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The Silence from BBC News is still deafening after millions around the world marched for your freedom on May 15th

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Up to one million people descended on London on the 24th April to march for your freedom and the mainstream media remained silent throughout and thereafter. Well on Saturday the 15th May, millions marched for your freedom again, except this time they didn’t just descend on London, they also descended on Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cardiff, Birmingham, Plymouth, Bristol, Glastonbury, as well as other places throughout the world including Ontario in Canada, Ibiza in Spain, and Germany.

Yet again, the silence from the Mainstream Media on the march that took place for your freedom is deafening, and if you were not there you could be forgiven for not even knowing millions marched throughout the world against the medical tyranny that has infested the United Kingdom and it’s fellow “democratic” countries.

This is despite the fact that thousands descended on the BBC studios throughout the UK to air their disgust at the lack of coverage in the protests for your freedom that took place on the 24th April, and the inevitable lack of coverage on the worldwide protests that took place on the 15th May.

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Thousands gathered outside the BBC studios in London and were met by a Police Blockade as they repeatedly directed chants of “Shame on you!” at the BBC.

Thousands also gathered outside the BBC Studios in Manchester to air their disgust at the lack of coverage on anything that goes against the authorities narrative.

In the video below thousands can be heard booing the BBC outside BBC studios in Manchester.

Thousands also entered the Arndale shopping centre in Manchester and repeatedly chanted “Freedom! Now!”.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of London, peacefully for your freedom.

But was all this enough to get coverage in the Mainstream Media? Was the protests outside BBC studios throughout the UK enough for them to finally give the protests for freedom airtime?

Of course it wasn’t. However BBC News did choose to cover another protest that took place in London involving thousands of people who marched in support of the Palestinians amid ongoing fighting between Israel and militants in Gaza.

And all the other mainstream media outlets followed the BBC’s lead with the march for Palestinians getting coverage on Sky News, ITV News, in The Guardian, The Independent, The Mirror, The Evening Standard and so on and so on.

The Mirror even claimed in their headline that 150,000 people attended for march for Palestine protest in London. Footage suggests that they were quit correct. However we wonder if the BBC Disinformation Team will carry out a “fact check” on The Mirror on those numbers similar to the one they did on the march for freedom that took place on the 24th April in London?

Back then Mike Wendling, editor of the ‘BBC News team investigating “disinformation”‘ was adamant that just 5,000 – 10,000 people at the most attended the march for freedom. He also described those attending as “not very mainstream normal people”.

And his colleague Marianna Spring who regularly adorns two facemasks and a face shielf when carrying out her work, and bills herself as an “award-winning specialist reporter covering disinformation and social media for BBC News” also joined in by ironically reporting disinformation. Marianna posted that “a few thousand anti-lockdown protesters” marched through London and added the caveat that they were filled with people who had “fringe beliefs” and believed “online conspiracies”.

Were they anywhere to be seen when hundreds of thousands descended on the BBC studios throughout the UK to air their disgust at the lack of real, honest, and reliable journalism?

Of course they weren’t. Instead both have remained rather silent recently. Mike Wendling’s last tweet came on the 3rd May in which he showed his belittling attitude once more after being shamed for ironically reporting disinformation over two years ago in regards to Syria.

Mike Wendling’s response? “Imagine supporting a brutal regime but opposing a life-saving vaccine”.

Meanwhile Marianna Spring was too busy dreaming of being Kendall Jenner to bother reporting on a march for your freedom and your children’s freedom taking place worldwide.

Meanwhile an honest, reliable and real journalist was at the march for freedom taking place in London and captured the day in full. Dissent Media attended the protest in its entirety and managed to capture four hours of footage and interviews throughout the day.

Here’s Dissent Media’s footage of the protesters singing “It must be love,” whilst marching through London.

On Saturday, the 15th May 2021, millions of people descended on the streets throughout the world to march for your freedom and the mainstream media remained silent. Please help spread the word and share this article everywhere.

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2 years ago

The corporate media are scum never around when you need them.

2 years ago

Zero reporting globally and definitely from 5 eyes Public or private medias globally kept their cake holes shut Just for a breather .

2 years ago

Just list the names of all of the news outlets that are combined under the Guardians umbrella .Theres about 25 that all pretend to be independent .They arent .Its really just one outlet using g disguises to deceive the world .

2 years ago

I follow Daily Expose and have donated recently to show my appreciation in bringing the truth to people. However, I am utterly disappointed how you have mislead the numbers of people joining the Palestinian demo yesterday. I was at the anti-lockdown protest myself and totally agree that BBC and others have been coward in not reporting anything about it let alone numbers. However I have friends who joined the Palestinian protest, the numbers were NOT in hundreds like you are reporting in this article BUT thousands; more than 100.000 in fact. Here is a satilite view of the demo; does this look like hundreds to you?

By minimising the numbers for Palestinian protest you are in fact acting no differently than the mainstream media, who you, quite rightly condem when reporting.. I hope to see Daily Expose not take sides in order to bring awareness and truth to people, otherwise I’ll lose my credibility in relying you as a source..

Reply to  The Daily Expose
2 years ago

Thank you for the response and I appreciate that you took responsibility and rectified the situation..

Reply to  Leman
2 years ago

We are all standing by the truth and for the truth here. I appreciate the way you took responsibility in correcting your mistakes. Well done.

2 years ago

THE PROBLEM with the 15th may protests which took plave worldwide is that the only channels broadcasting about them require that people register on telegram or other social media to see the impact.

+ using youtube to boradcast anti covid protests is like using the Pravda to criticize bolshevism in the USSR…

Who does that?

Very few alternative media even mentionned these protests, even less provided articles, numbers images or videos…


The organizers, the least they can do is to provide updates without demanding people to subscribe to telegram to get them.