is, let’s not argue about this, let’s sit down like civilised people and talk with each other. Because what we’re doing is for you and for our children.

“We want to help you. We don’t want to do anything against you. And more than to help you we want to help your loved ones and your children and the next generations, because we are afraid for them.

“Now, it could be that we are wrong. But if we are, then please come and tell us why we are wrong. And tell us why you want to keep jabbing your children.

“Now imagine that there is a grain of truth in what we say. Maybe you should think about this and think about the fact that you may be harming your children, or even killing your children.”

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Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
2 years ago

All very well, but you will recall that a Bat was supposed to have been the animal, in the Wet Markets in Wuhan, China, which infected the first person, a woman, with Coronavirus and thus Covid
It was then spread by China Chinese going overseas on holiday to all of the countries of principal concern to China, presumably and here we are now.
since no animals, other than humans, get a test vaccine, I fail to see how that is going to help wnyone, while Covid can go from species to species on this planet at will and get stronger and stronger, each time it has to compete with Test Vaccines, to infect the human species on this planet.
My salt water cure on the other hand, kills Coronavirus, before it is ever allowed to become Covid in your body, which is what test vaccines are for – after you have Covid in your body.


Velora Kilpatrick
Velora Kilpatrick
Reply to  Richard Noakes
2 years ago

Richard Noakes, please explain what your salt water cure is and how it is administered.

Reply to  Velora Kilpatrick
2 years ago

Maybe the hydrogen peroxide nebulising inhalation treatment might be of interest.

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