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Lockdown will never end – there will ALWAYS be a new variant

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The health secretary today held a “coronavirus” news briefing at 10 downing street in which he announced a list of conditions that need to be met in order to lift the lockdown, and how predictable they were.

Matt Hancock to hold Downing Street press conference today

The first condition that the pompous health secretary said needed to be met was a reduction in the daily “Covid” deaths. That’s pretty rich considering they’re already being artificially inflated, due to the fact the authorities are now counting all deaths that occur within 60 days of a positive test for what they claim is Sars-COV-2. This is a huge increase on the 28 day figure they had been using prior to the third lockdown. Meaning more people who die from other causes are being added to the daily figures. Great way to ramp up the figures though and justify the draconian lockdown.

The second condition Matt Hancock stated needed to be met was pressure on the NHS reducing drastically. Well we’re not sure how that’s going to happen either considering current NHS staff absence levels are up to three times their usual rate, leaving ICU and A&E short staffed. Why have they increased three-fold? Because all staff are being tested with faulty tests at least two times a week. Meaning if they get a positive reading, even with no symptoms, they must stay at home for a minimum of 10 days – every single time this happens. Or they are getting a text from the waste of money test and trace system telling them they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and they must stay at home for 14 days. Yet again, a great way to make it look like the NHS is overwhelmed and justify the draconian lockdown.

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The third condition Hancock said had to be met was evidence that the vaccination programme is working. Sorry, what? Isn’t that the point of a vaccine? We thought they had been thoroughly tested and proven to be 95% effective? Well the 29 deaths and counting attributed to the Pfizer vaccine in Norway certainly shows otherwise. Looks like we are taking part in a human experiment afterall, one that is sadly going to cost people their lives.

The final yet most predictable condition that needed to be met though was “no new variant” of the Sars-COV-2 virus appearing. We all know they’re going to pull one of these out of the hat every few months. We’ve already had the British one to justify cancelling Christmas, the way the Government got everyone’s hopes up and crashed them at the final hour was a masterstroke in keeping the population compliant due to an all time low morale. Not long after we heard about the South African “mutation” and now we’ve got a brand new scary “Brazilian” one.

Here’s what’s going to happen….

The vaccine’s will be deemed a great success (even thought they’re killing people), we might be allowed out in some shape or form for the summer and then BHAM, a new variant will arrive that’s “”resistant” to the vaccine, forcing us back into another draconian lockdown.

Watch this space.

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